Mercedes Cars List with Price in India

Mercedes Benz says that they do the best or nothing, and that’s really the truth. Literally the world is at your finger-tips when you are driving any vehicle from this brand.  All the cars are the best in their class and are made for a premium audience.

The three-point star is available in every avatar right from hatchback to a station wagon. Premium Sedan’s being their forte, Benz also assembles vehicles with great off-road capabilities. Keep reading this article to know more about the best Mercedes cars in India.


Best Mercedes Cars in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

E class:

This is the best-selling Mercedes in India. E-class is a premium sedan most favored by the wealthy business people, doctors or the CXO’s. Along with a luxurious cabin it can be made an office on board.  Moreover, the long wheelbase version of this car has caught a lot of attention from the people who wanted something more than the E-class.  The premium sedan is available in 4 variants, one of them is a cabriolet. The prices start from 59.12 Lakh INR to 1.81 Crore INR.

This sedan is almost 5 meters in length and 3 meters from that is the usable wheelbase. Sloping roofline, magnificent grille and an aggressive set of headlights give this car a character. Because of the increased wheel-base this car offers a lot more than expected from segment of this class, its really close to the S-class. The driver seat is pretty comfortable and is 12-way adjustable with a memory function. The back seat is where it gets really interesting, it gets 50% more legroom than it’s previous sibling. Moreover, the electrically adjustable recline, button to push the front seat forward, sunblinds and the sunroof give the chauffeur driven audience a premium feel.

The technology used in this car may take a while to get used to. It does not host the touchscreen infotainment system, instead the screens can be controlled using the command feature of the Mercedes. This system would age better than the touch screen infotainment. The sound quality inside the cabin is absolutely brilliant. Ride quality of this vehicle is its USP and the new Adaptive Damping system absorbs all that comes through it.

The traditional steel springs are replaced by air springs. Its powered by a 3.0 liter and 2-liter engine options both in petrol and diesel. The engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox.  It comes with 5 driving modes, one of them interestingly is the sport plus. The gearbox instantly responds to the driver inputs and driving is a great experience with any E-class. This one also hosts a Park Pilot system which makes parking this big and bulky vehicle an absolute breeze. There’s also an E-class all-terrain vehicle on offer which is basically a station wagon.

C Class:

The new C-class facelift is here, and it appears to be the most stylish car in this segment. The design of this car makes it feel like a sports car. Its available within the range of 40.2 to 80.3 lakh rupees. Mercedes has brought this new model in 2.0-liter petrol and diesel along with a 3.0-liter petrol engine option. The use of 9 speed gearbox has helped the car to be extremely punchy.

It has 5 driving modes. The acceleration feels the best in sport plus mode. The sad part about the car is that the space saver tier utilizes the boot spaces. Even this one gets the infotainment seen in the E-class which can be controlled through the steering wheel. The instrument cluster also allows you a ton of information. Sun-roof, sunblind, temp. control and a lot of features are standard on this Benz. Ambient lighting inside the cabin make sure you get your mood right once on the go. Driving this new C-class is an effortless experience.

The power is available from the lowest rev-range. The comfort mode is the best to make your way through the city traffic conditions. The cruise control and the sport mode give the best feedback on highways while cruising. But its really the twisty sections of the road where the sport plus mode can be really enjoyed and the car becomes aggressively sharp. If you are in the market for a sports car, then C43 AMG would be the best option as everything right from the interior touches to the ride and handling gets different with this variant. May it be the handling or the ride comfort or the technology on offer, this new C-class hits all the right boxes.

S Class:

This is the best and the quietest car in the world and that’s for a reason! The headlights of this car have almost 80 LED’s which use the beam according to the illumination ahead. Moreover, the car takes care that the passengers coming from the front don’t get blind because of the car’s headlights. Even with the space saver tire inside, the boot space is huge enough to carry suitcases within your business class cargo limit. The car is phenomenal in terms of practicality.

