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Force Motors Limited is an Indian automobile manufacturer. It was founded in 1958. The company originated in India and has grown to be a big firm. Force was among the first Indian company’s which took the job of manufacturing vehicles other than the commercial cars. Force Motors is India’s biggest van maker. The company has established itself well in the Indian and the Asian market and generates a revenue of more than $400 million.

The company is well known for its brands like Tempo, Matador, Minidor and Traveller. From 1958 to 2005, the company was known as Bajaj Tempo Motors. Later, the name Force Motors was given to the company. The company designs and manufacturers its own range of products without a helping hand from any outside entity.

The current chairman of the company is Abhay Firodia. The company has more than 8000 employees and officials working and providing all the necessary equipment to the customers. Force Motors was also ranked 327th in 2016 amongst India’s Fortune 500 Companies. Today, the company mainly deals with the manufacturing of Traveller cars and Carrier Vehicles. The main emphasis is given to long distance travelling. The items designed by the company can carry a large of passengers or goods from one place to another.


Force Motors Ltd was incorporated in the year 1958 with the name Baja Tempo Ltd. The company was promoted by N K Firodia. Initially the company started production of the HANSEAT 3-Wheelers in collaboration with Vidal & Sohn Tempo Werke Germany. Now they manufacture Tractors 3 Wheelers Light Commercial Vehicles Multi Utility Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles.In the year 1959 the company started their manufacturing operation in a small plant at Goregaon a suburb of Mumbai.

In the year 1961 they acquired about 1502 acres of land in Akrudi near Pune. In May 1961 the company was converted in to public limited company. In the year 1964 they transferred their production facility to Pune. In November 1964 they commenced the manufacture of Tempo Viking 4-wheeled Truck & Vans.

In the year 1969 the company subsequently upgraded the Viking vehicle with the diesel engine and thus they started manufacturing Matador. In the year 1975 they increased the manufacturing capacity to 12000 vehicles per year in addition to 6000 diesel engines for other purposes.In 1983 the company entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Daimler Benz AG West Germany for the manufacture of light commercial vehicles such as Mercedes vans station wagons and mini buses at Pithampur.

In 1987 the company set up a new plant at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh for the production of Tempo Traveller. This plant was designed and built to the specification of Daimler-Benz. They increased the licensed capacity from 30000 to 50000 per annum including 5000 three-whellers. In the year 1989 they established the production facility for various rear axles and 5-speed Mercedes gear boxes.

In the year 1990 the company established a new commercial tool room at Akurdi equipped with the latest CNC 3 dimension dies sinking equipment and capable of manufacturing large panel dies for bodies.

They also established a modern CAD/CAM facility to support the tool room activity. They entered into agreement with Ricardo Consulting Engineers for technology up gradation of D 301 E2 engine. In the year 1991 the company introduced the new models of Tempo Trax called Challenger and Town & Country in the market. In 1993 they offered rights issue to part finance for modernization of their manufacturing facilities.

In the year 1994 the company entered into a license agreement with Robert-Bosch GmbH for the manufacture of Tractor Hydraulics. In the year 1995 the company increased the licensed capacity increased from 50000 to 60000 number of automobiles per annum. In the year 1996 they introduced a new range of Three Wheelers - Minidor - pick up and auto rickshaw. These vehicles were completely designed in house using their own modern Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing facilities. 

In 1997 the company conceived a technologically superior tractor the OX as a diversification and the OX 45 a 45 HP tractor was introduced. The tractor was designed using Transmission technology from ZF Germany technical assistance for engine from AVL Austria and hydraulics technology from Bosch. In the year 1999 the Excel range of stare of the art Light Commercial Vehicles was introduced. These vehicles with their superb ergonomics and superior aggregates represent the latest generation of LCVs in India that can carry payloads upto 4 tonnes. They also introduced a 35 HP version of the tractor the OX 35.

In the year 2000 Pithampur plant and their Mercedes Engine facilities received the prestigious ISO 9002 certification for quality systems. In the year 2003 the entire Akrudi plant and Pithampur plant were certified to ISO 9001:2000. The company signed a MoU with Punjab Tractors Ltd and Corporation Bank for financing Tractors. Also they launched Balwan range of tractors in the same year.In the year 2004 the company formed a new alliance with MAN world leader in engines and truck technologies.

