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LensKart.com Reviews, Complaints & Customer Ratings

Lenskart LogoStarted in 2010, Lenskart is a private company that runs 49 offline franchises across various Indian cities with its headquarters in Delhi.

Customers also like the wide range of options, discounts and offers. The fact that the first eye wear comes free is also a big hit with its customers. The ‘Bike Eye Check-up’ service to the public offering door-to-door check-up program has also been highly appreciated by the customers.

However, there have been various customer complaints around Lens Kart. The primary area of concern is the poor customer service, poor specialist knowledge and expertise and faulty delivery and payment charge and refunds.

There have been instances of wrong prescription glasses and contacts causing several instances of eye stress and damage to its customers. Noting that eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, the specialists have to be extremely careful in prescribing its customers.

There have also been complaints about the customer service which many have rated as the worst in the country. Products have also been reported to have been delivered to the wrong address and much longer than the promised timeline.

In conclusion, Lenskart is a startup with many positive initiatives. But, they need to seriously work on their problem areas in order to retain the trust and loyalty of their customers.

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