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Famoid Overview

Address 126 Carlotta Dr, Bear Delaware 1970 map_location
Contact Email: [email protected]
Working hours: 24 Hours
Country us_flag United States

Social media platforms are currently the hotspots of the online world. Every day people spend most of their online time on any of the top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc. They spend their time chatting with each other interacting with posts from various users or publishing something of their own. The flexibility and entertaining features of these platforms are the reason for their huge popularity and a huge success.

Since this is where you will find people hanging out spending their time it is a great potential customer pool for companies and brands who want to market their products. This has made the social media platforms very competitive. Look, at YouTube for instance. It started as just some platform where people uploaded videos and then it turned into a means of livelihood for some people due to digital marketing. Every day thousands of people are trying to make their mark on any platform so that they can also earn some money via brand deals, sponsors or maybe promote their own brands. This is where social media management service providers like Famous come into play. They provide their services which enable companies and individuals to improve their social media cred.


Famoid is a popular social media management service provider which helps companies and individuals to have an edge over their competitors by boasting their online social media growth. Famoid has been doing business for around three years and has helped a lots of customers during this time and has fulfilled a lot of order.

They claim to have satisfied more than 200,000 customers which if true is truly impressive. The company is based in Delaware and provides social media services for multiple platforms. Thus, you don’t have to find a new provider every time you need to boost your social profile on different platforms.

They have a simple and secure payment option and affordable pricing. The name of the company basically means- “An object that makes you famous”. So, let’s take a look at the features and services provided by famoid and see whether they are going to make their customer famous or in the very least satisfied.

Features of Famoid

The better feature a company has that is geared towards efficiency and customer satisfaction the better is the chance for that company to create a loyal customer base. Famoid has many features which aim to help solve customer’s problems and provide service efficiently. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Privacy and Security

This is an important feature for any company to have especially those which deal with customer data and payment. Famoid knows how important user data is and how things can escalate once something is leaked.

So, they have made sure that the payment channel is secure so that there is no chance of interference. Also, during the transaction or rather while ordering you just have to provide your username and email id. In no case do they ask for the password of your social profile. Even the username and email you provide is protected from any third party. If you wan to know more about their privacy and security rules check out their terms and conditions.

  1. Experience

While judging Famoid don’t go by the years of existence rather go by the number of customers satisfied. Also, the team that works at Famoid has around 5 years of experience in this field and are motivated with the thought of customer satisfaction.

So, when choosing their services you can be sure that you are going to be taken care of and your queries will be answered. This is a sort of guarantee that they promise.

  1. Instant delivery

Instant Delivery is an important feature for a company to have in this competitive market. A customer might want to get quick boosts on his or her social profile. So, if the deliver takes time he or she might be frustrated and will choose not to do business with the company again. So, Famoid uses special software tools to ensure fast delivery.

Your order will start to be delivered within 10 minutes of purchase which is great. Also, if for some reason your order gets stuck you can easily contact them

  1. High Quality

Good quality service matters a lot when it comes to providing social media managing services especially when dealing with selling of followers, likes etc. This is mainly because social media platforms are evolving and upgrading faster than ever and have been trying their very best to remove bots and fake accounts from their platforms.

So, if you get delivered likes or views from bots then chances are the numbers will quickly drop as the social media company deletes these accounts and in extreme cases you might find your account banned. But Famoid claims to provide good quality followers who are real unlike other companies.

  1. Customer Support

Even though it is probably one of the most important requirements of a good business customer support is something that most companies don’t get right. A good customer makes your customer feel relaxed while doing business with you.

They shouldn’t be think about what if things go wrong and they don’t get their order, will they loose their money? But they shouldn’t be wondering about that rather they should always feel safe that they can contact you any time. Famoid claims to provide 24/7 customer support and will help you even during holidays. This can be a good things for customers as trouble generally arrived unannounced.

