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List of Best Massey Ferguson Tractors In India

Massey Ferguson Tractors

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Massey Ferguson is one of the most well known and famous manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The company produces well designed agricultural equipment which are very efficient and useful for the farmers. The company was founded in 1958 and since then, it is functioning with good strategy and ideas in the market. Massey Ferguson was formed by the 1953 merger of farm machinery manufacturers Massey Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company in Britain.

The company had its headquarters in Brantford, Ontario until 1988. The current headquarters is in Duluth, Georgia in USA. The company is specialised in Agricultural machinery, Consumer and commercial equipment, financial services, Tractors. The company has been one of the most consistent manufacturers of agricultural products. They have understood the needs and preferences of the customers since the beginning and have acted in the right direction.

Currently, the company has a market in more than 100 countries. The officials are well trained to follow the ideologies and the plans designed by the company. They combined their skills to become the West’s largest producer of farm tractors and the world’s largest supplier of diesel engines to original equipment manufacturers. The company is not only restricted in markets of North America. It also has dominance in less developed countries.


The company Massey Harris Limited was initially established in 1891. In the starting days, the company they produced and exported a range of farm equipment such as reapers and mowers throughout the 1900s. The First World War was a testing time for the company as there was great shortage of food. This shortage resulted in more demand for tractors.

The company had a tough time producing the tractors because of lack of labour and resources available. There was a shortage of consumers too. The limited consumers in the market were also not satisfied with proper supply of tractors. Massey had a great struggle but they finally came up with a good solution.

After a brief import agreement with Bull Tractor Company, Massey-Harris came to an arrangement with the Parrett Tractor Company of Chicago where Massey would build tractors and the latter will design and sell them under the Massey-Harris name in Canada and export markets. In 1930, Massey Harris designed their first in-house tractor, the General Purpose. This tractor offered great facilities and advantages that were far beyond any other tractor of that time.

Therefore, it can be said that Massey Harris established a monopoly in this sector as there was no other company which was able to recover from the horrors of the war and start production again. Other companies soon realised that it was difficult to match the qualities of Massey’s tractors and inevitably they failed to bring that quality until the next decade. The timing, however was not on Massey’s side. The Great Depression arrived and the tractor failed to gain the attraction that it deserved. The company also suffered financially during the depression. 

During that time in Belfast, a man named Harry Ferguson was producing tractors. In 1936 he started delivering good quality tractors. His interest in this field encouraged him to produce good quality agricultural equipment which were very beneficial for the consumers. Ferguson always preferred the engineering and marketing side of the tractor business and wanted to merge with a company who could handle production for him.

So in 1953 Massey-Harris acquired Ferguson, becoming Massey-Ferguson. The production of the tractors and other agricultural equipment started rapidly again. The company also started to bring new innovations and technologies in the market. Further, the company also started purchasing shares and merging other smaller and talented firms into their company. This was the plan to survive in the longer run in the market. The competitors were gaining pace but Massey Ferguson kept a good marketing strategy along with brilliant production strategy.

In 1959, Massey Ferguson bought the Italian based Landini. Landini produced some great models for Massey Ferguson in the future. The overall designed and the interiors of the tractors improved to suit the customers. Agriculture became easier for the farmers and the market started booming with Massey’s products.

In 1973 Massey purchased German Eicher tractor and many Massey-licensed Eichers were built. They later sold their interest, and Dromson now owns Eicher which now builds specialized tractors for vineyards and such. Massey Ferguson had generated great revenues from their sale but faced set-backs in 1980s. In 1980, 600 series of tractors was released. This series was less liked by the customers in comparison to the previous models.

The main reason for less sales was the overall poor design of the tractors. Massey Ferguson tractor production factories also build tractors marketed by AGCO under the "Challenger" brand, and also specific model ranges for Iseki. In June 2012, the Agco facility in Jackson, Minnesota, was expanded to start building Massey Ferguson and comparable AGCO "Challenger" models for the North American market. The company is still thriving and producing excellent agricultural products in the market.

Technologies and Innovations

Massey Ferguson Limited has always been a promoter of new innovations. The work of the company proves that it has a proper vision which aims at easing the lives of those working in the farms. They have been developing many tractors which are exceeding technologies of the past. Further, the company has been the reason for introduction of some of the best innovations which are used by other growing agricultural companies.

The company recently produced tractors which involved explosion proof LED Lights. These lights also added to the external style of the tractors. The newly introduced Datatronic 5 Control Center Display (CCD) features an easy-to-read, 9-inch, touch screen with a simplified menu and enhanced, flexible navigation solutions.

This is a great addition as it improves the overall driving experience. It also adds to the already existing quality of the tractors. Equipped with 4 GB of memory and 1 GB of RAM, the Datatronic 5 also provides video input for one camera, four CAN inputs, one USB input, an Ethernet port, and is Bluetooth capable.

The new models of Massey Ferguson tractors are also equipped with Common Electric Architecture. It ensures that the tractors and on-board technologies are compatible and can easily be accessed by the drivers. hese tractors also provide full integration of on-board precision technologies. These are some of the best technological innovations that drives the company in the market.

Some of these are not even matched by the other companies. Massey Ferguson has always been very innovative and authentic about the additions that are made to the tractors. These technologies are liked worldwide by different users. Further, the consumers also eagerly wait for new additions to their vehicle. 

Top Selling Models

Massey Ferguson has produced many tractors which have been beneficial in the agricultural process. Some of these tractors are as follows:

Massey Ferguson 135

Massey Ferguson 175

Massey Ferguson 180

Massey Ferguson 178

Massey Ferguson 1030DI

Massey Ferguson 1035DI

Massey Ferguson 241DI


The production of agricultural equipment can be difficult. This sector requires a company which has a dynamic approach and a flexible strategy. Massey Ferguson has definitely set a benchmark for newer companies. It has worked hard on its marketing strategies and has aimed for customer satisfaction. The company currently produces 8600,8700,5400,6600 and 7700 series tractors.

The quality of these tractors are tremendous and they have added a new dimension to this sector. The production of these tractors have made the work of farmers easier. The company has also taken an initiative towards the environment by producing tractors which emit less harmful gases. This has helped the company to get good marketing and generate good revenue in the market.

The company faced problems earlier as it had less knowledge about the markets of North America. Time passed and Massey Ferguson has turned out to be a mature and stable company. The effective equipment and the good working strategy of the company has helped it in gaining huge market share. It should maintain it and continue to work towards satisfying the customers.


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