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Mahindra Two wheelers limited is an establishing brand in the Indian Market. The company acquired the Kinetic Motor Company Limited and is keen on introducing some fresh variants. Globally Mahindra owns the prestigious Java and BSA brands. While there are no plans to bring BSA in India any sooner, Java has already started capturing the youth minds in India.

Currently, only one scooter from the Mahindra brand is on sale and that is the gusto. It is available in two engine options. Continue reading to know more.

Best Mahindra Scooters in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Gusto 125:

It is available within a price range of 51,130 to 55,770 INR ex-showroom. Initially the Gusto 125 was launched only for the southern part of the country, after that the company launched them in more than 8 states. The scooter is available in four colors and two variants. Gusto 125 DX and Gusto 125 VX. The ARAI claimed fuel efficiency is of 50 kmpl. It is powered by a 124.6-cc engine and it produces 8.7 PS at 7000 RPM and 10 Nm at 5500 rpm. These figures are just 0.5 bhp more and 1 Nm more than its 110-cc sibling. Kerb weight of the vehicle is 120 kilograms. Tubeless tires are offered as standard. Ground clearance of 165 mm is the best in the segment.

Dual tone color scheme gives the gusto a much-required freshness. This new Gusto is very familiar to the old model. The design for the air vents is new on the front and the chrome treatment gives it a premium look. The new graphics make the scooter look trendier. The seats are very well laid out and both the rider and pillion can be very comfortable on them. The new gusto is a major improvement over its 110-cc sibling. It rides and handles very well. The bike feels a bit heavy. Vibrations are very well contained. The performance is smooth and adequate.

Lack of power is not immediately noticed. The bike is equipped with drum brakes on both the tires. The top speed of this bike is 80 kilometer per hour. Mahindra have assembled the telescopic suspensions at the front tires and coil type hydraulic suspensions at the rear tire. The bike sits on 12-inch front and rear tubeless tires. LEDs are present on both, the headlamps as well as the tail lamps. Company does offer a 5-years or 40000 kilometers warranty.

The speedometer is covered in silver and the dials are standard. Height adjustable seats, brake lock clamp and a flip type key are distinguishing factors about the Mahindra Gusto. Also, there is a small storage pocket below the instrument cluster. Gide me home feature keeps the headlamps on for a certain amount of time after the ignition is switched off. Brown leather seats are available with the black colored variant.

Gusto 110

This is a younger sibling of the Gusto 125. The 109.6-cc engine makes 8.15 PS at 7500 RPM and 9 Nm at 5500 RPM. Both the wheels have drum brakes. Company claims the fuel economy of the vehicle is 63.7 kmpl. The top speed of the bike is 80 kmph. There are telescopic suspensions at the front and coil type hydraulic suspensions at the rear. The gusto sits on 12-inch tires. 165 mm ground clearance of the scooter is phenomenal.

The fuel tank capacity is of 6 liters which give more than 350 kilometers of range and that is a very good thing. The company offers a standard warranty of 40000 kilometers. The gusto is feature packed but not really the best in comparison to the segment leaders like the Access and Activa. This one also comes with cool features like the storage box near instrument cluster, smart key, guide me home, height adjustable seats. Height adjust for the front seats feels horrible and the lowest position because of the steep decline angle. Also, it is a task to keep that small storage pocket clean.

The Find me lamp is a great feature addition by Mahindra. Simply by pressing a button, the lights blink and beep and there you find your scooter in a big parking lot! The under-seat storage space is very low and not even a small sized helmet can fit in. The power delivery is linear which is sufficient enough for regular city driving conditions.

The engine feels a bit heavier while riding. It takes a while to gain the momentum specially from the “0” speed. However, you don’t feel any lack of power in the mid-range. The suspension setup makes the bike feel more comfortable however, when there are two passengers on board, the suspension just doesn’t feel very comfortable.

Other than the graphical changes and a miniscule increase in the power, there is absolutely no difference in between the two bikes. Both the scooters are typically designed for an urban commute which are short. The handle bars are placed at a position which would reduce the overall stress to the driver. The height adjustable feature on the bike is very useful. However, it is not available on the DX model. The ride quality is one of the major talking points of this vehicle.

Even though there are no disc brakes on offer, the braking does not disappoint you at all. The MRF tires don’t easily loose their grip and this makes it even better. There is a major starting trouble experienced by the users of the Gusto and that is not because of the cold weather conditions. Also, there are complaints about bike stalling if the speed is lowered more than a certain extent.

Overall, the scooter offers some really cool segment first features. It really does the job of an urban scooter very well. The extra weight of the vehicle hampers drivability but enhances the body control. The mileage of the bike however is very poor, and it returns a fuel efficiency less than any of its competitors. The engine refinement of the new gusto is simply phenomenal, and it just goes to 80 kmph without any fuss. This performance is the best for urban driving conditions. Even if not at par with the competitors, this is definitely a great value for money.


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