Kolkata, or the City of Joy, has a plethora of local moving companies available for one to choose. Picking the right one moulded for your unique translocation is important, as it could save your money.

The Financial Hub of East and North-East India is home to a feast of eye-grappling colonial-era architecture contrasting starkly with the urban areas and suburbs. Needless to say, Kolkata is India’s intellectual, artistic and cultural capital.

The streets are brimming with the bedlam of sounds, and flamboyant colours that projects life and creativity. This city has amalgamated a marvellous juxtaposition of colonial-era charm with the nascent upcoming hipster culture that is blooming. The scrumptious sweets and savouries available there is famous all over India.

If you are moving into, within or away from the City of Joy, you have come to the exact place, since we will make the daunting and strenuous task of finding out the cheap packers and movers easier and smoother. So here is a list of the best packers and movers in Kolkata.

Top Services From The Category



Om Ganpati Packers and Movers is one of the leading translocation servicers in Eastern zone in India. They provide reliable shifting services in the City of Joy. Based in Kolkata, they have a cumulative experience in this field for over a decade, thus making them one of the best local moving companies in Kolkata. They have around-the-clock customer service and provide hassle-free online transactions which are transparent.

They have the most experienced personnel in the market, and have the security of valuables guaranteed, and always deliver goods safe and intact. They charge appropriately for their adept work which includes residential moving and packing, corporate moving and packing, storage solutions (which are on hire), and last, but not the least, carriage vehicles on hire.

They have branched outside India too, now, thus now having over 150 branches globally. They provide award-winning service with recognition from corporate giants. Also, they give values top priority when it comes to dealing with customer orders regardless of the volume.


VRL Packers & Movers India supplies safe, low cost services in the discipline of packers and movers. They have professionals who do the work, who are extraordinarily friendly with their customers, and are open to any doubts faced by the customers, thus leaving them with the happiest of clients.

Their clients include the Bank of Baroda, Bharat Petroleum, Airtel, IDBI Bank, Cognizant, Andhra Bank, Indian Oil Corporation LTD, etc. They provide one of the most reliable house sifting services in Kolkata, offering to do services like escort, automobile provider and warehousing services, apart from the conventional packing, moving, loading and unloading of goods in India.


Bandhan Relocation is quite well-known among packers and movers service providers of Kolkata. They serve more than 5000 relocations every year, transferring corporate and government employees and moving individual customers. Their cargo movement is facilitated with complete infrastructure, and have 24 hours helpline desk.

Their relocation experts are always committed to providing international quality relocation solutions for each and every type of requirements. Their management team insists upon excellence in all that they do; most notably, in serving their customers.


Translines Packers and Movers are based in Hyderabad, but has served in numerous cities in India. They have been serving since last 7 years, and are known to provide commendable service. They have a qualified & professional team for Packing, Documentation, Customs Clearance, Worldwide door to door delivery that are availed by both individuals and corporations. For their adept service, they have cost-efficient prices.

They perform extraordinarily in vehicle (that includes car and bike) transport, corporate transport, warehouse and insurance services apart from the general packing and moving,  and local and international moving and packing.


Sangwan Packers and Movers is one of the largest Transportation Company in India, established since 1998, providing from then domestic moving services, international moving services, corporate relocation along with parking and storage service. This ISO Certified Company is acclaimed for safe and speedy delivery. Their foremost commitment is ensuring the safety of all consignments in their care, and the security of all the information supplied to them. Customer satisfaction is their motto.

Their clientele is Amazon, ICICI Bank, Adobe, Accenture, Cipla, etc. Their stringent management systems allow them to have better control of the translocation process, rendering them to complete the procedure in a quick and efficient way. They have security cleared drivers, live tracking systems, 5000+ employees all over India, and a fleet of 750+ transportation vehicle.