Services Provided By Famoid

Following are the services provided by Famoid:

  1. Instagram Services

We all know how important Instagram has become in the world of social media marketing and in terms of social media cred. Here are the services provided by Famoid for Instagram:

  • Buying Followers
  • With just a few clicks you can buy followers for your Instagram account using the various packages provided by Famoid. This will boost your followers count and help you further your Instagram growth.
  • Buying Likes
  • To make sure people know that your profile is very active and people interact with your posts you need to have good amount of likes o ln your posts. Famoid’s various packages will help you get likes for your posts.
  • Buying Views
  • Video posts are very attractive nowadays in Instagram. To make sure you get good number of views and people notice your posts you can buy views from the various packages provided by Famoid.
  • Buying Automatic Likes
  • Buying Automatic Likes allows you to get likes organically whenever you upload a post. So, people will trust you rather than thinking you bought a bunch of likes from somewhere. This service will get you likes for 30 days. You can choose from the four different packages provided by Famoid.
  1. Facebook Services

We all know how big of a deal is Facebook. It is slowly buying big social media platforms like Instagram. If you want to get some attention on Facebook then you can use the services provided by Famoid.

  • Fan Page Likes
  • Maybe you want to promote your fan page to Facebook users. You can use packages provided by Famoid to boost your page likes and ced. This wjll attract more people to like your page.
  • Post Likes
  • If you want your posts to be popular then you can buy posts likes from the various packages provided by Famoid.
  1. YouTube services

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms right now and has become a means of livelihood for many. You can use the services provided by Famoid to improve your YouTube growth.

  • Buying Subscribers
  • A good number of subscribers gives a good outlook to your channel. So, you can use the packages by Famoid to boost subscriber count of your account.
  • Buying Views
  • To make a video popular you need lots of views. Using the packages provided by Famoid you can buy views to attract more people.


We saw what packages and services are provided by Famoid. Now, let’s brake a look at their pricing. Here we look at the price of few of the packages.

  1. Instagram Services

Buying Followers

  • 250 followers for a price of $5.95.
  • 1000 followers for a price of $15.95.
  • 5000 followers for a price of $69.95.
  • 25000 followers for a price of$299.95.

Buy Likes

  • 100 likes for a price of $2.95.
  • 500 likes for $7.95.
  • 1000 likes for a price of $13.95.
  • 5000 likes for a price of $44.95.
  • 25,000 likes for a price of $168.95.

Buy Views

  • 100 views for $2.95
  • 1000 views for $8.95.
  • 5000 views for a price of $34.95.
  • 25000 views for a price of $99.95.

Buying Automatic Likes

  • 50 Automatic Likes for $79.95.
  • 100 Automatic Likes for $129.95
  • 500 Automatic Likes for $399.95.
  1. Facebook Services

Buying Fan Page Likes

  • $28.95 will get you 250 likes.
  • $74.95 will get you 1000 likes.
  • $169.95 will get you 2500 likes.

Buying Post Likes

  • For 100 likes you have to pay $12.95.
  • For 500 likes the price is $32.95.
  • The price of 1000 likes is $58.95.
  1. YouTube Services

Buying Subscribers

  • You can get 100 subscribers for $34.95.
  • For 500 subscribers the price is $99.95.
  • For 1000 subscribers the price is $149.95.

Buying Views

  • 1000 views will cost you $12.95.
  • 15000 views will cost you $129.95.
  • For 50000 views the price is $749.95.
  • And if you want to make your video viral you can buy 0.5M views for $1899.95.

Famoid Review

Famoid is one of the most popular sites for social media management services. One of the best things about this company is that you can easily buy packages for three of the top social media platforms in one place. So, you don’t have to switch service providers if you like Famoid. Their website has some good FAQs to help you out and also their packages have good variety.

They could have bundled up and created an extra package for each service which had all the features of that service. Like for Instagram there could have been a package which had followers, likes, views all in one. The refund policy of Famoid isn’t solid. If you have low retention you won’t get a refund. Also, after you get your order delivered if something goes wrong there is no refund.

But the site has garnered mostly positive reviews but you should still check out other reviews on our page or directly contact them if you have any queries before making the decision.

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Famoid Reviews

Didn't lose a penny

  • 2021-07-15 11:45:33
  • RATED 5
I was warned by many that sites like these are nothing but scams. But I really needed it for my YouTube channel so I wanted it to try it for myself. Bought 100 likes for my Insta as a test. It only cost $2.95 so I wouldn't regret it even if I lost them. But the likes arrived on time and just like how they were supposed to. Since then I have bought bigger plans for my YouTube and haven't lost any money at all.

Poles apart from anything I've ever used

  • 2021-07-15 11:44:48
  • RATED 5
I've tried out a couple of different websites social to Famoid. But they are only similar in category but poles apart when it comes to the quality. Their delivery speed, legitimacy, and care are miles apart from the rest.

