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The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

Moving from one place to another with all you have can be tedious and a really stressful job. It is very difficult to remember each and everything which needs to be relocated. If you don’t have a plan ready then it can get difficult on the final moving day. Shifting doesn’t include only moving of you or your family and household items but includes many things like finding the new home, finding work, shifting of kids’ school and the list is endless. So it’s better to prepare for it a few weeks before and not leaving anything for the last minute.

Before packing, walk through every room, open each storage place and separate the things you want to take to your new home. Make a list of important thing and classify them into two sections - one extra important/delicate stuff which might require insurance and another for general stuff.

After this, research on movers and packers companies, select the best-insured company according to your need and book the company which quoted the best price at least a month before. If you have kids, you need to work a little extra. Search for the school in the new place for their enrollment, notify the old school about moving and obtain transfer certificate and other records.

Always have your booking done in a hotel before shifting to a new place, there might be chances that you will not get ready to move to your apartment right away. Also research on storage place for your belongings. All the above activities should be done at least a month and a half prior to shifting.

When you are just a month away from shifting start with the following plan:

Start the packing with the rarely used items like decorative items which are seasonally used. Such items should be packed first and kept aside so that you have a clear view of next action. Mark all the packed items with its content and the room it’s destined for in the new home. Daily used items like television, utensils, and clothes should be only left for last day as they are a necessity for daily routine. You might have to carry some while traveling too.

Always keep spare boxes in order to put some random stuff in it. Measuring furniture dimensions is mandatory. You should be aware of which furniture can fit in your new home else get rid of it in order to have no surprise on the final day.

Utility services need to be transferred from old to the new home which can take at least 15 days, so inform the companies to disconnect the connection from the day you will be moving and continue it to your new house. Documentations like the change of address should be done before shifting. Your bank, service subscription companies should be aware of your relocation.

As you approach near the shifting day (2 weeks before) connect with the moving company and confirm about the plan. Cross check all the insurance documents. Clear out the storage unit. Take your time off and pack the stuff which you won’t be requiring for the next two weeks.

When you are one week away from moving, pack all the general household items like utensils, clothes, toys etc. This will reduce your work on the final day. You should have one bag for each family member, which can be carried while travelling. This bag should have few clothes, basic toiletries, one pair of footwear, phone charger, laptop, cards, checkbook, license, passport and important documents. In short, basic necessary items for daily routine.

Few days before moving check with the moving company about the truck, finalize the time and all other arrangements. Ask for their driver’s cell phone number and the payment method. Have the keys of your new home with you all the time. Donate the extra food and other items which will be an extra weight. Pack the small furniture and plastic items in those extra boxes and label them as you might require them as soon as you shift.

Moving day:

Ensure that no item is left behind in any closet by taking a walk through the house. Clean the house before leaving. Keep the valuable items with you and make sure all the loading is done in front of you. 

You are all set to move in your new apartment!!


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