Anex Packers and Movers have unbiased reliable robust team, providing swish, reliable and secured shifting method and have correct man power with technicians who facilitate them deliver quick and secure shifting process that involves packing and unpacking, along with loading and unloading. Their relocation services also include local and international translocation.

Anex Packers are one of the start-up company whose main motive is to provide safe and quality services without paying high prices for relocation for the cities as Kolkata, West Bengal. They have affordable rates, and finish transporting goods without any scratches. They have world-wide shipping as well.


Honest Packers and Movers provides avant-garde loading/unloading, packing/unpacking, and carrier services. They provide services to different cities sprawled across India. Their relocation experts are always committed to providing international quality packing moving solutions for every single requirement.

They have professional Staffing, Timely Delivery to the Destination, 24 X 7 Services Available, where the best packaging materials are used.


The ISO Certified company, Express Cargo Packers and Movers are having planned and scientific movements of articles from one particular end to another at affordable and cost-effective rates, be it international shifting, local shifting, ore office relocation.

They also offer insurance cover and car transportation. They have well-updated infrastructure for relocation of possessions, and thus provide safe and secure service. They also have a 24 hours helpline desk.


ESSRBEE was born in Kolkata in July’1989.

Being one of the lead packers in the town, they thoroughly understand your requirement and worries for safe and sound movement of your material to the destination where you would like to settle. Logistics and warehouse services are some that they provide. Other than that, you get car transportation services also.

ESSBREE Packers and Movers are an experienced professional, established packer who can take care of your material and provide the services as required, with a genuine cost.


Maple Packers and Movers is a well-known service provider providing safe and secure packing and moving services. It belongs to the company Maple Logistics Pvt. Ltd. and a unit of Worlds Window Group. It is an ISO certified company and has 30 branches scattered across India.

They have a huge fleet of 500 vehicles including trucks and trailers. Maple Packers and Movers Kolkata is efficient, provides faster and timely delivery. They specialize in managing transportation of Heavy cargo & Bulk Movement like steel, iron, aluminium, metals, cement etc. They are also one of the biggest translocators in lifting on an average of 12000 containers every month.

We hope our compilation of the best local shifting services in Kolkata will make the task of shifting a cakewalk for your next home/work relocation. Do you have brand new ideas on how to pick the best relocation service in Kolkata? Share your views below.


Kolkata, also known as ‘The City of Joy’ happens to be the second largest city in the country after our capital, New Delhi. During the British Raj Calcutta, as it was then known, was a very prominent city, it was also often referred to the ‘Cultural Capital of India’. The well-known Howrah station in the city, happens to be one of the busiest stations in India, every day thousands of people make their way to this glorious city in search of hope and better prospects.

This station is connected to the city by the Howrah Bridge, which is supposed to be one of the largest cantilever bridges in the world. That’s not all, Kolkata is also home to the oldest zoo in the country, the Alipore Zoo. Over the decades a lot of brilliant minds and gifted souls have lived in this city, the likes of Satyajit Ray, C.V. Raman, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen just to name a few.

With so much to offer to all who care to visit, it’s no surprise that hundreds of people make their way to this wonderful city. Choosing a place to stay in Kolkata can be really tricky as a number of new multiplexes keep coming up every now and then, thus providing a vast array of options to the prospective buyer or rentee.

So once you’ve managed to narrow down your options, the next mammoth task is deciding on which packers and movers you would want to hire. Let’s face it, whether you’re moving from one place to another inside the city, or relocating from some other city, it is almost impossible to get things done smoothly without some professional help. So it’s safe to say packers and movers are essential. 

How can we at ReviewsXp help you?

So here’s where we come in, we bring to you the most comprehensive list of packers and movers available in the city. Here at ReviewsXp we’re dedicated to making sure that you are aware of all the best options available, to ensure that you get what you pay for. We’ve put in the research, we’ve crunched some numbers and read a fair share of reviews before coming up with this list.