This alliance enabled the company to produce trucks that have latest technology and possess highly reliable engines. In September 2004 they entered into a comprehensive Technological Agreement with ZF - the world leader in transmission technology. This agreement enabled the company to acquire both product and process technology. In June 2005 they entered into an agreement with MAN Nutzfahrzeuge to source technology for Heavy Duty Planetary Rear Axles.In April 2006 the company signed a joint venture agreement with MAN for manufacture and sale of heavy commercial vehicles. They established a new plant at Pithampur for manufacturing of heavy commercial vehicles.

In order to implement the joint venture project MAN Force Trucks Pvt Ltd a subsidiary company was formed during the year. As per the agreed arrangement MAN holds 30 per cent of the equity of this subsidiary company whereas 70 per cent of the equity was owned by the company.During the year 2006-07 the company transferred all assets liabilities and contracts including the technology and licenses arranged in respect of Heavy Commercial Vehicles Project to Man Force Trucks Pvt Ltd.

Technologies and Innovations

Force has always tried and excelled in giving the customers what they desire. The quality of each model is better than the older version. This can be seen in various examples of the traveler cars designed by the company. Force introduced the 35HP version of the tractor. This was a landmark point in the company’s strive towards technology and innovation. The technological innovations in the company starts from the plants where the vehicles are developed. The company comprises of trained officials and engineers who use the best of machines. The components and parts of the vehicle are assembled by using the technological advancements of the company.

The company has also developed engines for big automobile firms such as BMW and Audi. A completely new utility vehicle is also been designed by the company. They have highly invested in the manufacturing of an electric Traveller which will give the company its highest revenue growth. Force, which deals with the construction of travelling cars and utility SUV’s have invested highly in the electric motors project to reduce the effect of pollution and emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Force has a huge separate huge taskforce working on new innovations. It is tough to bring new and aspiring changes in the manufacturing of tractors and travelling cars. Further, the travellers already designed by the company serve as beautiful means of serving people. Force has introduced travellers which are compatible for long distance travelling and for carrying a number of passengers. The safety technology of the cars have been improved by the company overall.

The installation of new airbags, along with the emergency system improvement serve as valuable changes in the vehicle. Force Motors is gradually developing by using all the resources available. It is slowly creeping in the main market which will boost the overall revenues of the company. Force Motors should work and establish firm objectives in the field of innovations and technology.

Top Selling Models

Force has a wide variety of travelling cars and other utility SUV’s. The utility SUV’s have a price between 8.5-12 lakhs. The customer base covered by the company consists usually of travellers or tourists. The company has fixed its main purpose on creating a restricted amount of vehicles.

It should explore and should start producing more commercial cars for common use. This will expand the overall market of the company and will create brand loyalty among the customers. Nevertheless, vehicles which have been a great production are as follows:

• Force Gurkha Extreme

• Force One SUV EX

• Force One SUV LX 4x4

Build Quality

The build quality of the vehicles manufactured by the company are great. The overall structure is strong and corrosion free. The interior is built perfectly with huge development in safety features and system for the comfort of passengers. The travellers are big for accommodating a large number of passengers.

The major emphasis is laid on creating a strong vehicle with good material, along with good wheels, mirrors and an overall protective system for the passengers. The interior system of the vehicles are also well managed. Vehicles are spacious and have enough leg room for the passengers. The seating arrangement for the passengers are made keeping in mind the comfort factor. Further, high quality of technology is used inside the vehicle to increase accessibility to different materials.


Force was started with a motive of giving the passengers a great driving and travelling experience. It has clearly defined that motive and have worked for customer satisfaction and overall development of the society. The vehicles produced by the company are efficient and reliable. The company needs to use these strategies and develop new cars for the commercial use.

This will expand its market. Working on newer cars will definitely increase the growth and revenue of the company. Force should definitely consider this option and should start working towards development of cars for common people. It has the potential to do that and with strategic planning, it can grow and achieve much more.



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