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Customer Care Number: 1800 200 5065
Contact Email: [email protected]
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If you’re looking for eyewear, affordable, stylish and readily available from the comfort of your home, look no more. Specsmakers Opticians Pvt. Ltd. is an online store for a variety of eyewear, including eyeglasses, sunnies and contact lenses. It is the fastest growing optic store in South India. With a noticeable retail presence with over 100 stores and a fantastic online contribution, customers are now switching over to the online store. 

Specsmakers has an inventory full of attractive and sturdy frames. They have a solid mission to become India’s no. 1 optical wear retailers by providing the highest quality standards of services at an affordable rate to cater to everyone’s eye needs. Specsmakers provide prices that are absolutely transparent.

They go as far as giving free lenses on the certain frames bought. Customers love the unconditional warranty that’s provided to them. It is their USP that they have no conditions on their warranty replacements. You can easily find them in Bangalore, Chennai and Madurai and they hope to grow faster. 

Specsmakers provides various facilities like exciting offers and discounts. The customers love the variety on the website but they are a little upset about the quality of the product. Often, the product is different than the website. 


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Specsmakers Reviews

Frame broken

  • 2022-04-04 04:58:01
  • RATED 1
I bought reading glasses at your store in Chandra Layout, Bangalore a few months back, unfortunately, today morning when I opened the case, to my surprise I saw the frame holding the glasses is broken, could you please help me with a replacement of the frame, as it is very important for me to have it without which I'll not be able to work, thanks

Frame broken

  • 2022-04-04 04:58:01
  • RATED 1
I bought reading glasses at your store in Chandra Layout, Bangalore a few months back, unfortunately, today morning when I opened the case, to my surprise I saw the frame holding the glasses is broken, could you please help me with a replacement of the frame, as it is very important for me to have it without which I'll not be able to work, thanks

Fraud company

  • 2022-03-12 12:54:21
  • RATED 1
Fraud and cheat. Dont pay advance..they suggest to pay half of the advance but they take nearly two weeks to deliver that too with great struggle and fight

Delayed delivery worst consumer service...took advance and made more delay in delivery of specs ..behaving like goondas

  • 2022-03-12 12:47:47
  • RATED 1
Delayed delivery worst consumer service...took advance and made more delay in delivery of specs ..behaving like goondas

Worst quality ever I seen

  • 2022-01-28 05:08:50
  • RATED 1
I am using specs for last 20 years and I have so many lens and frames in lot of optical,evening local shop in my hometown. The quality of the specs which I bought in my town local shop is 1000 times better than the spec which I bought from here.i pay additional 200 rs for scratch resistant eventhough the glass get scratches more within two months.very very worst low whatever words have cheap quality.the not ready for replacement. Don't buy specs can buy better In local shop the quality will be too good.there is no zero rating that's why I give one star.

Really upset selected frame and received one different..

  • 2021-09-02 09:18:39
  • RATED 1
purchased for my father to gift bad experience ever received courier with different frame. also invoice and prescription was with my name which is wrong. Asked them to update with Father name but they told its not possible to change. Paid full amount by mistake, regretting badly for it.. Also received courier after 16 days of purchase. I need refund and want to return. Please do the needful. Thank you. Location : Saravanampatti, Coimbatore.

Fitting if the frame

  • 2021-07-13 16:56:15
  • RATED 5
I have purchased frames a couple of weeks ago, I have a problem in the fitting of the frames both the frames are crooked to left side. This is the mist common problem but the problem is didn't getting proper solution to it , I have contacted the show room regarding this problem but they are giving lame excuses like this may because of uneven level of ears or bone located in nose . So far I have used 3 frame and I didn't have any such problems but ai totally disappointed of my crooked frames .

Trust worthy , quality ,Valuable , Humble and Good Experienced Employees

  • 2021-07-10 07:21:23
  • RATED 5
Hi , As i recently Visited a store @bangalore ,Bashyam Circle , Really had an very good experience , Since the staffs followed very good covid-19 protocols and Helped us in choosing the right frames and lens , Explained us on the quality of Specs , Very Humble Well behaved and well mannered ,Store looks very neat and Clean . Very Worth it and valuable for the Money.. still i remember the Service they Gave us . ( mentioning there name too ) ( Rajesh and koteshwari) Thanks Specsmakers , Keep it UP...continue same in future too

FRAUD - Just Google and then take a decision

  • 2021-06-28 12:35:15
  • RATED 1
Before buying, just search in GOOGLE for reviews about the company. If you still dare to buy from them then here is my personal experience. I ordered online and they promised 4 days delivery. Even after 20 days there was no update or communication. Neither their website login feature, nor their contact phone number, nor WhatsApp number works and even email is hardly responded Why shall one go for such a company?

