Land rover Cars List with Price in India

Rover cars are the most ancient SUV’s in the world. Jaguar Land Rover or should I say Tata Motors manufactures them for the extreme personalities.

These beasts can get out of any situation within absolutely no time! Made for the very special, these SUV’s come at a premium price tag and cater to the tastes of chauffeur driven as well as passionate buyers.

Best Land rover Cars in India with Prices & Reviews

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LR Range Rover:

This is the flagship SUV from JLR. Available in 11 variants and 6 colors, this mammoth is available within a price range of 1.82 Cr to 4.05 Cr. There are 2 petrol (3-liter and 5-liter) and 3 diesel engine (3.0, 4.4 and 5 liter) options available to customize this car.  There is a long-wheel base and a short wheel base version on offer. The SWB version comes with 2.9-meter and the LWB comes with a 3.1-meter wheelbase. Headlights of this car are the major talking point.

They are beautiful sharp and have a very good range. It’s a complete limousine from inside while being a tank on the outside. Knee room would never ever be an issue in any one of these for any passenger. You can adjust the ride height according to the tarmac, also you can adjust the air suspension for loading luggage in the boot. There is also an electronic button to split the second row of seats to adjust more cargo. Almost everything that you touch is made up of the best quality leather.

It’s a huge car and you feel it the moment you step on the driver seat. It has a massive road presence. The steering is light and its not really tough to maneuver the car. The handling of this car returns the best confidence to the driver. Talking about power, although being a big and bulky vehicle even the worst of the engine option available can just fly the car! The instrument cluster in improved and provides a lot of information. But the dual screen infotainment is something new on the range rover.  The screen has an option to tilt so that the glare can be avoided.

LR Discovery Sport:

This car is available in 7 variants and 6 colors and is the best-selling land rover in the country. It gets a 2-liter petrol engine and a 2-liter diesel engine as well. Its available within the price range of 44.6 to 61.9 lakhs ex-showroom. The fuel efficiency for both the petrol and diesel is 12 kmpl. The car looks very muscular in comparison to its rivals and has a great road presence.

It is a 7-seater however the last row is ideal only for the kids. The middle row is more entertaining because of the addition of screens at the front head rest. Music system is flawless. Knee room and head room is sufficient enough for passengers of all height and weight. The dashboard looks standard but is really comfortable.

A big panoramic sunroof adds up to the airy feel of the already big car.  Terrain response system of the Land rover is much loved. The diesel engine is punchy and refined. The gearbox is not very quick to respond to the throttle inputs. Unlike its BMW rival, this car feels the best when driven in a calm and composed way.

LR Range Rover Sport:

This SUV looks like a wonderful combination of the flagship range rover and the stylish Evoque. The price range is between 1.04 crore to 2.05 crore ex-showroom. Its available in 8 variants and 7 colors. There are 2 petrol engines (3.0-liter and 5.0-liter) and 3 diesel engines (3.0-liter, 4.4-liter and 5.0-liter) on offer. Both of them return the same fuel efficiency. Headlights of this car are beautiful and very functional. They almost illuminate up to half a kilometer road ahead.

From the sides it looks huge and stylish. You can raise or lower the cab height from the boot which would be handy to fit in luggage. Speakers are fitted beautifully inside the door and the two-tone color on the door panels give them a premium feel. The quality of materials used is superb. The seats are not just comfortable, but they are luxurious. Heated and ventilated seats, massage function and ambient lighting could make your journey comfortable like nothing else. Leg room, head room shoulder room would never be an issue for any passenger ever. 

Unlike the other sedan limousine, you don’t get controls on the central arm rest at the rear. However, you do get a heads-up display. You get all types of charging hard-wares in plenty at the rear. It has twin big glove boxes. The panoramic sun-roof adds up to the airy feel inside the cabin. The touch pro duo infotainment system works very efficiently and does not need the driver’s eyes off the road to perform some basic functions. The park-assist system is the most useful addition to this car because of which parking this huge car in tight parking spaces is not at all a concern.  There is also an addition of cooled glove box. 