The level of their deliveries are insane

  • 2021-07-15 11:44:04
  • RATED 5
One of the most amazing aspects of their whole work is their delivery. They are fast and very consistent but the option to have them happen gradually is even better. The views or likes you buy appear fully legitimate thanks to that.

There's nothing like this out there

  • 2021-07-15 11:43:17
  • RATED 5
I don't think there is any other website that has all the qualities that Famoid has in one place. Namely, the speed of their delivery and the drop protection they provide is just superior to many. Their Service support is genuine and responsive unlike the others too.

Can't believe it is for real!

  • 2021-07-15 11:42:41
  • RATED 5
I didn't have many expectations from this site tbh. I just hoped that I wouldn't lose my money but damn they exceeded my expectations by a mile. The followers I got are all genuine Instagram users without a single bot. On top of that, the deliveries are super fast and so consistent.

Best decision I ever made for my page

  • 2021-07-15 11:41:15
  • RATED 5
Buying likes from Famoid turned out to be the best decision I had ever made for my Facebook page. I had only spent around 45 dollars but the benefits are nearly worth a hundred dollars. Likes, followers, and comments on my page have increased rapidly ever since.

Helped me increase my subscribers fast

  • 2021-07-15 11:40:02
  • RATED 5
I am a budding YouTuber and Famoid has been helping me so much growing. I had just 340 subs before I came here. I bought 250 subs and suddenly my sub count increased beyond 1K total.

Everything is safe and secured

  • 2021-07-15 11:39:11
  • RATED 5
This is one of the most reliable places if you are looking to buy anything related to social media. From placing an order to confirming payment, everything is completely secured. There is no need to give them any password and their 5 years of experience makes them completely trustworthy.

Easy and convenient to use

  • 2021-07-15 11:38:29
  • RATED 5
It is so easy to use this site and get amazing results. You can simply choose a plan you like and order it by providing a link to your account or posts. They don't ask for passwords either so I don't ever have anything to worry about.

Came like a breath of fresh air

  • 2021-07-15 11:37:45
  • RATED 5
Social media promotions have never been my cup of tea before Famoid. Everything I came across was either mediocre or too expensive. Famoid is the perfect combination of what one needs and can afford.

My account looks so legitimate

  • 2021-07-15 11:36:50
  • RATED 5
I have been using Instagram ever since it came into existence a decade ago. But my profile has gotten more active in this one month than in the last 5 years. All thanks to the amazing quality of followers and likes that Famoid sold to me.

Gradual delivery makes things all more real

  • 2021-07-15 11:36:08
  • RATED 5
The followers and views you buy from here are real people. What makes this whole thing even more real is their drip-feed. The numbers increase in small portions just like the real ones do.

The drop protection is amazing!

  • 2021-07-15 11:35:22
  • RATED 5
The drop protection you get from Famoid is the most legit. I haven't lost a single Instagram follower I bought in one whole month. I have bought followers twice before from elsewhere and always ended up losing them. No room for that here.

Responsive and helpful support

  • 2021-07-15 11:34:32
  • RATED 5
The Service support that you get from Famoid is nowhere else to be found. Many of them straight-up use bots to send preset replies. Here you get real responses from real people, unlike the rest.

The best price in the market

  • 2021-07-15 11:33:55
  • RATED 5
If you want to buy high-quality views and followers while also saving a couple of dollars, Famoid will be right up your alley. I recently bought 1k TikTok views from them for just $4 95 and found many sites were asking even $10 for it.

Miles ahead of the competition

  • 2021-07-15 11:33:05
  • RATED 5
Famoid has beaten the competition in my eyes at the very least. I have experienced it myself. Tried out a lot of such websites and Famoid is clear of them all. The speeds are the fastest, their drop protection is the most effective and no other Service support is as responsive as Famoid's.

Never seen a site so well managed

  • 2021-07-15 11:32:18
  • RATED 5
Everything about the website is so impressive man. They operate on a real big scale as they provide so many different services. Yet the way they manage the site and execute it all is super cool. I've never seen anything out of order on the site. Everything is always working.

First order went wrong but they fixed it fast

  • 2021-07-15 11:31:33
  • RATED 5
Not everything went right when I first tried Famoid out. My first order was of 100 Instagram likes but I got views instead of that. I didn't want views as I don't upload many videos and it wasn't gonna help me. So I contacted them and that's when it all turned positive. Within an hour, they replied to my query and even corrected the order.

