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Didnt help me in any way

  • 2021-10-16 06:38:30
  • RATED 1
I was initially very excited about the service and purchased quite a large amount of likes for my new account. Two months later, I am sad to say that most of them have disappeared and I am getting very few likes on my new posts. There was no point of this in the end.

A bunch of scammers!

  • 2021-10-16 06:37:40
  • RATED 1
The views that I ordered were not delivered. The website states that they will be delivered within 3 days, but after 3 days, I still hadn't received any views. I've emailed the company multiple times, but they never responded back. This is a straightup scam.

Havent received a single view yet

  • 2021-10-16 06:36:47
  • RATED 1
4 days since my order and my views are still at 0. This is ridiculous, I have contacted the support team several times and they just won't respond to be! I have sent them screenshots of my stats showing that I have not received any views. If you are looking for a place to buy Instagram views, don't buy from here!!.

I’m just very sad

  • 2021-10-16 06:36:00
  • RATED 1
I am very sad and I don't know what to do. I ordered followers and views but nothing rrived. I already contacted them many times. I even sent them my order number and they said that they will check it out soon but nothing happened since then. They dont even reply anymore.

Just want my money man

  • 2021-10-16 06:34:56
  • RATED 1
I ordered 500 views for my Instagram account and got absolutely nothing. I contacted the support staff several times and they were completely ignoring my inquiries. My money is gone! Absolutely not recommended! I just want my money back now nothing else.

Dont give them your money

  • 2021-10-16 06:34:02
  • RATED 1
I hope you've listened to the warnings of online reviews and not given these scammers your hard earned money. It's sad that someone can build something so easy for people to use, then turn around and steal from them.

They deserve 0 stars!

  • 2021-10-16 06:33:08
  • RATED 1
The only reason I didn't give 0 stars was because they at least sent me a quick response for my initial inquiry before I purchased. Once I paid though, it became evident that they do not care about their Users or their well being. They don't even have the decency to let you know when and if your order is even going to be completed.

Wish I never bought from here

  • 2021-10-16 06:26:46
  • RATED 1
I really wish I had read all the reviews before ordering from this site. I ordered 25000 views on my instagram about a month ago and have still not received any of them. I have emailed them multiple times and have gotten no response. This is a complete scam and they have ripped me off for $25.

Completely ripped me off

  • 2021-10-16 06:24:19
  • RATED 1
I'm here to say that this is a complete scam. I've ordered 500 views on my Insta and it's been over 2 weeks and I haven't seen any of them! This site has completely ripped me off. I wish I had read all the reviews on here before purchasing. Do not buy anything from this site!!

Dont waste money here

  • 2021-10-16 06:23:24
  • RATED 1
I was very disappointed with the views I received from here. They are mostly fake views, and the accounts are not even a month old. It's a waste of money to buy views from this site! Do not buy from here unless you want to waste your money.

They only make big claims

  • 2021-10-16 06:21:57
  • RATED 1
I ordered 5000 views from this company and they were never delivered. I managed to get my money back after a lot of convincing. This company offers a lot of different packages and they claim that you can get more views, but they never deliver.

Never got scammed like this

  • 2021-10-16 06:20:09
  • RATED 1
I've been scammed by several companies before, but never as bad as this one. I recently ordered 100 Instagram likes from these guys and they ended up completely disappearing within a few weeks. To make matters worse, I tried contacting the support team on their website, but they didn't respond at all, which is why I'm writing this review right now.

The only company that never worked for me

  • 2021-10-16 06:17:52
  • RATED 1
I purchased Instagram likes from several companies and most of them worked, but was one that did not work. Since then, I have only purchased likes from other companies that I can trust. Never had any issue with them like I did here.

Lost all the likes

  • 2021-10-16 06:16:54
  • RATED 1
I just wanted to say that I'm very unsatisfied with my purchase. I received likes, but within a month the likes dropped down to 0. That happened after I had posted only one photo. I tried sending an email to your support department, but there was no response.

Shouldnt have trusted them

  • 2021-10-16 06:15:56
  • RATED 1
I would recommend you to stay away from this website. I recently ordered 100 IG likes and they promised me that the likes will be permanent, yet I've noticed that they are dropping like crazy already. This is definitely not what I had paid for and was promised.

Wasted money on nothing

  • 2021-10-16 06:14:52
  • RATED 1
My main aim was to get a few likes for my Instagram page. I bought a package of 500 likes from the site. I had not expected much and still was disappointed. In a month, most of the likes disappeared and I was left with only a few likes. This meant that I had wasted my money on something that did not work at all.

The likes never stayed

  • 2021-10-16 06:13:52
  • RATED 1
I ordered 500 Instagram likes from this website, and I did receive them on time. But just a month later they were all gone. I asked for a refund and their support team was not helpful at all. They just kept sending me automated messages that I was impatient or that it would take time for them to fix the issue.