Not a Trustworthy & Dependable Company

  • 2021-06-16 20:33:56
  • RATED 1
Not only they are irresponsible but nonresponsive and stubborn. Most insincere and non cooperative. I have ordered on 04th june 21 but they did not comply with the order till date. Whenever asked on vague chat box about the tentatove delivery date only ans i got "will be informed over Mail / msg when it is ready". Never rely on them

Worst workers and specs too

  • 2021-03-17 12:13:55
  • RATED 1
Recently I purchased spectacles in one of your store in Bangalore Address of store - No 42 Bagalagunte, Hasserghata, next to Reliance Fresh, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073 The power they gave me was incorrect and I went to give it back as I wanted the specs urgently and asked for a refund (store credit) the store worker did not check it right away and told us she would send it to the laboratory. After 3-4 days they called me back and told me to collect it.I checked it they had changed the power once again. The store manager didn’t even know if the power is correct and they were asking me to check it. The manager behaved very negligently and did not refund in the form of store credit. [ as it should be in case of dispute ]

Order No - K085 -2021BO-0636

  • 2021-03-01 06:59:56
  • RATED 1
I went to Specsmakers, Kothanur, to change my daughter s frames. She is 13yrs and has a high vision. Her frame had cracked and so wanted to change the frames. The boy who mans the store helped choose a frame and said that the same lens could be fit. We collected the frames and my daughter wore the glasses, she developed a headache. Gave it a day but the headache worsened. So we went back to the Specsmakers. There, they denied any issues from their end. They suggested that we go and get her eyes checked at an Opthomologist since she was underage. We did so. We went to Mirley Eye Care at St.John's Church Road, Bharathi Nagar. At the Opthomologist clinic, we also checked the lens which we had got done at Specsmakers, Kothanur. It was found that the axis had been changed while fitting. So next, we made a trip back to Specsmakers. When this was pointed out, the technician said he would replace the lens with new lens , this time as per the new prescription from the Opthomologist. Four days later, on Feb 28, 2021, when we collected the specs with new lens, my daughter wore it. This time she started seeing double. When this was told to the shop, they denied any problems from their end. They completely denied any issue from their end saying - ' we have done as per your prescription". My question is - if things were done as per prescription, why would my daughter be seeing double? Next, I went back to the Opthomologist to check the issue with the new lenses fitted by Specsmakers, Kothanur. It was found that the centring on the lens for both eyes is incorrect. Also the axis for the left eye is changed. I am raising a complaint for issues : 1. For not coming forward to rectifying the problem faced. 2. For the service rendered to us. The number of trips we have been making for the past week. 3. For causing headache and nausea - health issues for my daughter, who is 13years old. 4. She is using old glasses which is hampering her day to day activities. Pls find attached, the order no and the new prescription from Mirley Eye Care. Pls let me know if this issue will get rectified at the earliest or if we have to take action by other means.

Order no T027-2021BO-0564/10.02.21

  • 2021-02-19 06:01:06
  • RATED 1
We purchased specs from your Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai 600004, branch 2 pairs for ₹6xxx/- We paid ₹3500/- as advance, delivery in 4days. When we went for delivery on 16th Feb only one pair of spec was ready and we took delivery since we had to leave to Mumbai via shirdi the next day. Today, 19th Feb, my wife received a call from your staff informing that the balance order of one pair is ready and asked for balance payment. She replied that she is out of station and will collect the same on making the balance payment. Your staff very rudely, using unparlimentary language demanded payment in spite of being told that we are not in station and will make the payment at the time of delivery. We fail to understand the logic of insisting balance payment when delivery is not complete that too solely due to your default in delivery. We intend to proceed further for the misbehaviour of your staff.


  • 2021-02-17 14:20:50
  • RATED 1
No proper response from the basaweshwarnagar outlet. I ordered my spectacles on 10 Feb and till now no response. Very Worst Service and not receiving Phone calls.


