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Buying Guides for Hiring Local Packers and Movers in Indore

Known as the Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is situated in the Malwa plateau. The city is known to be growing at a fast pace yet manages to keep the charm of ancient and modern lifestyle combined in a unique experience. The people of Indore are infamous for their warm and welcoming attitude and great hospitality.

The city also holds the third oldest stock exchange, Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange. Indore was at the forefront of a number of privatization initiatives from the country’s first toll road to private telephone network (Airtel). Indore has also progressed into becoming the fourth largest centre of cotton textile industry in the country.

Known as the ‘food city’, Indore offers a variety of taste in food. Their local delicacies are something to rave about. 

An educational hub, the city houses both Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Accommodation options in the city are pretty reasonable and you have a number of options to choose from if you’re contemplating moving to Indore. There is budget, mid-range and luxury neighbourhoods to choose from.

Plus, the cost of living in Indore is very inexpensive. The city is very social and friendly and networking individuals shouldn’t have a hard time trying to make potential contacts. It’s not a mad city like most metropolitans in the country and if you wish to have a laid back, calm life, Indore is a place to move to.

The car is one of the most expensive and precious possessions we have and we want it to be safe and secured while shifting it from one place to another. Car shifting is a big hassle while relocating.

Driving down all the way to the new place can be hectic, tiring and wastage of money (on fuel) also it is not possible every time. Hence, hiring a car transporter for car shifting is a better option.

There are many car transporters in India that can help you with shifting of your car safely, quickly and without any damage. These companies use big car carrier trucks which can easily transport the car without any damage.

How to hire Car Transporters in Indore for Car Shifting


As mentioned before there are tons of companies offering the service of car shifting. But before you select any of them, make sure you check everything about the transporter. Following are the basic step one should look before hiring a car transporter for car shifting in India.

1.      Do some research:

Search on the internet, or ask your neighbours/ friends about the known car shifting companies that have been regular in providing service.

Make a list of all the reliable car transporter and do a thorough research on the. After a complete study of the companies, you can choose the one that will completely suit your requirements and budget maximum.

2.      Does it offer insurance:The car is the most expensive belonging which one shifts using a shifting service. Hence, its safety and security is our main concern. So always choose a company that offers insurance. This will give you guarantee that if something happens to your car, the shifting company will be responsible.

Before selecting a car transporter always check whether the company is offering insurance and if it is giving, go through the policy properly.Coverage differs from company to company also varies with the model of cars. So, it is your responsibility to first know each and every detail like insurance, coverage etc. and then choose a car transporter. 

3.      Enclosed car transporter:

Always go with the company who offer enclose enclosed car transporter service. Enclosed transporter is safer in terms of security and safety of the car.

This service helps in protecting a car from rains or sun. This will keep your vehicle intact and the chances of damage is very less. Generally, owners of high valued vehicle opt for this service.This is the best option for big and expensive car. 

4.      Check the reviews:

Always check the past records of the car transporter, this will ensure you whether the company is reliable and capable of being trusted.

 Always go through the customer's reviews online. Check the rating. You should also ask your friends if they have used any car transporter service and how was their experience.

5.      Check for the delivery date:

Every car transport is supposed to have the delivery date.  The delivery date will make sure that your car is delivered on time to your destination. Not having a delivery date means not having the confirmation of the day of arrival of the car.

Always determine the chosen car transport by you has the delivery date in order to avoid the worse scenario of getting your car lost.

6.      Experience:

Always go for the company with the good amount of experience in shifting field. Make sure they have good shifting equipment and professional labours for putting the car safely onto the carrier.

Car transporter with more experience means they have more knowledge about whatever documents require while shifting the car. Hence, you just have to sit and relax and let them do the work. You don’t need to run after anything after hiring the best car transporter.

Car transportation requires a lot of attention because there is no scope of any error. Even a slight ignorance can lead to a huge damage. So follow the above points and hire the best car transporter.


With so much to do and so many tasks to check off, we’re sure you have several questions that you need answered. Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help make your moving process a little easier. 

Q: Is it necessary to hire Packers and Movers? 

So, there are two types of packers and movers; the basic ones and the full service ones. If you choose to hire either, you will get the basic service of home assessment, dismantling and reassembling of furniture, proper care of your belongings, and a hassle free move which will save you a ton of time. If you choose to do it yourself, it’ll bring you the trouble of packing everything yourself, recruiting manpower to move the furniture and electronics, and also the manpower to set up your new house. By hiring packers and movers, you eliminate all the inconvenience and enjoy a hassle-free move. 

Q: How will it save me any money? 

Despite popular belief, hiring moving companies isn’t that expensive. Most people believe that they will fleece you into paying a couple thousand rupees more for ‘extra’ hours or added fees. But if you hire reputed companies which are verified, you’ll get a professional service who will do everything for you at a lower price than if you’d have done the whole process yourself. Imagine the cost of supplies and manpower you would’ve paid to do this yourself. Hiring professionals ensures that your belongings are safely handled as well as delivered. 

Q: How damage proof are these services?

It’s proven that hiring a reputable service to box up your belongings is much more efficient than doing it by yourself. Given the fact that they’re professionals, you can stay rest assured that they will bring your old home to the new one without damaged or broken items. They’re well trained and have done this several times before so chances to damages is nil. They’re probably more knowledgeable than you at packing household items properly, an eliminating any risk factors. 

Q: Do I need to get liability insurance? 

This is one of the most essential questions you need to ask before hiring a company. The companies listed in our line up are perfectly safe and verified. They provide direct insurance or have links to companies that will cover the expenses if any of your belongings are compromised i.e. damaged, broken, etc. during the move or in transit. 

Q: How do I decide which is the best price?

The best way to decide a good price for you is to make the company you choose list out all the cost set out towards each service and charges that will be required in transit. Once you have a clear invoice of what services are included and what price is being asked, you can take the call whether you find it worth it or not. 

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Indore houses the Devi Ahilya University, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country along with numerous constituent and affiliated colleges in the city, including Holkar Science College and Indore Christian College. There are several tourist spots to visit as well including Indreshwar and Harsiddi temples; Bada Ganapati temple, the Kanch Mandir; the Lal bagh palace and Rajwada, a seven story Holkar palace. 

After good research, soul-searching and decision making, it’s time for you to plan out your big move. It’s a tedious process so you need to do it as patiently as possible. Plan everything out so that you hardly have any setbacks when it comes to shifting.  


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