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Hero MotoCorp Ltd., formerly Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. Hero Honda started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. The company is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. The company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. Hero MotoCorp has ranked 41 in ET 500 ranking 2012. The first plant was established at Dharuhera, Haryana, on the outskirts of New Delhi.

In the years to follow, large industrial areas created for additional manufacturing facilities for Hero MotoCorp Ltd., along with their Ancillaries in Gurgaon, New Delhi and Sidcul, Haridwar. The founder of the company was Brijmohan Lall Munjal. With sheer determination and strong dedication towards manufacturing and production, Hero has established itself as a top bike brand in the industry.

The market value and the brand image of the firm is increasing dramatically. Certainly, the credit needs to be given to the authorities managing the company and the various officials who are giving their all to the company. The current revenue of the company is more than 30,000 crore and constantly growing at a high rate. The company has also introduced certain innovations in the market. The technologies to the company are provided by the Japanese counterpart Honda.

Technology and Innovation

Hero has set a trend of developing high technological bikes. They have considered the wants and desires of the customers. Certain objectives set up by the company have reduced the cost of ownership and increased the revenues. High innovation in the engine quality, different parts and overall quality of the bike has increased the sales of the company. There are various innovations introduced by the company which are famous worldwide.

The various features give a new dimension to the overall biking experience. The driving experience improves and therefore the company is renowned among the customers. Hero introduced new features such as LED lights and the new and improved braking system. The improved clutch and engine system has been a revolution in the overall structure and development of the bikes. These myriad features continuously increase the economic growth of the company.

Since its establishment, Hero has continuously focused in developing bikes along with other equipment. Today the net revenue of the company is increasing day by day. There are many innovations and technologies used by the company which are further discussed in the article.

ABS (Anti Braking System) has now made its way onto most modern Hero motorcycles, imparting them almost the same level of safety as we’ve seen in their four-wheeled counterparts. What anti-lock braking system essentially does is constantly monitor the revolution of the wheels with an ECU – sometimes single channel.

When the computer detects a wheel lock-up, common when braking hard on less than ideal surfaces, it steps in  by limiting the braking force the rider exerts by either squeezing the lever or pressing the foot pedal and keep the wheel spinning.

Once the imminence of the locking (and therefore skidding) is avoided, the system re-applies the maximum braking force until the next skid is anticipated. By limiting the maximum force of the braking manoeuvre, the ABS systems practically allow riders to use the greatest stopping force possible without locking the wheels. Ride by wire technology involves no direct, physical connection between the twist grip and the throttle butterflies, rerouting it all through an advanced computer.

So when you grab a big handful of throttle for maximum acceleration, it opens the butterflies only fast enough to prevent the air flow stalling. This means more power and better efficiency as the inlet gas flows in more easily. The other advantages of ride-by-wire, apart from smooth acceleration, is the ability to incorporate cruise control, some type of traction control, and push-button power capping. 

Top Selling Models

From providing good and long lasting bikes to manufacturing powerful bikes that rule the road, Hero has done it all. Hero has manufactured some of the most tremendous vehicles available in the market today. This has increase its brand value and brand loyalty. Following are the most famous vehicles of the company:

Build Quality

Hero bikes are well designed. They are stylish and strongly designed to protect the material in case of accident. Further, certain features add to the growing enigma of HERO bikes. The new generation Hero bikes are very reliable and durable. Hero has added many functionalities to make riding easy for the customers.

Further, the spare parts of the bikes are easily available therefore the cost of ownership reduces. The company has one of the most well designed and manufactured bikes in the history. The maintenance cost of the bikes are low. The company also provides number of showrooms and service centers to provide various remedies to the customer’s problems.


In the motorcycle segment, Hero MotoCorp Ltd has faced severe competition from its peers resulting in a loss of market share. Hero MotoCorp Ltd’s margins have remained under pressure in the past fiscal years as the product mix deteriorated. However, with the launch of the LEAP program, Hero MotoCorp Ltd has managed to show a significant cost reduction.

The company has gained the mutual trust of the customers and has manufactured products keeping in mind the needs of the consumers.

The continuous innovation in certain aspects along with a zeal to strive forward will definitely improve the overall structure of the company. Hero has been great for the Indian market and economy. If it keeps functioning this way, it can represent India more precisely in the global market of motorcycles.


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