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Once known as the “Indian Jeep”, Mahindra and Mahindra today give a tough competition to the original Jeep brand in Indian market. The legendary Thar is now also Americans favorite off roader. The lowest Mahindra starts at 4.77 lakhs for the KUV 100 and the highest one goes up to 29.95 for the Alturas G4.  Mahindra offers 18 new car models in India.

XUV300, Scorpio and XUV500 are among the popular cars from Mahindra. In the year 2019-2020, Mahindra is going to launch 4 new models in India. Mahindra cars have a huge fanbase in India. In the latest news, the car maker has launched an Adventure edition of Thar in the South African market. Some of the most popular cars from Mahindra are:

Best Mahindra Cars in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Mahindra XUV 300:

Even with a price considerably lower than creta, XUV 300 offers some really cool features like the auto dimming mirrors and dual zone climate control. However, it misses out on rear A/C vents. From the safety point of view, the car comes with a class leading 7 airbags. Power figures of this Mahindra are extraordinary and that results in a wonderful performance.

The Engine stop start feature can be really annoying in the traffic’s as its less than perfect. The steering mode adjustment is a great addition to this car. You can put the steering in comfort mode for a light weight and you can put it into sport mode on highways for adequate feedback. Finally, It’s a great urban crossover with a complete value for every penny.

Mahindra Scorpio

The scorpio has moved on from an old boxy vehicle to muscular and safe SUV. The car received a facelift in 2017 and the changes on the exterior are miniscule. Changes like the sound insulation could have added a bit more value. It comes with all the tech like touch screen infotainment, satellite navigation, rear A/C vents, Rear camera.  However, its not really the best in terms of practicality and comfort. Front door panels cannot house a bottle, also you need to open the door to adjust the seating position.

However, you get some exceptionally cool features like the defogger and the automatic window closing once the engine is off. Cruise Control is also a good addition. The engine is an absolute fun to drive but a bit noisier. There is a bit body roll as well. Overall, prefer this car only if you want a gigantic SUV and you are a loyal scorpio fan. Otherwise there are a lot of practical and comfortable SUV’s on offer within this price range (from the same company itself!)  

Mahindra XUV 500

Mahindra XUV has received a facelift in 2018 and is now even better. The tail lamps have been changed from the previous car. Even the engine has been changed. The new engine is more refined and makes less noise. Highway stability of the new XUV 500 is phenomenal.

The interior quality is improved to a greater extent and you do feel that you are inside a very expensive car. There is an addition of a sun roof. There are cornering lights available which you can expect from the cars of a very high range. The voice assist in this SUV is very helpful especially if by mistake some of the doors are open.

Mahindra Marazzo:

The design of the Mahindra Marazzo is inspired by a shark. The quality levels inside the cabin are wonderful. The car perfectly bridges the gap between ertiga and innova. The direct and diffuse options for the rear A/C vents control the air flow to the passenger, which is a unique touch.

The third row of seats is easily accessible and the passengers in that row would not complain about the ergonomics. The power delivery is linear within 1500 to 3500 rpm.  Overtaking may not be as easy as in the ertiga but it’s not tough either. Suspension setup would keep the passengers inside in a sheer luxury.

Mahindra Alturas G4:

Alturas G4 is a big SUV. It looks aggressive from the front and muscular from the sides. The wheel size however looks a bit small on the car. The interior quality is premium and noticeable once you get inside. You would find the brown leather theme all over.

360-degree surround view camera helps while parking. Ventilated seats along with power adjustments and Memory function is a huge plus point on this vehicle. You can also change the theme of the display. This car comes with a Mercedes sourced 7 speed automatic unit and there is no manual option on offer. The car feels effortless to drive. Its not a punchier engine, but it’s not lagging either. It also sports hill start assist and hill decent control which would make off roading a fun.

Mahindra Thar

The prices of Thar diesel variants start at Rs. 6.83 lakh and the top-end diesel is priced at Rs. 9.49 lakh. Mahindra Thar is available in 3 variants and 5 colors. This is a typical 4*4 vehicle and is suitable only for off road sports. It scores very low on practicality cabin insulation etc. The soft top makes cruising very noisy. Also, some key features like the manually locking differentials could have made this machine even better.

However, it’s the best selling off roader to the date. Mahindra has confirmed that it is, in fact, working on an all-new generation of the legendary off-roader. The second-generation of the Thar will not only be compliant with upcoming crash test norms, but also pack in a newer engine and be more modern. 

Mahindra Bolero:

Despite being an 18-year old model, this car refuses to retire from the production line. This one along with the Force Trax are still the only means of transport available in the suburban and rural areas. The Bolero has been chopped to fit under four meters.

It also gets a new 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder engine from the TUV300 that makes 70PS of power and 195Nm of torque. Goodies include a digital speedo, a Kenwood music system and manual air-conditioning. Like the Thar, the Bolero is likely to be replaced (or discontinued altogether) by 2020 since it does not meet the upcoming crash test norms.

KUV 100, TUV 300, TUV 300 plus, Xylo, Verito Vibe, e20 plus and e-verito, Nuvo Sport are some of the other Mahindra cars on offer. E2o plus, E-verito are all-electric vehicles. Mahindra is known to be the initiator for electric vehicle’s in India. The brand first launched its e2o which was too pricy for its size, but the e-verito is great, priced adequate and does the city job very well.

However, range anxiety, lack of charging infrastructure are some of the things which stand in the way of success for these EV’s


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