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Kubota Corporation is a tractor and agricultural equipment manufacturer. The company was founded in 1890 and is based in Osaka, Japan. Since its inception, Kubota has been a part of many innovations and development in the agricultural sector. The company has recognized the need for different generations and has delivered feasible solutions.

The company produces a wide range of products such as tractors, agricultural equipment, engines, construction equipment, vending machines, pipe, valves, cast metal, pumps, etc. Gonshiro Kubota was the founder of the company and the current CEO of the company is Masatoshi Kimata. Kubota is a giant in the agricultural sector. The numerous innovations in the products designed by the company are unbelievable. Further, Kubota has been strong influence towards safety of the nature. It has produced the equipment keeping in mind the various problems faced by our planet.

The company is consistently trying to create an environment where machine and nature can co-exist. The company's operations include 14 factories in Japan and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates in Brazil, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.


The founder of the company, Gonshiro Kubota was born in a very poor family. Gonshiro was a dedicated individual and tried to save money in order to invest and achieve his dreams. He worked hard and got a job in a metal-casting company. With the money that he saved, he established Kubota in 1890. As time passed, the supply of money became sustainable which helped Gonshiro to focus more on the innovations of the company. He was a talented guy and with the experience of working in a metal-casting company, he went on to produce some great products.

He invented a joint less-type cylindrical outer mould to produce joint less cast pipes by the vertical round-melt casting method and set up mass production in 1901. In 1904 Gonshiro Kubota invented another method, vertical rotary-type casting. His new processes made domestic cast-iron pipe production possible. Times were hard during the First World War. The company had to meet the rising demand. In order to meet the needs of developing heavy industry, Kubota turned to manufacturing steam engines and iron-making machines.

The new manufacturing Amagasaki and Okajima to produce tradition lines of iron pipes and castings. This was an important phase in the history of the company. The decision to open new manufacturing units was prolific and the company gained a huge market advantage due to this. In 1917, Kubota exported for the first time. The products were appraised throughout Asia. In 1918, the company opened regional offices in Tokyo to improve its overall sales and marketing network.

The following years were very fruitful for the company as it continued mass production of different equipment. The company also opened a new manufacturing plant in Sakai which was the biggest plant at that time in Asia. The Second World War again raised the demand for heavy equipments. Japan had an active part in the war and Kubota had the responsibility to deliver high quality products in bulk. This proved to be beneficial for the company.

Also, after the 1930s mass Japanese extension, the company had huge amount of officials and resources to help in the mass production. The military expansion resulted in high revenues for the company. The war ultimately devastated the country, however, and led to the post war rule of the Allied victors. The company faced some tough times as production was halted and many resources were vanished. Just after the war, Kubota won a prestigious prize in the Okayama Agricultural Power Equipment Competition.

This prize confirmed that Kubota is a dominant company in the market. The company also earned a great advantage as it received even more recognition after winning the prize. In 1959 Kubota became the first Japanese company to develop a spiral-welded sfteel pipe. Japan recovered from the horrors of the war very quickly and technological advancement started booming in the country again. There was heavy investment in manufacturing heavy machinery. Like other major Japanese industrial producers, Kubota took advantage of this economic climate by expanding overseas.

The company opened overseas offices in Taipei, Los Angeles, Bangkok, New York, Athens, Jakarta, London, and Singapore. At Kubota, more resources were devoted to research and development. The office of business planning and development was established in 1982 to promote innovation, and a research and development headquarters was established in 1984. By the end of the 1980s 1,500 employees were working on new product and technical development. The 1990s were a tough time for the company. The competitors were growing.

Further, the company made various investments which failed to reap the desired results. The revenues felt short and there were certain changes in the manufacturing strategies of the company. As the Japanese economy slumped, Kubota received a tough time in the market but it was helped with small projects. The company has been trying to regain its prime face and is manufacturing good amount of equipment today.

Technologies and Innovations

Kubota has been a part of various innovations and technological developments in the tractor market. The company has refined resources and great individuals who are aware about their responsibility. Kubota is a creative company which analyses the needs of the consumers and provides technology accordingly. The company recently introduced the Autonomous Tractor Technology. This technology helped to assist the drivers by giving them various amount of features and additions.

The technology enhanced the overall working of a tractor. Due to this technology, up to two tractors can be controlled completely autonomously on the field by only one driver. This will inevitably save time and will add to the existing efficiency of the tractor. With the aim of improving the efficiency and precision of young, inexperienced workers as well as elderly and female workers, who may require consideration for the amount of physical labour, Kubota installed an Auto-Steering Function, which enabled easy transplanting of seeds while driving straight forward.

The combine harvesters produced by the company helped to understand the needs of the customers. These harvesters were powered with the ABS technology to help in good handling. This resulted in easy driving and quick work for the farmers. The tractors designed by the company are clean and fuel efficient to reduce over-expenses.

Also, the company has taken important steps towards the safety of the environment. All the products produced by the company are authentic and are produced in order to provide safety to both men and nature. Less emission of harmful gases and contaminants has resulted in global safety. The company is consistently innovating in the market and providing new material to the consumers.

Top Selling Models

Kubota has produced many tractors which have been beneficial in the agricultural process. Some of these tractors are as follows:


Kubota has certainly revolutionized the overall agricultural sector. The equipment produced by the company are well-made and are of good quality. The company today has a net income of 1.4 billion $ and has more than 35,000 employees. Kubota has always tried to focus on the rising demands of the consumers. They have developed a terrific marketing strategy. The company has high research and development with equally high market share and innovations.

The strong brand equity, totally developed and unique products along with fuel efficient tractors serves as a great asset to the company. The effort put in by the officials of the company is commendable. There is no doubt in the ability and what the company can achieve in the future. The company has been on a sustainable path of growth. It is one of the biggest producer of agricultural equipment and a lot is expected from it. It should certainly look for the preferences of the customers and should produce the required products with adequate process.


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