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Etsy is my favorite online market to find millions of unique items from small shops around the world. Everything on the site is handmade, vintage, or custom. The website helps creative people launch a small business from home. All of the design, e-commerce, and marketing assistance is built into the platform. It helps people with non-traditional jobs make ends meet and provides an outlet for artisans around the world to share their wares.

Like a vast warehouse full of unique, funky items

If Etsy were a marketplace in real life, it would be huge. I imagine it with wide aisles full of amazing finds from around the world. It’s like the world’s best juried upscale arts and crafts show with a universe of interesting items. Even better, the website makes it easy to find intriguing gifts that you don’t have to carry home.

Things you won’t see in regular stores

Makers around the world handmake unique and creative goods in their living rooms and garages, but you’d never see them if it weren’t for a platform like Etsy. There are so many items available you would get lost in a real market, but Etsy has a whole team of style editors who create a curated selection to help you find unexpected treasures. When I need a gift you won’t see anywhere else, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures, Etsy is the first place I go.  

It promotes sustainability

With the consequences of climate change bearing down on us, it’s more important than ever for us to purchase responsibly. Buying and selling upcycled items is much more eco-friendly than purchasing new, so you don’t have to feel guilty about buying something whimsical. Etsy also provides a platform for people to make a living wage in industrial nations, helping protect their natural resources and contribute to the local economy.

What makes the site unique is the human connection

One of my favorite things about shopping is that I get a peek into the inspiration behind the items. You actually get a chance to connect with other buyers and sellers and learn how they came up with an idea or what they enjoy doing. Whether it’s a story about the providence of an item, or how the person discovered their particular crafting skill, Etsy is more than just a place to purchase something. For me, Etsy has a human connection you won’t find anywhere else, almost like visiting the maker’s workshop to hear their story.

My experience with Etsy has always been positive

The last thing I bought was a design made by an artist who works with vinyl cutters for the top of my oldest child’s graduation cap. It’s been trendy for the past few years to add some bling or a message to the flat square board on top of the hat. While I was browsing, I also found party supplies and favors for the graduation party.

The beauty of art with the security of buyer protection


Makers enjoy creating something imaginative; they don’t crave mastering technology and finding buyers. I like being able to buy things from small vendors without worrying about whether their website has the latest in technology and offers secure transactions. That’s where Etsy really knocks it out of the park. The website provides a turnkey business so an artist can turn their imagination into a successful global business without ever leaving their workshop. With built-in commerce functionality, accurate reviews, and firm policies, Etsy takes the pain out of making money from art.

Description about company:

Etsy was founded in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York in June 2005 to fill the need for an online community where crafters, artists as well as makers could sell their handmade and vintage goods and craft supplies.

In the spirit of handmade, founder Rob Kalin along with the two friends created the first website, wrote the code, assembled the servers and spliced the cables to get Etsy ready to go.

In 2008, Chad Dickerson became a member of Etsy as its first CTO, and developed the company’s foundational engineering culture, treating “Code as Craft”. Chad became CEO in 2011 and started championing the “reimagination of commerce,” a transformation of each and every aspect of how goods are made, bought and sold.

Under Chad's leadership, the website that began in an apartment in Brooklyn has developed into an advanced technology platform that connects Etsy buyers and sellers across borders, languages and devices, an organization that covers the world and a business that is dedicated to creating lasting change in the world.

Within their markets, millions of people worldwide connect, both offline and online, to make, sell and buy unique goods. They also provide a broad range of Seller Services and tools which help innovative entrepreneurs begin, manage and scale their businesses. Their objective is to Keep Commerce Human.

Etsy’s mission is to reimagine business in such a way that develops a more satisfying and enduring world. As a Certified B Corporation, they see their social, environmental and business goals as inseparable. 


 They don’t only reuse and compost in every office; they understand exactly how much their trash weighs and they bike their compost to community farms on a weekly basis. They provide entrepreneurial education for artisans looking for new strategies to support themselves as well as their families. They give their employees five days a year to spend volunteering within their communities.

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this is very good product i hope you visit this and enjoy another good product

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