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Lexus is a luxury vehicle brand of the well-established Japanese car maker Toyota. The brand is all about offering something more than what a customer could expect. This automobile manufacturer is a new entrant in the market and would be focusing on exemplary customer services and brand awareness for the next three years. The company stresses on developing hybrid technology and that is completely evident from its offerings.

The increasing demand for premium vehicles would boost the sales of these vehicles. Completely built up units (CBU) would be on offer from the car maker and that has pushed the pricing of these cars to the higher side. The brand plans to bring in experiences from US and middle east markets, introduce new products, study the customer experiences and then launch their Made for India Products. Continue reading to know more about Lexus cars in India. The company is planning to launch the Lexus UX SUV by August 2019.

Best Lexus Cars in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Lexus LS

The LS is an ultimate luxury limousine. Price range of this vehicle is between 1.82 and 1.87 crore and it is available in 2 variants and 7 colors. The car challenges the trend setting Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series, and Audi A8. The car is powered by a 6 cylinder 3456-cc petrol engine which makes 295 bhp at 6600 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 5100 rpm and its connected to 2 electric motors. The car is 5.2 meters in length and has a ground clearance of 147 mm which is bigger than the S-Class but smaller than the 7 series. The spindle grille on the front looks massive and its built using 5000 individual surfaces. The headlights are Z shaped matrix LED’s and they look really stylish.

This car looks more appealing on the front than its competitors. It sits on 20-inch chrome plated wheels. The tail lamp is a wonderful combination of chrome and LED’s which make it look distinctive. Infotainment and instrument cluster are all digital however you find some manual controls on the dashboard which look classy. You get a laptop type touchpad to operate the infotainment screen. This system is not as user friendly as the BMW i-drive. The car hosts a 23 speaker Mark Levinson Audio system which is absolutely fabulous and converts the car into a theatre. The coolest feature about this car is the Concierge Temperature control system. It literally measures your body temperature and adjusts the air flow accordingly for maximum comfort.

This is a completely next level of AI. There are some very small things which make a great difference like the car height adjust till you get in, the automatic seat belt lock height adjustment after you switch off the engine. The back seat is a master piece which has more than 20 ways to adjust and all sorts of massage features. It can recline up to 48 degrees. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed CVT gearbox which gives the 10 speed ratios. This is the best setting for the ultimate comfort. The engine is absolutely quick to respond and the 0 to 100 kph time is a meager 5.6 seconds.

The cabin insulation is not as good as the S-class or the 7 series but its not really a problem. The excellent sound system or the EV mode would completely shut the engine sound, which by the way is throaty growl and is hard to be not loved. The car is not as sharp to drive as a BMW but the performance would impress you anyways.

Lexus NX

The NX is available in 2 variants and 5 colors. The price range of this car is from 56.71 lakhs to 59.11 lakhs. It comes with a 2499-cc engine mated to an electric motor which makes 194 bhp at 5700 rpm and 210 nm at 4200 rpm. The engine is same as that of the Toyota camry. The car sits on 18-inch wheels. The design language of this car is uniquely Japanese. The F sport gets some slightly different design elements like the alloy wheels.

The massive grill and the unique LED headlamps look mind blowing. Quality levels inside the cabin are great. There are 3 interior color options. The front seats are electrically adjustable and have a heating and ventilating option. The 360-degree camera and navigation use some really cool graphics. However, there is no android auto or apple car play. Heads up display and a digital tachometer are very good additions.  Lexus has used a 14 speaker Mark Levinson system which sounds perfect inside. The panoramic sun roof makes the car feel airy.

The boot space is smaller in comparison, but you do get a full-size spare wheel. Leg room is adequate, but the head room can be a concern for taller passengers. Back support is great, and you can electrically recline the back seat only in the luxury variant. The switches on the door pad are very familiar to those from the Toyota cars. The drivability of this hybrid is wonderful. There is no sudden wave of torque like the diesel, but you get a linear response at the right time because of which there is no shortage of power at any moment. It can also go completely electric.

There is a rubber band effect from the CVT. The F-sport version of this car has an engine noise enhancer which gives out a throaty engine sound which is really great if you are a keen driver. This is a hybrid and that’s why you do get regenerative braking which works well on this car. Even with the presence of all the hardware like hill decent control vehicle stability control, etc this is not a car which is very good for off-roading.

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is available in 2 variants and 10 colors at a price of 1.3 crore and is powered by a 3456-cc engine. Just like the NX this one is available is F-sport and Luxury versions. The engine makes 259 BHP at 6000 RPM and 335 Nm at 4600 RPM. The ground clearance of this vehicle is 195mm. The spindle grille on the car is massive and looks sporty. The LED headlights and the swipe out indicators add to the styling. The tail lamps of this model look bold and beautiful. There is a full-size spare wheel in the boot. The side profile does not look boxy like other SUVs.

The 18-inch tire size however is very small for this car. There are hooks, lights and charging sockets even in the boot. The rear door pockets can easily hold 1-liter bottles. The arm rest at the rear seat is designed skillfully, it has cup holders and a small storage space. The floor board is completely flat which means fitting in 3 passengers would not be an issue. Under thigh support is adequate for average sized person and the head room would be a concern for taller passengers. Leg room is sufficient for passengers of any size. The car gets 10 airbags which are class leading.