The 5 driving modes and the terrain response system are the major USP’s of this vehicle. 0 to 100 can be done in a mere 7 seconds. Looking at the size of this car, this fact is nearly close to magic. The dynamic mode alters everything right from the engine performance to the suspension and transmission. The ride quality is superb, and it makes you feel like you are in a limousine.

The Range rover sport feels very confident while rounding the corners. But if you need an absolute driving machine then it’s the SVR variant. It makes 25 horses more than the normal 5-liter engine and produces a whooping 700 Nm of torque. 0-100 comes in a meager 4 seconds with the SVR, now that’s a miracle only this car can do.

LR Discovery

8 variants and 8 colors of the discovery are available within a price range of 76.94 lakhs to 1.09 crore. There is a 3-liter petrol and diesel engine on offer. The discovery’s third row is very well usable even for adults. In the second row, there are recline option for the back rest and the seat can slide back and forth. It returns a fuel efficiency of 9 kmpl for petrol and 18 kmpl for diesel.

Transfer case, Terrain Response system and wading depth of 900 mm proves that it goes through anything. The ride height can be raised by 75 mm for off roading adventure.  Along with all the off-roading gizmo’s the cabin inside scores very high on practicality.

There are ample storage spaces and all sorts of charging points almost everywhere. It also accommodates 2 glove boxes, 1 cooled storage bin and even some storage space behind the temperature control unit! The doors can hold 2-liter bottle’s very comfortably inside.

There’s also a 300 mm retractable shelf at the boot which can be used as a picnic table. Overall, the discovery rides very well, goes off the road, keeps you in luxury from inside and seats seven. All this makes the car a very good overall package.

LR Range Rover Evoque:

The Evoque is the most stylish small size SUV. Its available in 7 variants and 5 colors within a range of 52 lakhs to 69.5 lakhs ex-showroom. There is a 2-liter petrol and a 2.0-liter diesel engine on offer both of which return an average fuel efficiency of 15 kmpl. The car looks very sporty. The headlights and taillights both have a beautiful LED Treatment.

There are headlight washers fitted in as well. The space in the back-seat is not really the best in class but it’s in no ways even close to being uncomfortable. Taller passengers above 6 feet may take a bit to get used to the limited space at the rear. There are various programs for the various kinds of driving conditions like the sand, snow, grass etc. Cruise control information on the instrument cluster, audio controls can be accessed through the steering wheel itself.

There are paddle shifts if you are in a mood of riding on a sport mode. Steering weighs up very good on the highways. It does not get an engine grunt like the bmw’s but the engines are good enough for city travel and off roading. The 9-speed gearbox has very smooth shifts. Its really fun to drive and there is very low body roll on the corners. Land Rover is also planning to bring in a facelift to this car, this year. So, its worth waiting a while to get better out of the already best car.

LR Range Rover Velar

The Velar is available in 2 variants at 72.47 lakhs ex showroom. It comes with a 2.0-liter petrol and diesel engine option. It loos sleek and more stylish than the range rover sport. Wheels on offer are 5 spoke 19- inch tires. There are 12-volt sockets and USB ports almost everywhere in the cabin.  

There is a 4-zone climate control inside this car. The touch pro duo and the information cluster are all digital and they look extremely good once you start the engine! Even the controls on steering wheel are touch. The sunblinds close automatically when the car senses no person inside. The audio quality is absolutely fantastic. The engine feels absolutely fantastic to drive.

Overtaking is really easily considering the automatic transmission, huge weight and dimensions. The acceleration is very linear and not really punchy. In comfort mode the steering is very light and in the dynamic mode the steering feels much better weighted.

This was all about the land rover cars in India. If you are in the market for a very stylish car, then look no further and book an Evoque. However, if a well-rounded package is your priority then it’s the discovery that stands up. The flagship range rover is made specially for the chauffeur driven audience who need their car to do anything when the time comes.

It can come out of any situation in no time. Range Rover Sport and Velar are the SUV’s catering to the requirements of customers who need something more than perfection. All these SUV’s are very well off-roader and almost every land rover comes with a full-size spare wheel.


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