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"The Internet" as we call it was invented in 1983, and as of this year 2020 it has been around for approximately 37 years. You might wonder why exactly I'm telling you that– It's simply to enlighten and remind you that the stone age ended 37 years ago.

Sure, you can laugh at that but can you imagine living without the Internet? I'm willing to bet that you can't. Anyways, the Internet is the best goddamn (pardon my french) thing ever invented by us naked monkeys and it has become a crucial part of our lives. The Internet has enabled us to make calls across the world with-in a few seconds instead of waiting for days. With the Internet, we can send emails/ messages and get responses with-in minutes (unless the other person is lazy). 

With the Internet, we can even purchase things that would be too embarrassing to purchase at supermarkets (like that 14'inch something you brought the other day Sharon). The Internet had a couple of impressive kids and they made our lives even better, these kids were called Social Media. These kids are so good that we spend most of our time on those; we use social media to communicate, to gain information, to get recommendations, to post memes, to post them ugly selfies, and to market our brand. Basically, we're addicted to it and we're even more addicted to those likes and shares. 

Social Media has enabled people with talent to gain fame, it has also helped firms become renowned and sell their brand too easily but currently, there are over a trillion ads, posts, and videos on social media sites which makes it quite different to achieve that fame you dreamt of achieving. When you don't do good on social media as you rightfully deserve, it can be painful (trust me on that) but you still keep pushing. Then you come across those scammers who tactfully entice you in their fake promises to help you gain fame but give you nothing and take everything from you… 

In this review, I'm going to give you an honest review of an incredible site where you can "buy" likes and followers which will help you gain traction you so rightfully deserve. Before I found this site, I had a great time with being scammed and nearly thought this site (Krootez) as a scam… but my desperation got the better of me and I bought a small likes pack from them. And Woah! I had instantaneous delivery of what I purchased, it was so reliving and so exhilarating…

Now most obviously, you might wonder what exactly is Krootez, what does it offer? Is it really safe or worth it? 

What is Krootez? What does it offer? 

Krootez is one of the top-rated sellers that provide 100% real and active Instagram likes and followers. Thousands of users buy likes and followers from Krootez each day to securely boost their businesses and personal blogs. 

Krootez offers its services mostly for Instagram considering it's the second most used platform for Digital marketing and personal blogs. Krootez offers services like–

  • Instagram (real) followers
  • Instagram (Active) followers
  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram views

Of course! You have to pay to receive their services but I think it's totally worth it if you're serious about improving your digital image. Unlike many others, Krootez offers pretty affordable packages; their cheapest package starts at $ 3.99 (20 followers) while the biggest is at $ 139.99 (10000 followers). Their "likes" packages are similar albeit cheaper and the same applies for "Views" packages. 

Is Krootez Safe? 

Nope, it's not. Just Kidding, I wouldn't be writing this if it was a scam. It is 100% safe and genuine. From my personal experience, whenever you buy likes and followers, there's a high probability of receiving bots and spam likes and followers but with Krootez, you only get the real and active stuff. 

Krootez also offers 24/7 real human support to answer your doubts and to clear your problems. Also in case you don't find their services satisfactory, you also ask for a full refund. The most interesting thing about Krootez might be it's custom packages; in case you can't find any package that suits your tastes then all you have to do is simply contact the customer service and tell them about your requirements; they quickly and efficiently tailor your custom package and deliver it according to your requests. Krootez also offers personalized support and free refills in case Instagram clears your likes, and that is what sets them apart. 

Usually, you get instantaneous delivery but there are times when you have to wait for over 24 to 48 hours but don't panic they won't scam you and you can always contact their personalized support. 

The Review

As a Blogger, I found it too hard to get enough acknowledgment even though I had great content (both written and visual). Once I had my content stolen and the guy who stole it simply tinkered with it and posted it on his site, he received more followers than I did. I reported it but instead of removing content from his profile, they removed it from mine… 

After that, I looked up how to stay safe from being scammed and started watermarking my posts, but I still didn't get enough views or likes. Then I stumbled across my first scammer who offered me likes and followers for free. I handed him my password (biggest error) and lost my account… 

After careful research, I came across Krootez, I was doubtful but as they didn't ask for any passwords, I gave it a shot. I was so happy when instantly received the small likes package I purchased (I've mentioned this earlier). Since then I've gained enough online presence and now I have more followers and likes than the guy who stole my blog. 

Sure there might be other better sites but I'd play it safe and stick to Krootez. 

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