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Step guide to Moving a fish tank in Aurangabad

The moving day is just a few weeks away and you have already started wondering how should I move the fish tank? What is the best way of packing that will keep the fish alive? And what to do with the fish while moving? These points are definitely going to pop up in your mind before the big day. But guys being a fish-keeper let me tell you that moving an aquarium can be a breathtaking and arduous business especially if you have a larger glass tank and it is a long distance move.

I believe that every aquarium has its own ecosystem and these scaly miniatures are very sensitive to changes in any other species. If you are relocating Aurangabad to another locality say moving less than an hour, bag the fish individually in a clean fish bag the same way the local fish store does to make the transportation easy and keep them in dark to reduce any stress.

But if in case the moving journey is going to take 1-6 hours, it is advisable to hire a pet transfer company or movers who are experts in handling aquarium or else follow these simple tricks to relocate your aquarium and your lovely fish in a safe way.

Prepare the fish and the tank:

  • Keep changing at least 20% of the water every day in the tank for five days before the moving day to keep the fish adjusted with the changes because they make their own sense of comfort with the surrounded environment.
  • Gather all the supplies you’ll need to relocate your aquarium such as nets, fish bags, aquatic transporting bags, well-equipped containers to transport water and decor, battery powered air pumps & packing materials.
  • Discontinue feeding the fish one day prior to the move to keep their body adjusted during the move. Previously fed fish can survive without food for a week.
  • Prepare a checklist required at your need destination such as pre-mixed salt water or an ammonia removing product.
  • Visit the new place if possible and locate the best place for setting up for your aquarium after the move.

Moving the aquarium:

  • Before you start disassembling your aquarium, unplugs all the electric connections connected with the aquarium to avoid an accident while you are working with it.
  • It’s time to catch those miniatures by using trusty net/s. But it is advisable to remove (and save) at least ¾ volume of water first from the aquarium. Fill the fish bag/fish container with 1/3 of aquarium water in it and put the fish gently into the fish bag/container. The rest of the space will be filled with air.
  • Remove all the tank decors, ornaments, aquarium plants and accessories such as pumps, heaters, filters etc. Dry them up completely and pack them with bubble warps or packing papers. It
  • Drain the remaining water completely from the aquarium. Remove all the sand or gravel from the bottom of it and save them for later.
  • Once the tank is thoroughly empty, dry it out completely by wiping it with a soft cloth before you start packing it.
  • Cover the aquarium with plenty of bubble wrap to cover it completely and secure it with packing tapes. Wrap the glass structure again with a thick blanket to provide extra precaution from any type of transitional damage. Place the aquarium on the flat surface of the moving truck and avoid any kind of load over it.
  • Once the move is complete, set up the fish tank first to get your fish back to their normal living conditions. 

Safety is the top priority for any relocation. Do not risk it and hire a professional moving company for Aurangabad a peace of mind.


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