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Preparing "‘open first’" Boxes: A Step by Step Guide

Packing is an essential step while moving to a new home or another country which will ensure that all your belongings are safe and secure during the move. But it doesn’t end there. You have a new home which is an empty canvas with essentials unpacked and this is where the ‘‘open first’’ boxes come into the equation. If you think how this small utility can make a big difference in your big moving step, keep reading.

What Is An ‘open first’ Box?

Also called an essentials box or a first night box, the ‘‘open first’’ boxes basically contain essential everyday items.

It is literally a box (or a few boxes) that contains the most important things you use every day and in addition, all the vital things you require keeping in mind the end goal to complete the moving arrangements on the move-out day and to begin unloading and settling into your new home after the move.

How to prepare an ‘‘open first’’ box?

Your ‘‘open first’’ box should contain the things you need constantly amid the move as well as immediately after touching base in your new home. It should go with you, so you have your basics nearby and don't need to sit tight for the moving truck to arrive.

However, you can't in any way, put every one of the things you will want in an ‘open first’ box and take it with you. So, take only the lifesavers, put then in several ‘open first’ boxes.

How to prepare an ‘‘open first’’ box for your children?

Toys or games, story book, changes of clothing, a treat or two, anything that will keep the kids occupied can be packed into the ‘open first’ box for kids.

If you want to pack an ‘‘open first’’ box for each room, here are some suggestions to consider.

‘Open first’ box for the kitchen: Cooking pot, cooking utensils, kettle, tea, coffee, milk and sugar, cups and mugs, paper plates and utensils, all-purpose knife, washing up kit etc can be packed carefully so setting your favourite kitchen will be a hassle-free at the new place.

‘Open first’ box for the bedroom: Bed linen, pillows, nightwear, inflatable bed, bedside lamp, curtains etc can go into the ‘open first’ box.

‘Open first’ box for bathroom: Soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brushes, towels, and toilet rolls should go into this box.

‘Open first’ box for cleaning supplies: Items that go into this box are wet wipes, refuse sacks, multipurpose cleaner, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer.

‘Open first’ box for medications: Having quick access to essential medications is important when moving house. Pack medical descriptions, a first-aid kit; painkillers, allergy tablets, and vitamins, glasses or contact lens or any specific medical items you or a member of your family needs on a daily basis.

How to pack ‘open first’ box for your pets?

Pets are no lesser than family and are probably going to be panicked during the moving process especially in the first days in the new environment. To assure safety and comfort that all is well, you have to keep their stock around –  pet food, water bottle, feeding bowl, toys, bedding, clean-up bags etc.

Tips for packing ‘open first’ box

Now that you know what to pack in your ‘open first’ box, you need to pack it in a safe way. So here are our two cents on that.

  • Always pack liquids in air tight plastic containers before placing them in your essentials box to prevent leakage.

  • Pack your ‘open first’ box on moving day or the day before, and set aside the ones that has to go much earlier. This way you can be assured that you have things which you’re going to need before, during or immediately after moving to new place.

  • Do not seal the open box before you leave your old place; you never know when you need to add or take out things from it.

  • Label your ‘open first’ box clearly as it has to travel with you.

  • We’d love to hear your version of packing and moving stories.  Share your experience in the comments section below!




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