Good support throughout the way

  • 2021-07-15 11:30:41
  • RATED 5
Whoever is responsible for their support, deserves a lot of props. I mean I have never experienced such a department that responses so fast. I contacted them regarding my missing FB likes yesterday. They didn't just reply fast but also fixed it quickly. The remaining likes were delivered last night itself which is really impressive.

The views I bought never dropped

  • 2021-07-15 11:29:56
  • RATED 5
I am really new to this whole paid views thing. I had heard that they begin to disappear after a while. I had bought 5K views for $49.95 and I am yet to witness that. They have stayed intact and I hope it stays the same. They also appeared in small portions which makes them look completely legitimate.

Their followers are the realest

  • 2021-07-15 11:29:08
  • RATED 5
If you are spending 20 to 30 dollars, you should at least be expecting the best quality right. That's what I was hoping for and also got from Famoid. Brought 500 followers from here. That $8.95 investment has given me hundreds of new likes and comments. But the best part is that all of these followers are real human beings and not bots.

Doubled down on my engagement

  • 2021-07-15 11:27:47
  • RATED 5
The benefits that Famoid has brought to me are unreal. I thought it was just talks but it has actually helped my engagement. I had bought 1K Instagram likes from here for 13.95 dollars. Since then I have gained extra 100 followers which I still can't believe.

Only ones that bring benefits

  • 2021-07-15 11:27:01
  • RATED 5
There are a lot of websites out there that sell social media metrics. But you can't trust just anyone. A lot of them trap you with their cheap tags and deliver below average products. Famoid does the opposite. They have affordable plans laced with exceptional features that you can't find anywhere else.

The best for long-term

  • 2021-07-15 11:26:21
  • RATED 5
If you want long-term benefits, you should definitely buy stuff from Famoid. There are cheaper options but their sold promotions last only a week or two. Famoid brings your real long-lasting effects that you will never regret spending money on. The followers or likes you buy actually boost your engagement rather than just being for display.

Never stayed so long with anything else

  • 2021-07-15 11:25:43
  • RATED 5
There is no shortage of the number of options I've tried while looking for paid followers for my Instagram. I have spent a lot of them but none could match the results I got from Famoid. That's why I have been a client of them for more than 5 months now. Before this, I had never even shopped twice from the other sites

Not a single complaint in months

  • 2021-07-15 11:24:54
  • RATED 5
I have been kind of a regular client of Famoid for months now. I started out with buying likes for my FB page. Since then I've extended my budget and bought stuff for Instagram and YouTube as well. Withing just $40 total, I have bought Fb likes, Instagram followers, and YouTube subscribers which is just amazing.

A revelation for my social media life

  • 2021-07-15 11:24:08
  • RATED 5
I am kind of a social media freak and I am active across a lot of platforms. But that's not for pastime but I use it to promote my recipes and cooking lessons. I bought likes and followers for both FB and Instagram for marketing and it has been helping me a lot. It is so affordable I don't even feel I'm spending anything.

Certainly the best out there

  • 2021-07-15 11:23:24
  • RATED 5
I have just recently started to buy likes, followers, etc after I heard about it online. Heard it had helped many and it did the same for me as well. Today I bought 250 YouTube subs and they all arrived within 2 days. They come with a lifetime guarantee too and I haven't lost any single one yet.

Highly recommend to all

  • 2021-07-15 11:22:35
  • RATED 5
Trust me when I say this; Famoid is the best place to buy social media promotions. I am writing this review 1 week after buying 500 Instagram followers. It only cost me $8.95 and has helped me gain more than 100 organic followers as well. They are also protected against drops and in one month I haven't noticed any significant loss.

The most effective type of marketing

  • 2021-07-15 11:21:19
  • RATED 5
I have tried my hand in a lot of marketing tips and tricks. But all it did was eat up my money slowly. In less than half of that investment, Famoid has brought 2x better results. I bought 100 FB post likes last week and within these 2 weeks I have gained 70+ new followers which is incredible.

Should be every social media user's priority

  • 2021-07-15 11:20:39
  • RATED 5
For anyone who is looking for social media promotions to buy, Famoid should definitely be on your list. They possess all the qualities that a good site should have. The qualities that must be mentioned are consistent deliveries, legitimate promotions, active support Service , and protection against drops.

Full stars for support Service

  • 2021-07-15 11:19:58
  • RATED 5
The thing that made me the biggest fan of Famoid is their Servicesupport. It is clear that they have put a lot of effort into catering for their clients. I have contacted them thrice and they got back to me within two hours every time. And they were all helpful responses instead of time-wasting filler talk. There are not many like this out there.