All hype no material

  • 2021-10-16 06:12:40
  • RATED 1
I don't know why there is a huge hype over this service. I have been with them for more than a month and they still haven't delivered my likes. Their support is pretty bad as well. I won't recommend anyone to buy Instagram likes from here as it is a complete waste of money!

Lost everything within a month

  • 2021-10-16 06:11:35
  • RATED 1
I purchased Instagram likes from here and I lost most of them soon within a month. They just disappeared like they were never here before. Their website does not allow for refunds either and there is no way to get my money back from here. I have permanently lost all of my money in hopes for some likes.

Only worked for a day

  • 2021-10-16 06:09:38
  • RATED 1
I bought a big package of Instagram likes from this company and to be honest, I was completely disappointed when they only worked for a day or two. I lost most of these likes and I didn't get any kind of benefit from here ultimately. Regret coming to this website.

I am both sad and angry

  • 2021-10-16 06:08:20
  • RATED 1
I'm really bummed that the people sold me fake followers. I am so furious and upset about it. They also don't respond to my emails, and they do not have an actual support service phone number. The chat feature on the site is useless too and nobody ever actually talks with you.

Didnt help me at all

  • 2021-10-16 06:06:55
  • RATED 1
I was trying to build an Instagram account and this site did me no favors. This service provided me with fake followers, most of which unfollowed my account after the purchase. I lost more than half of the followers I purchased. When I tried to contact Support service via email, they never replied. Stay away from this company if you are looking for legitimate followers.

Avoid this company!

  • 2021-10-16 06:03:03
  • RATED 1
My advice is to stay away from this place. Avoid this company like the plague. I'm out of 980 and I will never get it back. That is because these greedy people lied about their support. They will never ever reply back to you Im telling you.

Lost all the new followers I got

  • 2021-10-16 06:01:08
  • RATED 1
I've used a lot of services to buy Instagram followers and is the only one that was a complete loss. I bought 500 of them and within two weeks lost about 150 followers. Most of the remaining accounts unfollowed me within the next month. I don't recommend this service for anyone.


What a disaster

  • 2021-10-16 05:59:34
  • RATED 1
I had no idea what I was doing at first, so the first time I ordered 500 followers. It was a disaster. All of them were bots, or fake accounts. They all unfollowed me eventually. I contacted Support service via email to see if I could get a refund, but they didn't respond to my request for help.

Never received any follower

  • 2021-10-16 05:57:40
  • RATED 1
I've been trying to contact them for the past two weeks. They are not responding to any of my emails. I sent them 29 dollars, and I have received no followers. This is sad because I thought my Instagram was finally gonna get some engagement I always wanted.

Just useless fake likes

  • 2021-10-16 05:56:13
  • RATED 1
If you want to buy useless, fake likes on Instagram, then surely is the place to go. Not only are they overpriced, but they are also giving you fake profiles or bots that will quickly unlike your posts or not even show up at all. I have sent them multiple emails asking for a refund but no one ever replies back.

Only got fake profiles

  • 2021-10-16 05:54:13
  • RATED 1
I was really disappointed about my purchase. I really wanted those 500 followers, but they were all fake profiles. I didn't get what I paid for at all.'s support service is nonexistent, and their website doesn't allow for refunds, so now I'm stuck with fake followers who keep unfollowing me every day.

Trying to get my money back

  • 2021-10-16 05:44:56
  • RATED 1
I have been trying to get my money back from for over a month now. I have sent them an email and they have not responded to it. They do not answer my messages on social media or their website, and they don't even respond to their own email. This is a well-planned scam.

They are scamming a lot of people

  • 2021-10-16 05:44:07
  • RATED 1
I lost 12 dollars the last time I bought likes from here. I was willing to write this off as a bad experience with an otherwise reputable company, but I checked back on them recently and they appear to be continuing their scam. They are still advertising the site as if it is the best thing ever and people are still getting scammed by them.

They are scamming everyone

  • 2021-10-16 05:42:16
  • RATED 1
When I first created my Instagram account, I had no followers. It was so hard to gain followers for free. So I decided to buy some followers. I chose this site because they seemed legit. But when I went back to check my followers, all of them were bots! These guys are scamming their clients! I would never buy anything from here again!

I got fooled

  • 2021-10-16 05:36:37
  • RATED 1
I am a very careful person when it comes to doing business online. I read all the reviews about the site before ordering anything. But all these reviews were fake I think. These people are scammers, they took my money and never delivered.


Lost almost all followers

  • 2021-10-16 05:30:22
  • RATED 1
I purchased 500 followers from them which they delivered. I was caught off guard when they didn't engage my content, but that wasn't the end of the world. Some time later, I discovered that many of my followers had disappeared. It's been about a month now, and I'm down to about 200 followers. If you order from them, be aware that you may lose them soon.

Never replied back

  • 2021-10-16 05:28:10
  • RATED 1
I am very disappointed with I bought 500 followers and all the followers they gave me were useless. They never liked, commented or anything. I contacted their support desk more than 10 times and they never replied to my emails. Their Support service is very bad and I would not recommend that anyone buy from them.

