Hero Bikes List with Price in India

Hero Motocorp makes the best-selling motorbikes. Right from the splendor to the Hero karizma zmr, all the bikes are specifically ssembled according to the need of Indian customers.

Splendor, passion, karizma, pleasure CD deluxe are some of the most famous offerings from this brand. 

Best Hero Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Hero Splendor

Hero splendor is the best-selling motorbike for almost a decade. It is available in 4 configurations, splendor plus, super splendor, splendor pro, splendor i smart. Splendor plus is powered by a 97.2 cc engine and it makes 8.36 PS at 8000 rpm. It is available in manual as well as self start option. Its major USP is its strong and durable built quality. This bike is available in 9 different color patterns. Moreover, it comes with an integrated braking system which gives confident braking.

The design of the new splendor plus is the same as that of the old model. Unlike the previous version, it gets an optional electric starter, optional 5-spoke alloy wheels. It also gets a new set of graphics for some much-needed freshness. The instrument cluster includes two analogue pods in white, one displaying fuel and the other showcasing a speedometer, odometer and tripmeter.

The 97.2cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine makes 8.36PS of power at 8000rpm and 8.05Nm of torque at 5000rpm, this engine is coupled to a 4-speed gear box. There are telescopic forks at the front and hydraulic twin shock absorbers at the rear. Company offers drum brakes as standard. The drivability of this bike is decent enough for city driving conditions. A decent performance along with a class leading fuel efficiency makes this bike the best to drive in the city traffic environment. 

Super splendor comes under the 125-cc model range. Its available in 2 variants ranging from 58,450 to 59,400.  The 124.7 cc engine makes 11.3 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. The company claims that the latest facelift has 27 % more power on offer. The company claimed fuel economy is 80 kmpl. But you can expect it around 60 to 70 for any average traffic daily commute. This is a bike which can be best driven in the city conditions only.

There is no lack of power for any urban maneuver however you will expect something more out of the bike on a wide empty road. Highway cruising is not the best but it’s not the worst either. There is not much of a feature list on offer. The switch gear looks very average and the dials are simple. Unfortunately, the disc brakes are not offered even as an option.  The splendor i-drive option further enhances the fuel efficiency by switching off the engine whenever the bike is on a stop.

Splendor I-smart is a 109-cc motorbike which produces 9.5 PS at 7500 rpm. Its available for 56,450 INR. It produces 9.5 PS at 7500 rpm. The company claims the mileage to be 75 kmpl. The i smart technology works wonders and it has proved to be more fuel efficient. Changes are noticeable just after stepping on the bike. It rides and handles very well. The instrument cluster is now part digital.

The cushioning also feels very good. It absorbs the bumps and potholes to a decent level and gives a stress-free ride. The switch gear quality is also improved.  The two-tone color looks good and would attract a lot of fan base.

Splendor pro is a 97.2 cc motorbike and It comes within a range of 50,239 to 51,986. The company claims an average fuel efficiency of 90 kmpl. But in actual you get somewhere around 75 kmpl. Its available in 2 variants and 3 color options. This bike produces 8.36 PS at 8000 RPM.

The power is a bit on lower side.  But this is the bike most preferred for a daily commute with ease and nobody would really expect a boost of power output from it. The bike retains the same traditional design as that of the earlier models which looks a bit dated. However, rest everything is fine with the vehicle and its performance ride and handling is reliable for a long period of time.

Hero HF Deluxe

HF deluxe is available in 7 variants and 11 color options. This bike is the top selling product from hero motocorp after splendor plus. Its available from 38,900 to 49,375 INR. Its also available in the i3 format. It produces 8.36 PS of power at 8000 rpm and the company claimed fuel efficiency is of 82 kmpl. Design wise this bike looks way too basic in comparison to the modern bikes like the shine. This one is highly known for its durable performance.

It performs very well in the urban conditions, also the suspension setup is rigid enough to drive it through underdeveloped sections of the road. Power is adequate for urban traffic conditions however you will feel the lack of power while climbing a mountain. It gives a very smooth and comfortable ride. This bike would be the best commute option for semi urban or urban sectors because it has a very high fuel efficiency and a good tank capacity because of which the range is very high.

Moreover, there is a very less maintenance cost associated with this bike and the after-service network is very wide. That is the reason why this is the most practical and the best bike to commute from one point to other, after the splendor plus.

