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List of Best New Holland Tractors In India

New Holland Tractors

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New Holland is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipment. The company is well known globally as a leading producer of tractors, combine harvesters, balers, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, haying tools, seeding equipment, hobby tractors, utility vehicles and implements. New Holland was founded in 1895 and since then it has been through various mergers with different companies.

The name of the company is based on the place where it was established i.e. New Holland, Pennsylvania. The company is ranked third in the North American tractor market. In 1999, New Holland became a brand of CNH Global.

The current president of the company is Carlo Lambro. The company is headquartered in Turin, Italy. It was also the official sponsor of the famous Juventus F.C. football club from 2007 to 2010. The New Holland manufactures equipment all around the world. It has a total of 18 plants worldwide. The company is present in around 170 countries. The company is well known for some ground-breaking innovations in the agriculture market. The products of the company has definitely been a big help for its customers.


New Holland’s entire timeline is filled with dramatic things. The company has been a part of various mergers with other companies. Further, it has survived two world wars and a depression to reach where it is today. No doubt, the officials and the strategy of the company should be praised. Not all the companies were able to survive the tough times in the 20th century.

The company was incorporated in 1895 by Abe Zimmerman in New Holland, Pennsylvania. The main objective of setting up the company was to produce agricultural products to help and support agricultural practices in his area. The company has a good purpose and was able to support many farmers. Back then, a good part of the country was involved in agricultural practices. The establishment of New Holland gave the farmers a great platform to work and earn good profits. The company produced good agricultural products initially which helped both the farmers and the company. It kept on thriving until 1930 when it was hit by the Great Depression. The small scale industries along with the agricultural companies were hugely damaged by the depression and New Holland’s revenue suffered drastically.

In 1947, the Sperry Rand Corporation took over the company. The company was renamed as Sperry New Holland. This was the time when the old New Holland rose from the ashes and began mass production again for the customers. The Haybine Mower-Conditioner was also introduced by the company in the same year. This was a major breakthrough in the entire history of the company and it also marked the beginning of a new era for the company.

Things were also developing quickly in the European agricultural equipment industry during this period. The other major producers were also expanding their plants and competition was growing. Ford Motors was seen as the biggest competitor for the company during these years. In 1975, Sperry New Holland introduced the world's first twin-rotor combine, a successful technology that is still used today.

As mentioned above, Ford was developing at a very fast pace too. Inevitably in 1986, Ford bought Sperry New Holland. This led to the formation of Ford Holland Inc. By this time New Holland had grown to become one of the best performing companies in the farm equipment business, with 2,500 dealers and more than 9,000 employees of its own, working in 100 different countries.

This merger was historic and great in any sense. Both these companies were considered to be big in the production of agricultural products. The merger led to new innovations and development of future technologies. The combination of Ford's tractors and New Holland's harvesters created a company that produced a wide spectrum of agricultural equipment. They understood the demands of the consumers and provided solutions. The company prospered throughout the 1980s.

Then in 1991, Fiat purchased Ford New Holland. With the purchase of Ford New Holland, New Holland became a global full liner producer and the full integration process was completed at the official launch of the brand at the worldwide convention in Orlando, Florida, in 1996. Under the ownership of Fiat, New Holland N.V. and Case Corporation merged in 1999, giving birth to CNH.

Technologies and Innovations

Historically, New Holland has been a part of many great innovations. The different technologies introduced by the company were mind blowing. They were able to solve the basic problems that the customers faced during agriculture. Many technologies introduced by the company have also been used by the other companies in their tractors. New Holland introduced the Opti Fan technology which was different as well as efficient for its tractors.

The Opti Fan technology helps the rider to set his desired fan speed in order to maintain cleanliness in the tractor. This helps the tractor to stay clean. It also prevents collection of dusts and other particles inside the tractor. When travelling on upward slopes the fan slows down to prevent sieve losses, and when tackling downhill gradients fan speed increases to prevent thick material build ups on the sieves.

The Anti-lock Braking System was also a great innovation introduced by New Holland. It helps in good control of the vehicle which eventually means smooth driving and good grip on the tractor. ABS prevents the wheels from locking up and causing skidding, allowing the customers to maintain steering control.

Other than these great innovations, the company has also taken many steps towards environmental protection and global safety. The company produces NH2 hydrogen powered tractors. These Hydrogen powered tractors uses renewable sources of energy which can be generated easily at any farm. These tractors can function on wind, solar and biomass.

The company also uses total biomass equipment. Further, it has also provided an online carbon footprint calculator for its tractors. Any tractor having high amount of carbon footprints can be serviced to protect the environment.

Top Selling Models

New Holland has produced many tractors which have been beneficial in the agricultural process. Some of these tractors are as follows:


With its trademark technologies and wonderful innovations, New Holland has established itself as a great company in the agricultural market. The company was helped with mergers. Still, the overall strategy and marketing of the company helped it to gain huge customers in the market.

New Holland can be credited as a company which made life easier for the farmers. The company has worked efficiently since its establishment and is earning huge revenue today.

The great thing about the company is its determination to come out after being sabotaged by the depression and establishing itself again in the market. The company has given a large amount of wonderful tractors to the customers. It has totally revolutionised the entire structure of the agriculture market. It has great further potential and can definitely work to satisfy the consumers with its innovations and technologies.


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