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Kawasaki Bikes List with Price in India

Best Kawasaki Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

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Kawasaki has set a benchmark in the motorcycle market. The sports bike and other versatile motorcycles produced by the company are magnificent. Kawasaki motorcycles are manufactured by the Motorcycle & Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries at plants in Japan, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Kawasaki Aircraft initially manufactured motorcycles under the Meguro name, having bought an ailing motorcycle manufacturer, Meguro Manufacturing with whom they had been in partnership. This eventually became Kawasaki Motor Sales. The most famous example of the bikes produced by the company is the Ninja Series. The company was founded by Shozo Kawasaki.

Technologies and Innovations

Kawasaki is evolving constantly day by day as a company. The technological and innovation market of the company has generated myriad things which are contrasting and pleasing for the human eye. Kawasaki has arrived late in updating its technology but it has duly conducted operations to grow in the electric motors market. Many innovations are recently invented by the company provide a great path for the company’s future.

The motorcycles being developed use the “Emotion Generation Engine and Natural Language Dialogue System*1”. From the words spoken by the rider, this AI-controlled system can pick up on the rider’s intent and emotional state. Enabling rider and motorcycle to communicate and share an understanding of purpose will open the door to a new world of unprecedented riding experiences.

Accessing Kawasaki’s bank of analytical chassis and running data stored on a cloud-based data center or referencing the vast amount of information available on the Internet, the system will be able to offer the rider pertinent hints for enhanced riding enjoyment, or relay safety-related or reassuring advice as the situation dictates.

Through advanced electronic management technology, having the system update machine settings based on the rider’s experience, skill and riding style will also be possible. Through repeated interaction, this kind of communication between rider and motorcycle will allow the motorcycle to develop a unique personality reflecting the individual idiosyncrasies of the rider.

With mutual trust established, both rider and motorcycle will be able to improve and grow, offering an all-new kind of enjoyment. Kawasaki’s rider-centric development philosophy, RIDEOLOGY, is a commitment to pursue all possibilities to ensure that its products possess both Power and Gentleness, and are fun and rewarding to control. 

Top Selling Models

Kawasaki has set a very high benchmark in bike industry. The growth of the company has been revolutionary. It started from scraps and is now a giant and a fully developed company. The new technology and constant improvement in different aspects of the bike is commendable.

It has received high success in the market and has reached an all high in the bike market.  The Kawasaki bikes are both adaptable and driver friendly. The drivers feel a sense of safety and superiority while driving a Kawasaki. Some great bikes provided by Kawasaki are as follows:

Build Quality

The customers have provided mixed reviews when asked about the build quality of Kawasaki bikes. Their main concern is the interior of the bike and the major engine functionaries which cause trouble while driving. The Kawasaki needs to upgrade the overall engine quality of the bikes and should add more furnished and improved technology. The Kawasaki Ninja series is an exception. It has supremely balanced build quality which makes it the highest selling model of the company.

The bike is stylish and well designed to suit customer needs. The company has worked hard to reduce the overall price of the bikes and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the bikes. The maintenance cost is quite high for the bikes. Kawasaki has focused on building comfortable seats along with perfect and advanced mirrors and LED lights to give a great riding experience to the drivers.

The small screen available in front of the rider’s eyes show important details such as current speed, availability of petrol and other functions.


Kawasaki Motor Corporation is one of the leading companies in the automobile industry around the world. The global presence of the company helps them to understand the requirements of people of a country depending upon their demography. Once the company has evaluated the demands of the customers from a particular demography, the company can modify its strategies to manufacture market and sell products to customers in some other country having similar demography characteristics.

This helps the organization to be proactive and to be able to meet the demands of the customers on a timely manner, therefore providing a competitive over its competitors. Also, the wide variety of the products being manufactured by the company helps them to overcome any financial or non-financial losses incurred in the production or sales of different products.

Kawasaki has great planning and strong fundamental strategies. It can definitely reach new heights with more inspiration and efficiency.


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