We’ve incorporated the best local, national as well as international packers and movers’ services available in India, to bring to you a wide array of options at different price points. So by the end of this list, we feel pretty confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Types of services offered by packers and movers in Kolkata:

1. Local Household Shifting in Kolkata-

These local household shifting companies help you to move to your new home with the least amount of hassle. They offer you the best value for money services available for short distances. Packaging, loading, transportation and unloading, it’s all taken care of. 

2. Domestic Home Relocation from Kolkata-

If you’re looking to move to another city in India, feel free to contact any of these companies to ensure the safe transportation of your precious belongings. These packers and movers are renowned for their services delivered, so sit back and leave it to the professionals.

3. International Home Relocation from Kolkata-

If you’re looking to move abroad and are in need of some professional expertise to transport your belongings safely, then look no further as these companies will offer you the best packing and moving services available in the market.

4. Office Relocation within Kolkata-

Shifting bases? Looking for reliable packers and movers to safely move all your office belongings within the city. Then these companies will definitely meet your needs. 

5. Office Relocation outside Kolkata-

Looking to shift bases outside the city? Choose from any of these reliable companies to get the job done. From thoroughly packing, loading, transporting and unloading the items, they’ve got it all covered.

6. Car transportation from Kolkata-

Need some reliable options to move your car to another city within India? These trusted car transportation service companies will deliver your car at the desired address just within a couple of days, that too at the best possible prices.

How to book packers and movers in Kolkata?

Well don’t worry, this bit is fairly simple, all you have to do is go on to the website of the company you’ve selected and navigate to their contact page, there you’ll find an email or a number to get in touch. Alternatively and also the easier option of the two, all you have to do is go on to our website,  www.reviewsxp.com and fill in your contact details along with your requirements and we will get back to you with the best options available for you via SMS or email. Most companies will give you a rough estimate of the cost over the phone itself.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs regarding Hiring Packers and Movers:

We’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hiring packers and movers in any city, in this case, Kolkata. We hope this helps clear some of your doubts on the subject.

Q: Do you really need the assistance of Packers and Movers?

Well, a lot of us out there like to save a couple of extra bucks wherever we can, it’s very common. But trust us when we say that when it comes to shifting bases, its best to leave it to the professionals. Yes, we know it can be kind of expensive, but it saves you a lot of sweat and tears. 

Q: Should you choose local, national or international service providers?

Okay, while its usually best to go for nationally renowned companies, there are always a couple of very good local options as well. You’ll just need to do a bit more digging and be more thorough with the documents provided. And if you have a lot of money lying around and want only the very best, feel free to choose from some of the international companies as well. We’ll leave it to you to decide.

Q: How do you get in touch with different companies?

Well, this one is easy. Just log on to our website and fill in your contact details along with your requirements, we at ReviewsXp will figure out the best suited options for you and send them to you via SMS or email.

Q: Is it really necessary to get your things insured?

Yes. It’s very important to see to it that your things have been insured by the company you’ve chosen. No one will damage your goods on purpose, but accidents happen, things get misplaced over long distances so you’d be better safe than sorry.

Q: Can you rely on packers and movers?

Well, we’ve tried our best to bring to you a list of the fastest growing and the most reliable companies out there. Most of these companies have been highly reviewed by a number of satisfied customers. So each of these companies will definitely not want to do something that will taint their hard earned reputation. So rest assured, the chances of you getting cheated are astronomically low.


Kolkata is a city bustling with life, people are always on the go. Hundreds of people keep moving in and out of the city every day, hoping to reach their dreams and aspirations in life. Yes, things can be tough at times when you’re living in such a populous place, but what is life without a couple of challenges thrown your way? 

We know that packing and moving services don’t come cheap, but we also know that the money you have to lose more than compensates for the peace of mind you have if a good company is taking care of moving your precious belongings. So even though it’s always cool to save some extra cash, in this case, do trust us when we say you’d best leave it to the professionals.


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