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How to Pack Jewellery For Move

According to relocation services industry trade group world-wide ERC, moving or relocating is the most stressful life events because it is a highly transitional period and sometimes many unpleasant things happen while moving from one house to another. Much of this stress occurs when you are not being able to sort out your moving plans. Sometimes you can get several months to get ready for your house moving, while sometime it is an emergency move.

People make systematic plan in packing clothes, shoes, books, plants and furniture. However, sometimes they forget about their most smallest, precious and valuable jewellery items, which are mostly found missing or broken during a move. Packing jewellery for relocation is a challenging task whether it is local move or a long distance one.

The best way to ensure that you don’t lose your jewellery is to pack it yourself. Optimize all your jewellery collection before you get down to packing them up. Try to get rid of pieces which are worn out and damaged. Invest in multiple compartment jewellery boxes as they offer double protection for your valuables and keep all your precious items in one place.  Needless to say, your jewellery box can be your best transportation option for your precious jewelleries.

Though the original jewellery box provides excellent protection from outside as well as from inside, it is always easy to keep track of one single box than several smaller boxes. Once all the jewelleries are neatly packed, use pieces of packing papers or bubble-wraps to fill the empty spaces inside the box. Layer the box with bubble wraps & tape the box securely.

Keep the package along with you at all the times during the relocation. If you cannot take your jewellery pieces with you for some reason, consider shipping them with a trustworthy courier service provider and purchase adequate insurance for your valuable pieces.  For semi precious or costume jewellery, it is safe to separate and seal them individually in pieces of bubble wrap and pack them along with other items in a clearly marked box.

Fabric jewellery bags that have a draw string tie are also a great option to pack your jewelleries while moving. It protects the metal from being damaged and keeps the pieces tangle free during the moving process. Press and seal plastic sealing wraps with stretch tapes. Place one sheet of press and seal on a flat surface, place your jewelleries on the sheet and simply cover the top with another sheet and seal it down. This griptex technology seals, protects and keeps your jewelleries intact during the move.

You can also use mini zip lock bags method by placing your jewellery in the plastic bag. These bags do a great job keeping all your smaller pieces together as smaller earrings mostly tends to disappear without a trace. Wrap each pair of earrings in a soft and clear wrapping paper for extra protection.

Up cycled plastic pill organizers can be used for storing smaller rings stud earrings, nose pins or small brooches. Rings are easy to misplace due to their shapes and sizes. Pack them individually with a small patch of bubble wrap and tape well. Keep them in hard sunglass case to prevent losing them.

The most innovative way to protect your long chains from damage is the use of drinking straws as they tend to get tangled. Cut the straw to match the length of the chain of a necklace. Then slip one end of the chain through the straw and clasp it shut at the other end. Wrap the chained straw carefully with soft packing paper and repeat for rest of your necklaces. This protection method works only for the necklaces and pendants that have thin and delicate chains.

The index cards or cardboard cut outs are best for protecting long earrings and studs during a move. Poke a couple of holes through any out dated business cards and attach the hooks of your paired jewellery. You can also use cardboard cut outs if you don’t have business cards. Tap and secure the hooks of the earrings on the back of the card.

You can always reuse your ice cube trays to hold all your small to medium size earrings and rings before you toss them in the trash. Then wrap the entire tray with a plastic sealing wraps and tape them securely.

Once the move is done and you have arrived at your new home, it is advisable to handle and unpack the jewelleries after you have managed to unpack other household items. If you find any tangled pieces, you can always detangle them carefully using a pin.


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