  • 2020-11-03 16:56:05
  • RATED 1
This is Raghuraman here. I am working as Scientific Officer in the Department of Atomic Energy. I had been to your shop in Old Mahabalipuram Road for purchasing spectacles. The phone number of the shop is 04445064195. Mr. Karthik is the name of the person who has dealt with me. I wanted to buy a spectacles for Rupees 25,000 (Twenty Five thousand) I asked Mr. Karthik In Lenkart we have 1+1 offer and do you have any such offers.? In response Mr. Karthik Said that if you buy a spectacles for Rs 25,000 then after December 2020 you can buy one more spectacles for the same amount. I asked him whether I need to pay anything excess. For that he said “NO” . He told me you do not have to pay anything extra and you can buy another spectacles for Rs 25000. Based on his assurance I paid Rs 13000 advance on 27th Oct 2020. Today I had been to the shop for paying the balance amount and collecting the spectacles. Now he is telling that if you want to buy one more spectacles you have to pay double the amount. (i.e. if you buy spectacles for Rs 40000 then you can get Rs 20,000 discount). I scolded him and said that you should have told on the day when I came for paying advance. I asked him when I asked you whether I need to pay anything excess you said “NO” and today why you are telling like this? He is not able to tell the clear answer for that and started talking irrelevant things. Because of his mistake I lost Rs 1300. You please instruct him to pay the money back or give me one more spectacles for the amount at which I purchased the spectacles and recover the money from his salary. Employees like Mr. Karthik spoil the reputation of your esteemed organization and must be severely punished without mercy. On the very first day he could have told this is the scheme if you want you buy. Things are as simple as that. Instead what is the need for him to tell a lie and cheat ? I did not expect this sort of cheating tendency from an esteemed organization like specsmakers. I request you to go through this and adhere to the commitments that have been made by Mr. Karthik. I will buy One more spectacles in December 2020 for Rs 20000 (Twenty Thousand) without paying any excess amount. Mr. Karthi has changed his version and said that if I buy for Rs 40000 then I can save Rs 20000 which is contradictory to his earlier statement. Please do not buy from them because they are cheaters

Worst delivery service

  • 2020-09-12 04:56:50
  • RATED 1
I have Purchased Two specs Buy one Get one Offer, but I received only One Specs, Store is in Near Vijay Nagar Police Station Beside BATA Showroom. I Have Purchased This Specs In the month of March till now I didn't Get That Specs This is the Way The Specs Makers Makes Publi Fraud Please Don't Believe There Service But Quality Is Good. hope This Review Helps Some One before Purchasing based On there employees Work Culture. Thank you.

Worst experience with specs makers

  • 2020-09-08 15:00:33
  • RATED 1
have bought glass in specs makers in Chennai Ayanavaram branch... In one year my lens colour was got changed and power was alo got reduced. I approached the branch but their no proper response from then. Can I have the replacement for my glass My registered mobile no: 9842542175

No response

  • 2020-07-20 12:24:05
  • RATED 1
I bought new specs on last month. The specs does not seated in my nose. I complaint to Mylapore shop executive. He does not repaired for my specs.


  • 2020-06-15 09:04:21
  • RATED 1
Since they had an offer for Rs.1800/ for reading glass but they convinced me to buy progressive lens costed Rs. 6,000 plus. I ordered & paid 50% advance. They made followup calls inspite COVID time, I paid balance 50% & wore the specs, was shocked! I could not read, the letters were merging. They kept the specs with them for 10 days & refused to do anything but asked me to now buy a new frame. Utter waste of time, money, energy & trust. PLEASE CLOSE YOUR COMPANY!

No commitment towards the promise

  • 2020-05-09 06:36:24
  • RATED 1
Vworst response ever got from somebody after taking the orders.Made full payment...order was placed almost 12 days back.

