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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and most popular social media platform. Every day millions of people use it for communication and other various activities.

So, it is evident why anyone aiming to grow their brand or business via social media marketing is flocking to Instagram. This is where you can find potential customers and if you get lots of followers you can easily market your products to intended customers.

What is Stormlikes?

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Stormlikes is a popular Instagram marketing tool that allows you to increase your followers and get likes and comments on your picture. The process is pretty simple wherein you need to pay for any of the above services and it will boost your profile status. As mentioned above you can use Instagram as a marketing platform.

For, this you obviously need lots of audiences so that you can effectively go your business bigger and attract other followers. But as mentioned above you need good quality followers in multitude and this is where Stormlikes comes in. They allow you to buy real Instagram followers, Instagram likes & Instagram views, etc.

The visibility of your brand or company and even your own self (if you are a model)  will increase. This will help drive new customers to your account and thus you will have a steady growth. If you have lots of followers it will seem to potential customers that your brand is very good and you have a large community of people who trust your product.

Features of Stormlikes

As mentioned above Stormlikes is a tool that is used to grow your influence on Instagram to become a social influencer or just to market your brand or business on the platform. Stormlikes is a very user-friendly tool that deals in customer satisfaction which is why they have some very standard and essential features that come with the tool.

  • Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Look, you won't be happy if you have just bought a 1000 followers and see the effects in a day or two. Because in many cases you are trying to promote or market something on the platform and you need instant followers or likes to make sure your post stays popular and people get to see it. It won't be of much use if the delivery of followers or likes is not instant.

Stormlikes guarantees instant delivery. You just select the package you need and set up a payment method. Once you pay the relevant price and your payment gets approved you will instantly start to see the effect. The follower count will start increasing instantly and thus makes the tool very efficient and effective.

  • Good Followers

Good Followers

It does not only matter that you have hundreds of thousands of followers. The followers that you have should be high-quality followers otherwise the gain is futile. Thus Stormlikes guarantees that you only get the good quality followers for the price you paid. They claim to be the provider of some of the highest quality followers in the market and provide this service with a 100% guarantee.

  • Good Customer Support

Good Customer Support

This is one of the prime features of any tool out there because in today's world multiple people are using any tool. So, there's a high chance that something unfortunate likes crashes and other stuff might happen. This can be very frustrating. On top of it if the customer care personnel are not supportive or are not available then things reach a whole new annoying level.

So, it is very important to have good customer support so that the customers feel wanted and can get their grievances settles. Stormlikes provide 24 hours live chat support all seven days of the week and thus any kind of complaints or confusion can be lodged or solved.

The Services Provided by Stormlikes

The four types of services that are being provided by Stormlikes for Instagram marketing are:

  • Buying Followers 

This is one of the biggest and most popular services provided by Stormlikes. It means that you can choose to buy a certain number of followers depending on the package to boost your Instagram cred. Look, social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business, product, or brand online and as mentioned above Instagram is one of the best places to do it.

So, if you have lots of followers your influence will be bigger. When you are just starting out, the task of increasing the followers can be a challenge and can be very demanding. So, you can help yourself by buying followers using this service of Stormlikes and slowly more followers will start coming organically.

  • Buying Likes 

Buying likes can mean a lot of recognition in today's online world. Some social media platforms like Instagram do consider likes in their algorithm to show your post on the explore page.

Also, if you have a good number of likes on your post it can positively affect the mentality of your potential buyers as it will make you seem more legit provided you are not going to cheat them and are promoting honest work.

  • Buying Views

This is kind of similar to buying likes for your image posts. On Instagram, you can posts videos too and the number of views on your video wi determines its popularity. If you properly hashtag your videos you can get more views.

Additionally, many people will think more positively about your business or brand if you post regular videos that have lots of views. But you have to promote honest work.

  • Buying Automatic Likes

Buying Automatic Likes on Stormlikes will result in a much more detailed service. Sure it is pricey but you get likes from good quality users and can target specific audiences based on their gender and geographic location.

It supports up to four new posts per day and is features automatic and quick delivery. You will get endless benefits as it is much more quickly and you can boost your overall account rather than a single post.



The following section deals with the pricing of the various service mentioned above.

Buying Instagram Followers

There are three different packages that you can choose from while buying followers for your Instagram account from Stormlikes.

  • For 100 followers you have to pay $2.99.
  • For 500 followers you have to pay $6.99.
  • For 1000 followers the price is $12 99.

Out of this, the most popular is the second package. You can make your custom package too.

Buying Instagram Likes

To buy Instagram likes you can choose from the following three options to choose from.

  • For a total of 100 likes, you have to pay $2.99.
  • For 599 likes the price is $6.99.
  • The package to bug 1000 likes is priced at $11.99.

You can also create your own custom package if you so wish.

Buying Instagram Views

  • The three default package options that we get for Instagram views are:
  • For a total of 500 views, you have to pay $1.99.
  • If you want 1000 views on your video then the package costs $2.99.
  • For 5000 vies the price is $7.99.

You can again choose to create your own custom package if the default ones are not suitable.

Buying Automatic Likes

This is the costliest service that Stormlikes provide. There are again three default packages to choose from.

  • To get 50 likes per post the customer has to pay $15.99.
  • If you want to boost your account by 100 likes per post then the package price is $24.99.
  • The last default package providing 250 likes per post is priced at $33.99.

If the default packages are not enough there is always an option to create your custom package.

Is Stormlikes Safe?

Is Stormlikes Safe

This might be the lingering question that is on your mind. I mean, of course, the services are good and if you have a nice budget you can grow your audience on Instagram. But if using this tool is not safe then it is better not to approach it, right? But don't worry Storm likes tries it's best to be safe and not cause users any harassment.

They stick to the terms and conditions and other guidelines of Instagram so that customers don't face unwanted problems. Also, Storm likes does not need your password. You just need to provide a username and keep your account public during the promotion period.

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