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Some Smart Packing Hacks

If you are getting ready for your relocation, then I must tell you that packing portion can be very challenging and time-consuming if it is not planned and organized in advance. Not sure from where to begin with? Follow these packing tips to make the moving easy. Happy packing!

Plan Ahead:

Take inventory: Make an inventory of items such as bulky furniture’s, appliances, artworks and everything of value you plan to move. You can also use the technology to keep records of inventory. By using a smartphone, you can record or click pictures of items lying in the cabinet to avoid any dispute with the moving company. You can also recommendations for inventory apps.

Clear the clutter: Cull the belongings and make your relocation as compact as possible. Sort out all the items lying unattended to dispose of. Purge the extra belongings which are not required to be carried to the new place. Donate those items which you are not using for years or not used regularly. Give away the items of higher sentimental values to your family or close friends.

Prepare a moving checklist or a weekly planner so you don't get overwhelmed. 

Create a packing list: Creating a packing list will help you to estimate the time you will require for packing and enable to organize the items inside the packing boxes.

Get the right moving supplies such as moving boxes, markers, sticky, bubble wraps, high-quality packing foams and other moving supplies.  

Prepare an essential box: Essential box alias open first-box is the most important moving box which contains the most crucial items you will need during the last few days before your move and/or during the first few nights.

These boxes would contain some hygiene items, bathroom essentials, towels, bed linens, some eatables, med kit, clothes, some basic kitchen tools, pet items and all those necessary items required for the relocation. 

Don’t pay for boxes: 

Before you think of arranging large empty boxes, you should start utilizing your suitcases and other carrying bags for packing your items. Heard somewhere that boxes are the building blocks of moving.

The moving companies charge a very high price for these boxes. Do not indulge spending on moving boxes and get them free as much as possible. You can arrange empty boxes from your workplace, nearest liquor store, gas stations and grocery store. Reach out your friends or family members who have moved recently or in six months to borrow their boxes.

Use clothing, linens or papers:

Use of old clothes or lots of packing papers such as newspapers or old magazines is the #1 key to success when you are packing your fragile and breakable items like glassware, cutlery sets or decorative items. You can use both the items for wrapping or placing in between the fragile items to build a soft cushion of protection.

Use zip lock bags to secure small parts of disassembled furniture like screws & bolts and cords of electronic items.

Use cotton pads/cotton balls in between the makeup and its cases to act as a cushion inside for fragile cosmetics.

Use bubble wraps to protect delicate wood pieces, china glassware, small electronics, glass table tops and mirrors & use plastic wrap to protect upholstered items.

Priorities the labeling part in your checklist with other moving assignments and learn the best way to label them. If the moving boxes are not labeled properly, they will start looking identical and the unloading and unpacking can be very much disoriented.


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