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How to Reduce Your Moving Cost

You are all geared up to face the change and challenge of relocation, aren’t you? But let’s face this mixed feeling of earning a new piece of real estate and leaving the old place where you have lived in for years at the same time.

If you believe in being a minimalist and do not splurge on additional expenses, the relocation can be an unpleasant experience for you if you have not planned it in advance and well execute it later on. There are many proven tricks and hacks to slash the moving cost to keep your finances healthy throughout the moving process. Here's some of them which will help you to save your finances.

Research the cost of DIY vs. professional movers:

·        Do not jump the gun and start assuming that hiring professional packers and movers will be an expensive option. Often DIY options can not only sweat you but also cost you more as compared with professional movers’ services.

·        List out few reliable and affordable moving companies and consider collecting quotations or written estimates from them. Compare the companies based on their cost, services and experiences. Check the online reviews posted by former customers for your satisfaction. Get recommendations from your friends and neighbours avoid getting scammed by rogue movers.

·        Start looking for moving deals online such as coupon based deals or sites giving you good discounts. If you search hard enough, you can crack good deals available on the internet. 

·        Many moving companies try to beat each other by keeping competitive prices. Negotiate the offered quotation with them and if needed, share the best offer you have received from other movers. Check the ongoing deals; ask for discounts and vouchers that may reduce the moving cost.


Move yourself:

Do you still feel that DIY is the better option and you are brave enough to drive down that oversized vehicle with your belongings? Then plan your move carefully and go baby steps.

·        Start calculating the approximate expenses which are going to cost you during the transition such as hiring a truck/vehicle, indoor labour, moving supplies, rental fees, fuel cost, overall packaging and so on.

·        If you get rid of your old belongings which you have not used in years and things which are no more serving any purpose, they will lighten your load and reduce the moving expense. If you sell some of these belongings, you can earn some money.


Keep your schedule flexible:

Keep your moving date and time flexible and avoid shifting during peak hours. Schedule your relocation between October-April because summer is the peak moving season. Avoid shifting starting, ending of the month and weekends. Midweek and mid of the months are less popular times.

Don’t pay for boxes:

Before you think of arranging large empty boxes, you should start utilizing your suitcases and other carrying bags for packing your items. Heard somewhere that boxes are the building blocks of moving. The moving companies charge a very high price for these boxes.

Do not indulge spending on moving boxes and get them free as much as possible. You can arrange empty boxes from your workplace, nearest liquor store, gas stations and grocery store. Reach out your friends or family members who have moved recently or in six months to borrow their boxes.

Pack small items yourself:

Moving companies tend to charge hefty amount price for packing supplies. Some movers even charge on an hourly basis. Packing small items by your self will reduce such moving cost.

Items such as your baby items, jewellery, important documents, pictures, photo frames, books, electronic devices such as music systems, TV should be packed by you. Keep the fragile items like glassware’s, cutlery sets and artworks for the movers for packing. Enlist your friends and family members for packing.

Keep your moving insured:

To ensure the complete safety of goods, almost all moving company provides insurance facility to their consumer for all household items and other valuables against any theft, loss or damage.

In case of a self move, such companies don't provide any cargo coverage for any loss or damage to the items you load in their trucks. But they may provide coverage for the catastrophic loss.


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