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Most common and popular lifting techniques for heavy furniture in Agra

If you’re like me, you are not built to lift heavy furniture and massive boxes whether you are relocating or simply rearranging. But moving house to a new place does require packing and running. Hiring packers and movers is the wisest idea because lugging heavy furniture and boxes from old house to the loading truck and again unloading to the new house can be a daunting experience.

 Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can end up causing low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arm pain and can even cause long-term damage to your back and upper limbs. Therefore, here’re few lifting techniques for moving heavy objects which will ensure you to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

Plan the move:

Bending down and lifting heavy objects without proper arrangements and lifting techniques can induce serious strain on your lower back. Therefore, plan the lift and use appropriate lifting aids to minimize the risk of injury. 

Arrange an extra hand by asking for help from your family members or friends or hire a moving crew available on an hourly basis to avoid extra pressure on your back. This will also prevent you from bumping or tripping into objects.

Unfamiliar loads must be treated with caution. Check the weight of the objects before you start to lift by yourself e.g. how heavy or bulky is the item because of the risk of injury increases as the weight of the load increases. Begin with lifting smaller objects to check your ability to handle the load safely. Do not lift more than you can afford to.

For heavy objects, professional hauling services are the best option since they offer multiple moving and lifting aids such as moving harness or lifting straps.

Lifting technique:

1. Keep a stable base:

To give a stable base for lifting, place the feet shoulder wide apart. Keep one leg forward of the other to help improve balance and control. If a close approach is to the load is not possible, try sliding it towards you before attempting to lift it.

2. Bend your knees (not your back):

Bending the knees is among one of the right lifting techniques. Squat to the floor by bending your knees will let you use the leg muscles and will reduce the risk any pressure on your back muscle.

3. Keep a proper back posture:

Ensure to keep your back straight, your shoulders level and facing the same direction as your hips. Poor back posture can induce backaches, heart problems and sometimes can trigger a migraine. Avoid bending your back and alternately bend the knees. Use your arms, legs and core muscles to lift the heavy objects.

4. Keep a good grip:

Before attempting to lift the heavy object, ensure to grip the load firmly with your palms instead of using only fingers. Use good quality gloves for a proper grip and protecting your fingers and hand during the move. Keep your arms close to your body to help support the load.

5. Avoid tight clothing and unsuitable footwear:

Safety shoes, high-top sports shoes or closed high ankle footwear with rubber soles are the most flexible footwear and offer good traction while lifting.

Do not lift the object by twisting or bending forward. Lift the object by straightening the hips and legs.

While carrying, keep the load closer to the waist for as long as possible, at the level of the belly button. Keep the heaviest side of the load closest to your body. This will reduce any pressure on the back. Also, keep the elbows tucked in all the times. Never lift a heavy object above your shoulders.

Use your feet and not your body to change any direction. Take small and slow steps keeping your shoulders in line with your hips to move. Do not twist or stretch your upper body to move.

Place the object down the same way you had picked it up, squatting with your knees and hips only. To avoid trapping your fingers under the object, lower each side of the object separately to the floor.

Lastly, remember that your ability to lift objects may be increased if you are properly trained in lifting techniques.




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