All the followers are fake

  • 2021-10-16 05:24:50
  • RATED 1
I purchased 500 followers, but instead I received 500 fake profiles that never engage with my content or any other user's content. Their website does not allow for refunds, and their Support service is nonexistent. This is just a scam nothing better. I would not recommend this website to anyone.

This site just sucks

  • 2021-10-16 05:20:40
  • RATED 1
I have to say there are a lot of scammers out there selling fake followers and this is one of thwm. I myself have bought followers in the past and have had no issues at all like I had here. Not sure if this is just one bad apple or not but if you are thinking about buying here, take my advice and look somewhere else.

I just got scammed

  • 2021-10-16 05:18:41
  • RATED 1
The followers they so advertise were not even real people. I had to manually remove everyone because I didnt want my account to get in trouble. They were all bots with no profile picture or anything. When I contacted their support they didn't reply to me im sure ive been scammed.

Hope im not in trouble

  • 2021-10-16 05:16:35
  • RATED 1
It's a shame because I was hoping to really reap the benefits of this site, but it seems like it was just a scam after all. I don't know if I'm in trouble with Instagram or not, but I'm pretty sure they'll take notice since my followers jumped so much in one day!

All of them were bots!

  • 2021-10-16 05:15:38
  • RATED 1
I just started a new instagram page and I was looking to buy some followers so I can get my account going, I found this site and it had pretty good reviews so I decided to go for it. But as soon as I bought the 250 followers, I saw that they were all bots.. which is fine if you don't buy over 100 because bots over 100 won't matter much. But I bought 250 followers and ALL of them were bots!!

Wont repeat my mistake again

  • 2021-10-16 05:14:36
  • RATED 1
The site looked like a good idea at first, but as soon as I got to the checkout page I noticed that they had no phone number. That made me suspicious, and when I received the followers, which were all bots with no profile picture or anything, I was sure this site is a SCAM. Made a mistake once but ever again.

I was totally wrong

  • 2021-10-16 05:13:35
  • RATED 1
I thought it was a good idea to try because I had heard that they were a legitimate provider of real Instagram likes. Boy was I wrong. All likes they provided were from fake ids and had no profile picture. I'm sure that my account will get banned if anyone from Insta notices what has been going on with my account. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

Lost 16 dollars here

  • 2021-10-16 05:12:46
  • RATED 1
I purchased 1500 Instagram followers and within 24 hours all of them were fake accounts. Sometimes fake followers can do well for you, but not in this case. I tried contacting the seller multiple times and they never replied. I'm now out of the 16 dollars that I spent trying to get those 1500 followers.

All I heard was fake

  • 2021-10-16 05:11:57
  • RATED 1
I don't even know where to begin. I was told that this would be a safe, cheap way of gaining likes on Instagram. If you are thinking about buying followers from here, DON'T! It's a total waste of money. I am now worried that my account will get banned because every single one of these accounts is fake.

All followers are fake!

  • 2021-10-16 05:10:52
  • RATED 1
I bought 250 followers from here and every single one of them turned out to be a fake account. I just hope my account doesn’t get banned. I have asked for a refund but they have not replied to me yet. I'm going to take this further! I cant just sit around and let the, eat up my money.

This place is not trustable

  • 2021-10-16 05:09:55
  • RATED 1
They take your money and give you nothing in return. I bought 500 followers from them and every single one of them was a fake account. I am honestly really scared about what's going to happen to my account. I don't want to get banned or anything. That is why I emailed them a while ago and now it seems like they just ignore me.

Totally disappointed with them

  • 2021-10-16 05:08:48
  • RATED 1
I was very disappointed with this service. I spent a long time reading reviews and looking at their own website and it all seemed great, but the actual service was terrible. They not only overcharged me but also gave me fake likes in return. Definitely, a blunder trusting this website.

Never buying anything from here again

  • 2021-10-16 05:07:35
  • RATED 1
I would not recommend this site to anyone. I bought 250 followers, and they were all bots who had no profile picture or anything. When I contacted their support they didn't reply to me, and now I'm worried that my account will get banned. I hope nothing like that happens and I will never ever buy anything from here again.

Stay away from here

  • 2021-10-16 05:03:41
  • RATED 1
I've been burned by these guys! They took my money - almost $40 and they delivered NOTHING. I was supposed to get 5k followers and none of them were ever delivered. I have tried to get into contact countless times and they haven’t responded to me even once. Stay away from this website!

Made a big mistake

  • 2021-10-16 05:02:42
  • RATED 1
I am a digital marketer, and I have never been scammed before I foolishly ended up here. I am very experienced with Instagram, and I should have known that you should not buy likesfrom a website that does not offer a refund, which is what happened to me. I made a mistake and I hope others don’t do the same.


  • 2021-10-16 05:01:43
  • RATED 1
This is a total Fraud. I bought 250 Instagram followers from here and every single one of them turned out to be a Bot account. I'm now really worried about what if my account gets closed. Wasted my 2.87 dollars only to risk losing my account. Worst decision ever. Hope nobody else falls for it.

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