Hero Passion Pro:

This is a slightly better version of the legendary splendor. It uses the same engine, but it looks completely different, which is appealing to a wide customer base.  It uses the same 97-cc engine which makes 8.36 Ps of power at 8000 rpm. The company claimed fuel efficiency is 84 kmpl but you get a fuel efficiency above 70 kmpl on any driving conditions. This bike does provide front brakes as option on the new passion pro. The ride quality is also not different than any other hero model. Its available in 3 models from 53,975 to 55,975 INR. Its available in 6 different color options. The 110cc motor offers adequate torque in the low and mid-range.

The engine characteristics on the Passion XPro are similar to the Passion Pro. It’s possible to ride even in 25kmph on the fourth gear. The engine feels smooth in low revs, but as you increase the inputs, the handlebar and footpegs start vibrating. The clutch is light to use, but the gearshifts could have been better. The front disc brakes give a very confident braking output.

Overall, this is a bike which has the same power output as that of the splendor and the hf deluxe however, the passion looks more modern and comes with disc brakes as an option. Its fuel efficient and very low on maintenance, moreover the after sales service is very good and widely spread this makes this bike one among the top selling bikes in india.

Hero Glamour:

This is the 125-cc contender from Hero Motocorp. The price range is from 60,400 to 68,900.  The 124.7 cc engine produces 11.69 Ps at 7500 rpm. The Glamour looks more aggressive because of the combined effect of the body design, headlights and the wide seats. It does look like a motorbike from a segment above. The LED tail lamp gives exterior a premium look. The overall build quality is good and durable. The Glamour looks more muscular, with a sporty theme that will appeal to buyers who want something more from the design while buying just a 125-cc commuter.

This new “hero” gets a visible and clear instrument cluster with a large analogue speedometer in the middle. The LCD unit has an orange backlit display that offers visibility even at daytime. The digital display is basic with a fuel gauge, odometer and an instant fuel economy display. The quality of switchgear feels a bit outdated in comparison to the vehicle’s modern design. Glamour is good to use in the city. Power delivery is fierce right from the low end of the band and continues to pull well even as the revs rise. You can cruise at 25 kmph in 4th gear. Moreover, the clutch feels very light.

Overtaking is a breeze on this new glamour. It goes from 30-70kmph in third gear in just 5.61seconds, considerably faster than its rivals. Fuel efficiency, at 61.32kmpl in the city, isn’t exactly class-leading but is adequate as the performance on offer is good. Up to 60 kmph the bike feels effortless to drive, which will make most of the driving for urban commuters. Overall, glamour is the best to use in city. On highways, it didn’t feel very confident as reaching a top speed of 100 kmph was a bit tough and vibrations added to the kiosk.

The seating position is upright and the handlebars are placed very well which would be ergonomically better for passengers of all heights. Shorter passengers however would find passion a bit too raised in height. The suspension setup is great and almost all the minor undulations on the roads are absorbed. However, speed breakers may toss you up if you are not cautious about the speed.

Hero Pleasure

Hero entered the non-gear scooter sector with Pleasure! It is available within the range of 45,000 to 47,000. This hero scooter is available in 2 colors and 7 variants. Its powered b a 102-cc engine which makes 7.0 PS at 7000 rpm. The claimed fuel efficiency is of 63 kmpl. Hero has introduced the the integrated braking system in the pleasure which distributes the brake force among both the operating brakes and reduces the braking distance.

The ride quality of this new scooter is good and it is best driven only in the city traffic conditions. The new pleasure scores good on practicality because of tiny additions like the small storage box below the handles and the light near under seat storage.

Being a “hero”, this scooter has a tough built quality and durable spare parts which are easily available. All these things combined together make pleasure a very good contender in the 100-cc segment. However, it loses out a bit in comparison to the trend-setting Activa.

Other famous bikes from this brand include Maestro, Karizma ZMR, Duet, Xtreme, Achiever, Destini. Offerings like the splendor plus and passion pro are most popular in the semi urban and urban environment which contributes the maximum percentage of customers. The urban customers are in love with the Glamour, achiever, pleasure xtreme etc. Hence the hero has a bike for every customer. The built quality, low maintenance, best after sales service and fuel efficiency are the USP’s of this brand.


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