There is a heating function for the rear seats, Rear side air conditioning vents and a 12-volt charging socket at the rear. There is a key-less entry function for all the seats. The driver seat gets memory function. Cruise control buttons are given on the steering wheel. The center console is big and wide. Auto dimming ORVM’s and sun glass holders are available as standard. On the instrument cluster you get a ton of information.

The speedometer is all digital and you can toggle and keep the information you need on the instrument cluster like the audio controls, navigation, etc There is a wireless charging hardware installed on the center console. Below the front arm rest there are 2 USB ports 1 AUX port and 1 12 Volt charging socket. There are twin cup holders on the center console. When you the gear in the drive mode, it automatically locks the car. The infotainment system is huge, and you can operate it through a laptop like touch pad which has an enter button.

The hybrid system on the vehicle works extremely well. It is a 4-wheel drive. The engine and the front motor power the front wheels while the rear motor powers the rear wheels. The cabin insulation on this car is very good and you cannot hear the engine noise at all. NVH levels are incredible inside the car. However, you may hear a bit of the engine noise post 4000 RPM. There is a bit of body roll. The SUV is of 2.2 tons and this hampers the drivability. The engine however is very well refined. If you are in the market for a hybrid and luxurious vehicle then just close your eyes and book a Lexus RX. 

Lexus LX

This is a flagship SUV by the brand and is based on the Land Cruiser. It is available only in one trim. It comes with a 8-cylinder 5.6liter petrol engine and a 4.4liter diesel engine. The 5663cc petrol engine makes 362 bhp at 5600 rpm and a peak torque of 530 Nm at 3200 rpm. The 4461-cc diesel engine makes 261 BHP at 3400 RPM and 650 NM of torque at 1600-2600 RPM.

It has a massive road presence and looks supremely bold. There is a huge spindle shaped chrome plated grill which gives it a massive stance. The headlights look sharp and they have built-in head light washer which is of great use during the rainy season. From the side you can easily misunderstand this one to be a land cruiser. The wheels look very small on this model. Ride height of the car can be increased or decreased.

Tail lamps remind you of the typical Lexus design language. They are L-shaped with a beautiful combination of LED’s and chrome. The boot space inside this car is huge which also comes with a power socket. The glass area is big and makes the cabin feel airier. The door pockets have wood finishes. There are twin 11.6-inch screens on the rear seat. You can control them through a remote control. There are all sorts of connectivity hardware like the HDMI port, USB, AUX, etc through which you can stream stuff from your mobile or laptop or whatever. Lights, hooks, and air conditioning vents are found almost everywhere. Lexus climate concierge keeps you in absolute comfort in all the atmospheric conditions.

Along with the electric seat adjustment, the lumbar support and the under-thigh support can also be customized for the front seats. Quality levels inside the cabin are supreme. The glove box is huge. There is an idle up feature inside the car where the car increases its revs so that the engine temperature comes to normal quickly in snowy weather. On the left side of the steering there are controls for audio system and on the right, there are controls for multi information display.

There are a lot of buttons which can control the air conditioning and temperature control systems. There is a 19-speaker mark Levenson sound system. The front seats are equipped with heated and ventilated functions. The space below the glove box can be cooled. Sun roof however could have been bigger. There are 10 airbags inside the car to keep 4 to 5 passengers safe in case of an accident. There is a crawl mode which is really very helpful in the off-road condition. It crawls with a set speed which you can adjust. The full-sized spare wheel is placed below the car on the rear.

The car gets rear parking camera with adaptive guidelines and a 360-degree camera. Unfortunately, there are no massage seats. The outside rear view mirrors are also auto dimming. The power delivery of this vehicle is very linear. It weighs 3 tons and you can feel it when you drive. Moreover, the power and torque figures are less than its primary rival, the range rover. The ride quality is phenomenal. It gets adaptive variable suspensions. A hybrid system or a start stop feature could have helped in increasing the mileage of this SUV.     

Lexus ES

The lexus ES comes in 1 variant and 9 colors and is available at 60 lakhs ex-showroom.  The 2487-cc petrol engine makes 215 bhp at 5700 rpm. And 221 Nm of torque at 3600-5200 rpm. The ARAI claimed fuel efficiency for this vehicle is 22 kilometers per liter. There are a lot of cuts and creases all over the sedan. The spindle grill looks massive and perfectly suits the car. The headlights are sharp and look distinctive. The 18-inch chrome plated wheels look fabulous. The infotainment system welcomes you as soon as you enter the cabin. The driver seat can be adjusted in 14 ways. Steering can be adjusted for both reach and rake.

The bolstering of the seats is very well done and the cabin feels rich and premium. The sunroof shade needs to be adjusted manually. The boot can be opened by just a gently moving your leg from below the boot. The boot space is adequate, 2 large suitcases can fit in easily. There is also a full-size spare wheel on offer. The cabin is very silent and the use of the electric motor shuts down the engine at lower speed which gives you a completely stress free ride. There is very less of a tire noise though. The power delivery in this car is smooth and effortless.

The power does kick in at the right time which does not make you feel that you are short on power. Back seats are supremely comfortable. The lumbar support, under thigh support, head room, knee room everything is perfect. Everything can be controlled from the rear seats as all the buttons re there on the central arm rest. The magic of suspensions is really noticeable on the bad patches of the road.

This was all that you need to know about the Lexus brand in India. The company really makes the most luxurious vehicles in the world. All the SUV’s and the Sedan’s offered by lexus are of premium quality and they are made for the audience enjoying premium choices. The pricing however is on a bit higher side, but the products are definitely worth the money.


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