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Top 10 Tips for Moving from One Country to Another

So you have your bags packed and bought your one-way ticket. Excited and pretty stressed at the same time right? We agree that calling another country your home is definitely not a walk in the park. Hence, in an effort to help all the soon-to-be-expatriates out there, we’ve jotted down a list of 10 things you should do before making this big move.

Do basic research

Every country is different, so it is imperative to enlighten yourself with the living culture and customs, local language, climate factors, transport, political stability, taxes, insurance, medical facilities available at the city etc.

Secure a shelter

Couch surfing, hotels, motels, hostel or even homestay are good options (temporarily) when you get to a new country, but the sooner you find an apartment of your own the better. Check with a real estate agent, newspaper ads, talk to other expats in your area, or even you could get help from Airbnb.   

Search for a job

If the reason for your relocation is a new job, awesome! If not, explore and nail down the ways for a consistent pay check. And, when you land into the job offer do not forget to negotiate the job contract. Moreover, check for the work visa or permit policy of that country and apply for the same before you leave.     

Get a local number

Being contactable is quintessential when you’re at a new place. The sooner you get a local number, the easier you can get rid of the roaming charges. Plus, if you’re not moving with family you’ll have to call them to ensure that your stay away from home is safe. And yes, if you are on your ‘job hunt’ you need to contact people about different opportunities and interviews too. So get a local SIM as soon as you set your foot in the foreign land.

Save some dollars

Carry enough money with you and cut-down unwanted expenses because you’re in a new place and sometimes things will go out of control with the job or stay. And when that happens you should have a back up.

Make more networks

Befriend the other expats. Meet and greet the locals, learn their ways. They will help you find a better place to live, a job, or even a ride when you still can’t afford a constant means of transportation of your own. Not to mention, you’ll get more clarity on what’s it like to live in their country.

Learn the local language

If you’re moving to a country that speaks the same language you speak, you’re saved. But if not, make some serious effort to learn the basics – ways to greet, the slang, local sayings, commonly used words etc. Remember, language is the key to blend with the local community. Signing up for  language classes is helpful because you'll not only learn the language, you'll also have a chance to meet other new expats –  people who are as desperate as you are in adapting to the new environment.

Explore on foot

On foot, you can pick up the beat of the city; locate restaurants, bars, local markets, local cuisine etc. Chances are that you can even find local commute not found in the guidebook. Don’t be afraid to get lost, as there is always a taxi or you can even get help from locals. Of course, it is recommended to be careful as no country is crime-free certified.

Have your visa in order

Sometimes getting a citizenship will bring in huge benefits, sometimes not any difference, so talk with other expats on whether to stay on an extended tourist visa or to become a citizen. Know the government’s visa policy, waiting period, and other formalities to be done just in case you do not want to be on your tourist visa.

Master the local transportation

Metro, buses, taxi, bike, rickshaw- explore all available options. You need to know the traffic flow of the place so you won’t be late for work or interview or any other appointments. See if you can get some monthly passes for the mass transit systems of the city.


Hope this listicle helps. Follow these tips to make life easier and exciting in the initial days of your stay abroad.


Advantages of Hiring a Flat Rate Mover

Did you know that the moving industry exists in two different forms: flat rate and hourly based rate?

I know a residential move or a commercial move is not an easy job especially when you and your family is uprooting from one familiar environment to another unknown territory and you have only two options left, spending a lot of money on hiring a professional moving company or just doing it all on your own.

When it is all about saving money for the relocation, the flat rate mover’s options might sound like a great deal.

Wondering what is flat rate moving and how it works & saves the money? Well, the flat rate movers offer an all-inclusive one-rate move to its clients. Typically hourly rate moving companies often charge extra over and above the hourly rate. But here with flat rate movers, the entire moving cost right from the beginning of packing to unloading are calculated in advance and a flat rate is charged.

Let’s find out more about flat rate movers...

Online quotes:

Like any other moving companies, flat rate moving companies also provide online moving quotes based on the inventory. For accurate estimates and exact moving costs, they need basic information’s. Their charges depend on the in-home evaluation of the belongings such as estimated weight and value of the items to be moved.

Mostly, the estimator visits the property instead of giving estimations and instructions over the phone. But if they are unable to visit the property in person, they ask for accurate information and measurement of your possession such as moving date, moving distance and usual furniture pieces for online quotes.

No extra charges:

The concept of flat rate movers is to eliminate or reduce the extra charges. In general, the hourly based packers & movers charge for their services on the basis of fuel cost, fully equipped moving truck,  professional crew services, padding, wrapping, assembling/disassembling hug pieces of furniture and appliances.

The flat rate movers do not charge for each service separately. Costs of all the services are included in their quotations and no hidden or additional costs are involved. They do not extra for narrow hallways, unfriendly street layouts, urban environments or other services, unlike other moving guys.

Value for money:

The flat rate movers are typically ideal for both long and short distance relocations because of their fixed rating systems. It is the most effective way to peacefully relocate within the town or outside the town. They can even provide their moving services in outskirts or suburban.

The charge for the entire move remains the same even if the loading truck gets stuck in traffic congestion, faces any technical problems or any environmental issues during the transition.

Focuses only on productivity:

The flat rate reward productivity is one of the biggest advantages of the flat rate movers. They stress on providing quality services and focuses on the ways to deliver the belongings of their clients as quickly as possible.

They are more efficient in completing their work in shorter time, unlike hourly based movers who intend to rack up the works for more billing hours.

Manpower and resources:

Like any other reputed moving companies, the flat rate movers are also using best packing materials and advanced equipment for shifting heavy units, loading and unloading of goods. They have qualified, skilled, trained and experienced employees at their service who are well versed in packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.

The crew members are well mannered and client friendly to deal with and are the ready reference during an emergency.



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