Hero Scooters List with Price in India

Hero Motocorp is known for its economical and durable motorbike offerings. Hero Splendor, Hero Passion are the evergreen motorcycles which are popular in every corner of the country. In 2006 company launched the pleasure which had a wonderful response. Currently, the bike is evolved into a funky scooter which aims at providing ease of driving, comfort and practicality.

The recently launched Hero Destini is gaining huge popularity and it is currently the fourth largest scooter in India with 22,564 scooters already sold in the market. The other scooters from the brand are Hero Maestro Edge, and Hero Duet. Continue reading to know more about Hero scooters in India.

Best Hero Scooters in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Hero Pleasure

The pleasure costs 46,100 INR Ex-showroom Delhi.  There are two variants on offer. The costlier model gets alloy wheels. The engine is 102cc and the company claimed fuel efficiency is 63 kmpl. The Maximum power is 6.9 BHP at 7000 RPM. And max torque of 8.1 Nm comes at 5000 RPM. The bike sits on 10-inch wheels and the ground clearance is 125 mm which is decent enough for city commute. However, it may fumble over underdeveloped sections of the road.

Headlights look bold and clear. Tail lamps are revised but they carry the same design element. The dual tone color scheme coupled with the new graphics add a new character to the old design. The indicators now look fresh and stylish because of the sharp cuts. Overall, the bike feels very light in comparison to the Activa 5g. Also, it holds a mobile charging socket inside the glove box which is decent enough to store your documents. The under-seat storage can accommodate grocery shopping or a small size helmet. There is an addition of a small light for the under-seat storage which is helpful to organize your cargo while you try to fit in something more.

The rear-view mirrors offer good visibility but may get loose overtime. Hence its important to fasten them every time you service the vehicle.  The meter console is now revised and looks good. It hosts a side stand indicator.  The bike feels extremely light to drive and is wonderful to maneuver through city traffics. Stability in comparison to the activa is low. Its better driven in city rather than the highways.

Hero Maestro

This is a very funky looking scooter made by the company. Maestro focused on targeting the young customer base by a quirky styling and a decent engine. It comes in 9 colors and 2 variants. Its priced at 51,000 to 52,000 INR. Looks wise it has a big and wide headlight which gives adequate illumination. The front indicators are located below the headlights on the front panel. The small air pockets add up to the sporty look and provide adequate air flow. A remote fuel lid is an excellent addition. The hexagonal LED tail lamps illuminate brightly.

The exhausts also look good on this vehicle. The foot board has a decent space for an average sized adult. However, it’s not possible to stretch your legs even a bit which would make long journeys a bit painful. The seats are wide and flat which make journeys supremely comfortable for both rider and the pillion. The 110-cc engine makes 8.15 PS at 7500 rpm. The company claimed fuel efficiency figure is of 53 kmpl. Both the tires are fitted with drum brakes which are not really the best in class, but the integrated braking system works well.

The top speed of this bike is 85 kilometers per hour which is enough for daily urban commute. Hero Motocorp has fitted a Telescopic front suspension which absorbs minor undulations effectively. The scooter sits on 12-inch front and 10-inch rear tubeless tires. The ground clearance is 155 mm which is decent enough within the city limits. It has a 5-year company warranty. The scooter is very smooth to drive, and the overall ride quality is refined.

The specialty of this vehicle is that it maintains the refinement at any given power band. However, The Maestro is a bit lazy to pick up speeds. This is a very good overall package; the pricing is very competitive, and it also offers a lot of value for that.  Moreover, the company has its touch points in every nook and corner of the country which makes the bike even more desirable.

Hero Destini 125

This recent Hero is gaining a lot of popularity in the Indian markets. It’s the 4th largest selling scooter in India. Its priced between 54,650 and 57,500 Ex-showroom.  Design is a perfect combination of the Maestro and the duet. The 124.6cc engine makes 8.83 PS at 6750 RPM. The maximum torque of 10.2 Nm comes in at 5000 rpm. The bike is equipped with drum brakes on both the tires. The fuel efficiency is not the best, but it is fairly good.

Hero Motocorp claims an average fuel efficiency of 51 kmpl and the top speed is 85 kmph. The company offers a 5 years warranty on this product. The company has fitted in the start stop system which turns off the engine after 5 seconds of inactivity and all you need to do to start it back is press the clutch and gently raise the throttle. The power figures are better than those of the access but the destini is also heavier than the access. The acceleration of the Destini is same as that of the access, it is also the fastest 125-cc scooter. The suspensions of this scooter are on the firmer side even with the pillion, the acceleration is good, and the ride quality is pleasant.

The minor undulations are easily filtered. The scooter sits on 10-inch front and rear tires which are a size lower than its counterparts. Because of this, the major bumps and potholes feel extremely terrible. Even with the drum brakes, the braking efficiency of the destinity is more than that of the access. This is the cheapest 125-cc scooter currently available in fact it falls within the price range of activa 110. A few modern touches like the LED lighting, 12-inch tires and disc brakes are missing as compared to other scooters.

But if your daily urban commute is short then you would never notice these things lacking. However, it does get features like remote fuel filler cap opening, night light and charging port in the under-seat storage compartment and tubeless tires, which are enough to pamper the urban audience. If performance, fuel efficiency, practicality, low and hassle-free maintenance are your concerns then this is an option you should think about.

Hero Duet:

This hero is available in 5 colors and 2 variants and is priced between 47,000 to 50,000 ex-showroom. All-metal body would definitely attract customers who are looking for a premium scooter. The use of chrome on the front gives it a distinctive appeal. The headlights do remind you of the Honda Activa. Body colored rear view mirror is however a premium touch. The use of the key for remote fuel lid opener is a very thoughtful touch.

The boot gets a light and a mobile charging socket. The claimed average for this scooter is 63 kmpl. It makes 8.15 PS at 7500 RPM and 8,7 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. These figures are pretty much the same as any other scooter in the segment, but the initial acceleration of the duet seems pretty lethargic. Both the wheels come with drum brakes as standard fitment and the integrated braking system works very well.

 The telescopic front suspension offers a better ride quality and that can be noticed. The fuel economy of this bike is great in comparison to other vehicles in the same category. It can achieve a top speed of 85 kmpl. Tire size is however on a lower side, the scooter sits on 10inch front and rear wheels. The fuel tank capacity s 5.5 liters which is decent enough to give a good range. The company offers a 5 years warranty on the vehicle.

Hero Motocorp offers a great variety in scooters. The pricing of these is very competitive and that coupled with the customer touch points across the nation makes the brand value even stronger. Just like the other Hero bikes, scooters also are very reliable durable and come with a very low maintenance cost. However, some very important features like the LED DRL’s, 12- inch tires, disc brakes are majorly missing on these scooters.

The Destini is a very good 125-cc option if you are low on your budget and urban drivability is your ultimate concern. It is currently the fourth largest selling scooter in the country.


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