Specs Frame Quality was Poor

  • 2020-03-03 05:28:45
  • RATED 1
If you want to Buy any Frames Don't prefer Specsmaker,Such a worst service and Product Quality was Very Very Poor.I bought a Frame worth Rs.2000 but within 10 days Frame was Damaged and for replacement am following with the Local store(Salem) for last 10 days such a casual and Lethargic Response still My damaged Frame was Not Replaced

Low quality & very costly & poor service

  • 2020-01-03 05:08:16
  • RATED 1
I using glasses for almost 20 years mostly from local shops but last five years l am a lenskart user they are bit costly but worth it with their offers this time I tried with specsmakers very bad experience they are very costly and with in 10 days one side lens broken in half yeah it was my mistake but I have been using glasses for so long it was not that much stress for lens. To broken in half like that I went back to the shop explain myself I was not looking for any warranty or anything just ask them to change only the broken lens I bought the specs for 4.5K they said I have to change both Len's for 2K this is bullshit I asked them either they can change on lens for Rs.1000 are I don't want any they said have to consult with management and took the glasses after a week or so I got it back even the first time delivery was late to after all this hassle I got the specs for around 5.5K and the lens broke again in less than a month wowww I just through the glasses in a box and left never wanna go to that shop again very bad experience

Providing Wrong Lenses and refused to change it

  • 2019-12-14 13:14:03
  • RATED 1
We have purchased two specs with frame and lenses at chrompet branch last month, they have checked the eye test and provided the specs in that one specs is okay and another one lens they have not kept in center area. If we view in the bottom of the lens i can able to read but they didn't keep it in center area. We have gone to the shop they are not at all responding and asking us to adjust and view it. Its not a responsible reply they why we brought spec i don't know. if i ask further questions to them they are saying complain to anyone. So please provide a correct lens or return the money.

Worst in Quantity!

  • 2019-12-07 07:47:39
  • RATED 1
I made one specs in specs makers but quality is worst, I m getting eye strain and headache if i am using the spect , never ever go to specs makers . I suffered like hell by using their specs

specsmakers are thieves!!!

  • 2019-10-22 05:23:01
  • RATED 1
i bought glasses from specsmakers gowriwakkam. i had gone for a high quality glass that didn't suit my eyes. i downgraded to the former level glass which was 600 rupees cheap. specsmakers made the glass change quite happily but never made the refund payment. the worst customer care service i have ever come across. no one is listening to my queries. they simply to sob the customers.


  • 2019-09-25 08:39:19
  • RATED 1
Cheaters, I 've ordered for 1 pair contact lens and 1 pair spec for 3K... But gave 2 pair specs and saying 1+1 offer... I 've paid money only for lens n specs but saying that I 've ordered for 2 specs... At last they cheated my money


  • 2019-08-09 11:32:09
  • RATED 1
Don't be fooled by there offers like BUY ONE GET ONE . Very expensive and rude sales persons

frame problem - Do not choose Specsmakers if you value your money

  • 2019-07-26 08:10:51
  • RATED 2
I bought two frames with lenses on 9.9.2018 for me and my son. With in a month My son's frame broken in center of the nose bridge. I visited Coimbatore TATABAD showroom and given the complaint, they change the frame. This repeat 4 times. Every time they change the frame, but in the fitting part your technical guy fit the tightly. so that it happen, i esquire with the same in Titan also. Fist week of this month also the same happen and saw the crack in the left side glass side, but it not broken. i visited your showroom and given the complaint to Kausalya and Rajesh on 5th July 2019. Still now i am not getting proper reply from them. Rajesh not picking my call. Please let me know what should i Do otherwise can i go to Consumer court. please reply and waiting for your favorable reply.

Beware and secure your money

  • 2019-06-19 10:37:21
  • RATED 1
Hi All, it is utter waste to review the Specsmakers, under this site, See does they cared any of our reviews. This shows the real intention of these people. They never care at all. Also we people are going into the same shops even though there are negative reviews. The Quality service and value for our money to be considered. The whole public should boycott them then only we will get the valued products for the money we spent. otherwise we need to get only a glass which is like the specs useful only for few weeks. Don't go to them. Final suggestion to all of you who are reading this review. Don't fall into the false advertisements. They are giving very cheapest worthless products to us. Beware and secure your money.

Do not choose Specsmakers if you value your money

  • 2019-06-19 10:27:25
  • RATED 1
HI All, please go thoroughly the reviews provided on Specsmakers then decide is that worth to buy. Don't get cheated by this people on the Advertisements provided as 50% and 2 pairs at 750/= etc., The reason behind this review is i bought specs worth 6500+ two sets but the lens coating is very bad it creates scratch like impression even if we wipe using the cloth they provided. Have raised sivere complaint then they changed that lens since it happened in 3 days. but again the same lens got the same impression. Then i noticed they are issuing the lenses to a cheap vendor so the quality is to the level which they advertise. So don't fall in with Specsmakers instead go to the local vendor shops you see who are good enough serving for long years. They will give you a good quality products even if the price is little high. Atleast we can have the specs for years instead of throwing it in a week. Hope you all understand. Now i ordered from my known shop optician and got a good quality which is a bit high only not much compared to Specsmakers and durability is good. Dont go to these cheap advertisement guys.