Deserves all the hype

  • 2021-07-15 11:19:17
  • RATED 5
I have heard a lot about Famoid all over the internet. It was also always on the top results whenever I looked up sites to buy Facebook likes from. I was wondering why they were so popular but it became clear from my very first order. Great speeds, even greater quality, and the best results ever.

Got great help from the staff

  • 2021-07-15 11:18:36
  • RATED 5
Famoid probably has the most helpful Service support online. At least in social media promotions, it is the best I've ever witnessed. I can contact them any time of the day whenever I need to. They are not bots but real people. They've always replied to me within an hour of contacting them.

Automatic likes are a lifesaver

  • 2021-07-15 11:17:45
  • RATED 5
Everything about this website is amazing to be honest. But what stands out the most is their automatic likes. It is the first auto-like service where the likes are from real people I've ever seen. I bought their smallest 50 auto-likes plan for $79.95 and it has returned benefits worth more than that. For 30 days, all my posts got 50 real likes it is so convenient.

Great features with a price I can afford

  • 2021-07-15 11:16:43
  • RATED 5
I have been trying to find a place to buy TikTok views for a long time. Sadly, I couldn't find what I wanted. There were a lot of lackluster options and the good ones were too expensive. But Famoid is the only one that provided world class features at affordable prices.

Best of the best!

  • 2021-07-15 11:15:49
  • RATED 5
I have tried 4-5 different websites that sell social media promotions. Found them all to be lacking somewhere. One would have slow deliveries and another would just be too expensive. Famoid is the only option that had all of it. The deliveries are fast, the followers last long, and the Service support is active 24/7 for all the clients.

My favorite place on the whole internet

  • 2021-07-15 11:14:59
  • RATED 5
Famoid is the place to be. At least for me, it is. After 2 months of taking their service, Famoid has become my absolute favorite on the entire internet. They have proven to be the most beneficial to me after all. My pages across Facebook and Instagram have turned superhit ever since I bought likes and followers from here.

Literally no negative to mention

  • 2021-07-15 11:14:01
  • RATED 5
I have only positive things to say about the website and not a single one. I can begin with their delivery speeds. Sometimes they are just instantaneous. Small orders get delivered within hours. The biggest of plans too don't take longer than 2 days. The support you get from them before or after the order is amazing too. Their products are long lasting as well.

The best investment I've made recently!

  • 2021-07-15 11:12:40
  • RATED 5
I could have never imagined I would be spending money on social media one day. But when I needed engagement for my Facebook page, I turned to it. And I'm quite surprised by the results. I thought it was gonna be just a temporary thing to improve numbers but the page likes I bought have boosted my reach twice more than it was.

Their deliveries are just the fastest!

  • 2021-07-15 11:11:54
  • RATED 5
I have a habit of comparing stuff before I make a purchase. It goes the same for anything online or offline. It helps me find the best deals and the same happened while looking for sites to buy YouTube views. Famoid turned to be the best option and especially their deliveries are the fastest I have ever experienced.

The only one I can trust anymore

  • 2021-07-15 11:10:28
  • RATED 5
Had a bad experience the very first time I tried to buy followers for my TikTok. I bought 500 from one website. They took my money and the followers never arrived. The staff never replied either. But with Famoid, I've never had such an issue. Every order I've placed till now, has been delivered within a day or two.

So much experience to boast of

  • 2021-07-15 11:09:46
  • RATED 5
My first preference while looking for a social media agency was experience. I don't like online shopping but had no option as my TikTok was dying down. So I needed to find a company that I could rely upon. Famoid has been working for 5 years in this field and it made me sure I wasn't losing any money. And that's exactly what happened. Amazing results as well.

Such attractive plans

  • 2021-07-15 11:07:59
  • RATED 5
Oh my god, I'm so glad that I came across Famoid and decided to go with them. I compared their prices with the rest later and my decision was proved right at once. Famoid has some of the lowest prices in the whole market! They also offer better features than a lot of the competition. The return on investment value is beyond the charts here.

Total social media experts

  • 2021-07-15 11:07:02
  • RATED 5
Everything I was looking for in my social media life, I found it here. Not only they provided what I wanted but they also did it with perfection. Everything about their service is worth praise. Especially their instant deliveries and drop protected products make everything even better. Everything about Famoid is just amazing.