There’s a space to house everything that you would ever carry inside this cabin. The cabin fragrance control is in the front glove box and has 5 flavors, so that you would never need an ambi pur inside the S-class. It has a 360-degree camera which is of great use while parking this huge car. Just to give passengers the feel of variety, Benz have added 64 color ambient lighting inside the cabin. You get almost every information about the driving position handling modes, dynamic controls and what not on the front infotainment screen.

A single glass accommodates both 12” infotainment screen and the instrument cluster. The rear seat turns into a wonderful couch providing all sorts of massage. You have the wireless charging right on your arm rest so that your companion gets charged and doesn’t get misplaced. You also get a tiny refrigerator to house a bottle champagne. There are a lot of driver assist systems on board. Some of the very good systems are blind spot detection, active distronic system.

Handling of this car is probably the best in the world! Steering, gearbox and suspension are altered according to the driving modes which gives the best ride quality at any situation. You always feel that you are riding on a cushion of air.  Acceleration is great even with this size! Overall, at a price point between 1.36 crores to 3.02 crores you get the best car in the world!


Mercedes-Benz GLC prices start at Rs. 55.05 lakh for petrol and goes upto Rs. 78.03 lakh. The prices of GLC diesel variants start at Rs. 50.90 lakh and the top-end diesel is priced at Rs. 54.64 lakh. Mercedes-Benz GLC is available in 4 variants and 10 colors. The grille of the car looks massive and it adds up to the sport feel. View it from any angle you find the GLC a decent size SUV and it dies not look anything less than its rivals. Interior quality is beautiful.

The two-tone color theme makes the car look mare airy. However, the screen feels a little tiny. Mercedes uses the same command system in this SUV. The car is perfectly insulated to the sounds from the outside world. The engine doesn’t specifically feel punchier in comparison to its rivals, however there is no shortage of power either.

The 9-speed gearbox does wonders here as well. The diesel motor also feels great to drive. The rear seat comfort inside this SUV is adequate, it doesn’t pamper you like a premium sedan, but it gives you a commanding view and a great comfort.


This is the largest Sports Utility Vehicle in India. The GLS is made for the extraordinary and tuned for the best performance on any terrain. Luxury level inside the cabin is not like a typical “S” but it does not fall short of features and comfort to pamper the passengers at any given time. This beast is available in 6 variants. Price range in from 82.90 lakhs to 1.92 crore INR. 2.9-liter diesel as well as petrol engines are on offer. Moreover, a 5.4-liter petrol version is available.

The big star on the massive grill gives front a bold look. The middle row of seats has a generous leg room, adequate under-thigh support for passengers of all the heights and the best side bolstering. All this makes you feel that you are in a limousine and not an SUV, however look outside the window and you instantly notice the height you seated in.

The cabin quality is beautiful and no sound whatsoever filters inside the cabin. The best feature about this car is the park assist, it works wonders in the tight parking spots. Like any other Merc, this one also hosts 5 driving modes. It is wonderful drive anywhere except the windy sections of the roads where you do feel like you are driving a huge vehicle. Otherwise everything right from cruising to hard core off-roading is absolute fun in the new GLS. Compared to its other rivals, it has a great road presence.


The new Mercedes GLA is available in 4 variants within a price tag of 32.3 to 38.6 lakh INR. It comes with a 2.0-liter petrol and diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox as standard. This car looks more like a crossover hatch than a compact SUV. Even with all the rows up, a massive boot space of 420 liters is available. 

The leg room and the head room both are adequate, but not really the best. Charging point, Rear A/C vents are a huge miss on this car. Practicality wise the rear door bins cannot accommodate a 1- liter bottle. The infotainment system looks tiny in comparison. The engine of this car is the most powerful among the lot and the gear shifts are barely noticeable. The steering is sharp, and the body roll is negligible.

Some of the other Mercedes on sale in India are G wagon, AMG GT, V class, S class cabriolet, SLC, CLA, B class , CLS


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