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Before we begin, I'd like to ask you something. Apart from work, what is it that takes most of your time? I bet you thought about social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; either that or sleeping (or pooping). We live in the 21st century and here we have the whole world at our fingertips and also have the power to become renowned throughout the world; and that has made us become addicted to it. But hey! At least something good can come out of it especially if you own a business.  

Today on the Internet, there are over millions of posts even 60 seconds, and the struggle to gain fame is way harder than one expects it to be. No matter how good your content is, you'll still find yourself getting handfuls of "Likes" and "Comments" for a while. After you get fed up with that and look up ways to boost your followers; you come across certain points. 

  • making sure you're actively posting and actively involved. 
  • Taking help from the influencers to promote your brand profile. 
  • Better than everything, Buying Likes, Followers, and Comments. 

The first two most definitely won't satisfy you as they take a long time but buying followers and likes, that is instant. But why do you have to buy Instagram Followers and Likes? The answer is quite simple– The Whole Social Media works on likes and followers, the more likes and followers you have, the more your profile will gain limelight. 

Buying likes is also a similar concept to throwing pebbles in a pond– if you throw a small pebble, it'll create small ripples but if you throw a big one, it'll create bigger ripples for you. The best possible way I think is buying followers in small amounts every other week because if you throw plenty of pebbles one by one, your ripples will last longer (Well that was some Zen stuff right there).

As you already know, today's world is quite dark… so there are thousands of scammer sites out there and you have to go through them to find the genuine ones; that obviously is a difficult task. But as someone who has gone through plenty of scams, I can and want to give you the safest option/ place to buy genuine likes and followers for your social media accounts. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Venium, the best possible place to buy Followers, Likes, Views, and Subscriptions for the major 4 social media platforms. Now you might ask; The heck is Venium? What does it have? Is it safe? All of those questions will be answered in a while so hang on. 

What is Venium?

Venuim was founded in 2001 and as you might already know, Venium is a site (and app) where you can "buy" Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter likes and followers. It is one of the best sites whose sole purpose is to help you boost your business and to gain limelight.

What does Venium offer? 

Venuim has one of the top-notch services when it comes to providing social media services. You already know that it offers services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; now we'll see what exactly those services are (prices and stuff) 

  • Instagram- For Instagram Venium provides Followers packs, Likes packs, and Comments packs. Obviously, you have to pay for them but they're crazy cheap, especially the comments "starter" pack which costs $1.99!  You can also choose whether you want to target your locality or the entire globe! 


  • YouTube- YouTube is the place where a having high number of subscribers is a must but if you can't see to achieve your desired number although you have incredible content then Venium it is. Venuim provides you YouTube Views packs, Subscriptions, and Likes packs; these packs are slightly costly ($ 7.99 for 1k views.) but it won't empty your wallet. Btw! The YouTube views pack is totally monetizable. 


  • Facebook- The biggest and most used social media platform throughout the world, it also shelters thousands of business in it, why? Because it one of the most used apps (duh!) If you want to sell a product, Facebook is where you first head to and Venium knows this (so does everyone) which is why Venium offers Likes packs and likes on photos/videos packs (I know there's not much difference). These packs are quite cheap too but not as cheap as the Instagram starters pack. 


  • Twitter- Marketing on Twitter! Bet you didn't know that or how to do that. But if you do know then you also know how much value it holds. Venium helps you reach the Twitter hall of fame and boost your fame. Venuim offers Twitter Followers pack, Likes pack, and Retweet packs. 


Now that you know about the basic services, you need to know their advanced services. These services include Sponsered Placements, Promotion your accounts, 24/7 customer support. They also prove "Monthly SEO" packs that are quite costly but for bloggers like myself, they're a blessing. 

Is it Safe? 

Yes! Venuim has been personally tested and is completely safe, in-fact, it is safer than your lover. With Venium there won't be any chances of receiving a ban for fake likes either. As they provide 100% genuine likes/followers/views. 


I've mentioned that for a Blogger this site is a blessing but it is a blessing for every social media marketer and people who wish to gain fame. I am a successful Author, Blogger, and a Cook. I used to be a one-off Vlogger due to not receiving many likes, followers, and subscribers. That happened for nearly a year before I decide to stop waiting and decided to buy stuff. I was looking around when a close friend suggested me Venium.

I had doubts but as he cleared them I readily brought it. I received my pack within a day, after that I brought bigger packs and was impressed to know that they have something like adding a small number of followers each day. I once tried another site but I received a week's worth ban, so I stuck to Venium.

Ain't asking to trust me, but if you want social media growth, then Venium it.

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Venium Reviews



  • 2021-11-30 15:50:09
  • RATED 1
Total SCAM site. Please please dont fall for any positive reviews. They'll make you add money to the account and seemingly allow you to place orders for services. And then, the order gets auto cancelled, money is added back to the wallet. Nice!! And that's it. You can play this game for as long as you want. You might get lucky to get an email reply, after that poof!! Please dont add any money without going through all the reviews here.

good provider

  • 2020-12-07 21:31:26
  • RATED 5
fast services, good quality bought youtube views and likes Will buy more soon, Thank you for the recommendation


  • 2020-11-25 01:51:59
  • RATED 1
This company cheats peoples money?? When the service is not provided - NO REFUND is given, no replies. AVOID scammers , scammers. please dont fall for fake reviews . they are scammers. cheaters. is venomous

  • 2020-11-20 16:16:10
  • RATED 1
This company cheats you out of a ton of money but having you deposit odd amounts in your account and insists on minimum deposits of $100USD and then charges you $109 for a service and then requires another deposit of $100USD to cover the remainder. When the service is not provided - NO REFUND is given. AVOID VENIUM LIKE THE PLAGUE Now in a legal battle to get my money back. It's a matter of principle with a scammer like this.

fast delivery youtube views

  • 2020-09-26 22:43:25
  • RATED 5
good services with fast delivery and easy to track orders, recommended, also best provider for youtube views


  • 2020-08-14 11:11:18
  • RATED 5
bought 1000 twitter followers, all delivered, good service will be back for me thanks


  • 2020-08-11 22:10:29
  • RATED 5
ordered 1000 followers, got about 1300 followers, loved they all came from USA and UK not from asian countries, so overall they are great. would buy again from them. thxx

YouTube Views

  • 2020-08-11 11:49:58
  • RATED 5
Purchased 5000 youtube views, 100 likes and 1000 subscribers, all were delivered and fast, high quality and long watch time, Very recommended Thank you


  • 2020-07-16 21:56:05
  • RATED 5
Nice services, Good service......... Thanks

Quick Response & Expected Quality

  • 2020-07-15 10:47:31
  • RATED 5
Ordered YouTube Subscribers for my channel..Got it on time and the quality of Subs are amazing...

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