Solved my problem in minutes

  • 2021-07-15 11:05:34
  • RATED 5
I have been struggling with my Facebook page for so long now I can go on a rant about it. I was getting no new followers and the old ones weren't active anymore either. My reach had suddenly died but Famoid helped revive it. I bought 1K page likes and due to that my posts suddenly started getting recommended to more people and I got a lot of new followers.

Great quality in all services

  • 2021-07-15 11:03:36
  • RATED 5
The best part about Famoid is that they manage to maintain quality with the quantity they have to offer. I have bought small packages for many platforms and all of them have been on par in terms of quality. All of their features work as advertised and I honestly haven't found any cons yet.

True professionals to the core

  • 2021-07-15 11:02:27
  • RATED 5
Now this is what you call a professional website. Don't take my word just check it for yourself. They have been doing this stuff since 2017 they know their thing. From the website to the plans to their staff, everything is perfect. Everything works as it should that's why they are my favorites.

They've taken care of everything

  • 2021-07-15 11:01:36
  • RATED 5
I was in the need of something to fix whatever was wrong with my Instagram. Had no followers no likes nothing. Glad I found about Famoid. I've brought one plan each for everything on Instagram since then. And I can admit it has shown great results for me. Real happy with the results.

Fastest delivery

  • 2021-07-15 11:00:32
  • RATED 5
They have the best delivery items and there is just not a competition. Most of the other such sites takes at least hours and some take days for the order to arrive. It would not be a problem if they didnt advertise false claims of fast deliveries. Famoid on the other hand delivers always on time at better speed than anyone. Ive never had any order that arrived after the same day.

Safe and secure

  • 2021-07-15 10:59:32
  • RATED 5
A common fear while using such services is that of losing your whole page or account. I have even seen some similar sites that even ask you for your passwords. Famoid only asks for the account username and no passwords are required. I have used their services for 5 months and never got any notices or suspensions. Neither on my YouTube nor my Instagram. They have in fact build a great sense of trust in me for them and that's why ive been with them.

Lost some subs but got them back

  • 2020-10-26 09:53:47
  • RATED 5
Drop protection feature is a winner and I think it should be a must in every single website like this. The idea of paying for temporary stuff that would disappear in a month is just not right. I didnt lose any for my first few orders. And when it did i made sure to let the company know. They responded to be very quickly and acted quickly too. Soon my lost subs were replaced with newer ones.

Great drop protection and Consumer support

  • 2020-10-26 09:33:39
  • RATED 5
Famoid advertised drop protection for all of its services but i didnt have much expectations as I've had bad experience in this with some previous providers. I didnt see any drops in my first two plans at all. The third time i noticed i was losing some and i immediately contacted the support. Real response came very quickly and they promised a restore. A few hours later the numbers were back to what they were supposed to be.

Just completed my one year with famoid

  • 2020-10-26 09:31:13
  • RATED 4
Im writing this review as ive completed one year of using famoid. I thought i should do something for them in return of their amazing services. More people need to know about this stuff. Throughout this one year i have bought at least one plan for all three of my platforms. All the money ive spent has been fruitful and there are zero regrets. It has helped me and my community grow more than ever. Consumer support has always been helpful and responsive as well.

Thanks for the free trial

  • 2020-10-26 09:30:08
  • RATED 4
I absolutely love that famoid cared enough to provide a free trial for new users so that they can see if it is worth it. I was one of them and after trying the trial of Instagram free likes and going through their features, I've decided it's totally worth it. Even the free likes arrived at the promised time then the paid ones are obviously bound to be like that. Soon I'll pay for an actual plan for my social media. I think i owe it to them for being so good.

Great service

  • 2020-10-26 09:23:47
  • RATED 5
Easily the best place for buying likes or followers for Insatgram. I haven't used it for any other platform yet but for my insta it has been magic. I have bought many plans for likes, followrs and even the autoliker package twice. I swear i never had a better reach before. A little after the bought followers, real ones started coming too. Probably it boosted my profile or something. I don't know i just know that it has helped me a lot and that is what matters to me.

Maybe the most genuine service

  • 2020-10-26 08:34:32
  • RATED 5
Famoid is certainly a legitimate and genuine platform for social media boost. Neither they asks for usernames or passwords. Neither are there chances of getting your acoustic flagged or suspended. Everything is safe and trustworthy, for even after some time the Consumer care stays constant.