Biggest Fraudster Company - Specsmaker

  • 2019-06-09 07:55:18
  • RATED 1
Never ever please go to specsmaker stores. They are the biggest fraud company. I had purchased 2 specs worth 4K and within an hour I asked them to cancel the order by seeing the other people review. They haven't provided any hard copy bill nor through email. I just got only order confirmation message to my number. I immediately called customer care support and their response was rude. They said that I can cancel the order but they won't refund my money. Even they asked me to file the Police complaint, that they don't care. These people are mannerless, cheap and fraudsters. They don't even deserve a single star. I think even the CEO is involved in the scam and they are expecting to be number one in the specs making industry. F***k these people.

Worst specs makers

  • 2019-05-19 05:23:29
  • RATED 1
They smile until they suck your money and give sarcastical replies. They gave wrong lenses which made me impossible to read n write , when went back , I was said to get practised to that lenses rather than changing it. I took them to other opthalmologist along with me n proved wrong but still they were on their words that they are correct. During all this convo, I called their manager who said " it's your wrong decision to choose specsmakers" and same was reprared by them . Sarcastic words , bad behavior , no respect. I reprnt going to them n would be er again go. It's worser than worst

Bad customer service bad quality of specs in the name sake they are providing free specs ..specs are not worth of cost indirectly they collect money from customer like memership

  • 2019-05-11 07:45:23
  • RATED 1
Bad customer service bad quality of specs in the name sake they are providing free specs ..specs are not worth of cost ..indirectly they collect money from customer like can buy specs from other shop which provide specs in good cost ..for name sake they r providing free all are same oly if u buy ur specs in other shop after buying store man change his word bad behaviour towRds customer after geting his money

Why 799 advertisement

  • 2019-05-05 00:39:33
  • RATED 1
Very bad experience in specsmakers they have taken INR 1335.00, Prashant the so called executive speaking rudely with customers and he is not ready u listen customers query very bad behaviour towards customer. Why 799 advertising when u cannot give it for the same price.

NO REPLY for my Complaint......Worst behavior , Worst customer care...from Specmakers .Mohan.

  • 2019-05-02 10:14:18
  • RATED 1
Immediate reply needed.... from specsmakers Immediate reply needed.... from specsmakers Immediate reply needed.... from specsmakers Immediate reply needed.... from specsmakers

The worst experience

  • 2019-04-23 00:33:04
  • RATED 1
The worst experience I never had in the stores like specsmaker .I have ordered the specs 10 days back still not delivery, Shipping, service and support is zero % I called the toll free number more than the times the reply is thank you for calling specs makers all the executives are busy at the moment your call will be attended shortly kindly stay on the line.don't know with what your busy. the worst service .Rating is zero kindly shutdown your shops

Order No: T035-1819BO-1007 dated:23/03/2019

  • 2019-04-21 09:40:14
  • RATED 5
I have given order for Progressive-90040000-EVA LENSES_1.5_LITE_ADDON_SRC along with FRAMES METAL 90040000 SPECSMAKERS_ANF30222_HALF FRAME for an amount ₹2231.00 at Poonamallee Chennai (GSTIN:33AAPCS6371Q1ZH) Outlet. I was shocked that only one piece has been given when I went to receive my order which was buy one get one free offer, The Executive said the offer was no longer and I am not eligible, but your have advertised the offer for the entire March month. I hereby request you to help me to get my free offer. Mohan 9841605589

Horrible Customer Service

  • 2019-04-13 22:51:39
  • RATED 1
Order no k002-1920bo-0050 I placed the above order in your jaynagar Bangalore store on 8-04-2019 and before placing the order I informed the lady who took the advance of rs3000 that I need my GST no in the bill for my order and she said it will be given on the day if the delivery. Today I went to collect my order and a guy in the store says that billing already done and it is not possible to give the bill with my gst no and details. On insisting that I need the gst bill he rudely said that it was my duty to give the gst details before placing the order and now it is not possible. Kindly refund my advance amount of rs3000 and shut down your shop since your store in charge has no clue of customer service. Sushil Kumar 9844522334

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