Everything is worth the money asked

  • 2020-10-26 08:32:10
  • RATED 4
First of all the company has amazingly priced plans. The sizs of the plans fit the price tags they have. There sre plans as cheap as $2 to plans that will cost you around $1900. There is a good variety of plans that are for everyone. There is always something in the store that will surely fit a specific budget. This combined with delivery speed and Consumer service makes everything worth all the money.

Autoliker packages are the best

  • 2020-10-26 08:30:47
  • RATED 5
Autoliker for Instagram posts is probably my favorite plan here on famoid. Whichever package you choose, all of your future posts will get a certain amount of likes for a whole month. You dont have to keep buying likes this way. My fav package that I've bought thrice is the 250 likes one. The packages have always arrived at time which is a big positive.

Faster results than the others

  • 2020-10-26 08:27:36
  • RATED 4
I have tried my hand in many services that proclaim of magically making your channel get millions of views and your page being followed by a million users. Out of braggerts, famoid has worked the best for me. I have seen growth in my YouTube channel like never before and that too in a relatively shorter period.

24/7 Support is available

  • 2020-10-26 08:23:17
  • RATED 4
Support service of any brand or company can make or break things. A bad Consumer service can not only cause discomfort to buyers but also increasing the risk of Consumer leaving permanently. Famoid has probably the best such Consumer support. It is available 24/7 for all of the users or non-users for any type of queries. Be it about plans or tracking orders or other details. There are real people on the other side that respond instead of bots.

Real and active subs

  • 2020-10-26 08:20:46
  • RATED 4
A lot of the portals that sell tou subs only give you a bunch of bots or newly made fake accounts. These bots either get your account suspended or hurt your reputation as it becomes obvious from their profiles. But famoid uses neither bots nor fake accounts but only make real, existing accounts sub to you. Not only it makes you look legit it also prevents your account from getting flagged.

First and now only choice

  • 2020-10-26 08:19:21
  • RATED 4
I have been trying to get into these services for quite a while now ane couldnt decide which was the best. I gave Famoid a try and i have decided to make it my only choice from now on. The plans are good, prices are right and the speeds are just unmatchable.

Unmatchable speeds and Consumer support

  • 2020-10-26 08:17:57
  • RATED 4
The speed of delivering orders and Consumer management are easily the best selling points of Famoid. All of the orders ive ever places arrived within hours of it. Never had an issue with the time except for one specific order. It was of 10k YT views and I was scared I was gonna lose money. Thats when i got help form the amazing Consumer support that Famoid provides. They reassured me my order wa gonna get delivered and also helped me track it.

Gave me hopes for my passion and earning

  • 2020-10-25 17:41:48
  • RATED 4
My Instagram was supposed to be a promotional account for my yoga classes. The page just never took off. My classes had been still doing well before the corona hit. I was left with nothing and then famoid helped me create an online community of myself. I teach my stuff online now and everything is starting to get on track.

Faster results than the others

  • 2020-10-25 17:40:57
  • RATED 5
I have tried my hand in many services that proclaim of magically making your channel get millions of views and your page being followed by a million users. Out of braggerts, famoid has worked the best for me. I have seen growth in my YouTube channel like never before and that too in a relatively shorter period.

Finally someone who really provides drop protection

  • 2020-10-25 17:35:03
  • RATED 4
Drop protection is a great feature that replaces any subs or views that disappear out of nowhere. Many providers advertise and promise it but not many of them actually provide the service. But here the drop protection actually works. I lost around a quarter of my 500 bought YouTube subs. However, as per promise the company repalced them with new and brought the number back up to what they were before the drop.

First and now only choice

  • 2020-10-25 17:31:04
  • RATED 5
I have been trying to get into these services for quite a while now ane couldnt decide which was the best. I gave Famoid a try and i have decided to make it my only choice from now on. The plans are good, prices are right and the spoeds are just unmatchable

I keep coming back for more

  • 2020-10-25 17:25:36
  • RATED 5
I had first decide i was never gonna use any such service. Then when i saw my fb page dying, i finally gave in. Then I decided i was only going to buy it once. So i bought 1k fb page likes straightaway. But i was so impressed by the speed and the activity of the likes i decided to keep using it and for more purposes like buying even 15k YouTube views once

Never lost a single like, view or sub

  • 2020-10-25 17:24:10
  • RATED 4
Famoid provides drop protection which is a very helpful addition. Ive seen reviews of other users praising this feature but i just never had the need of doing so. To date, i have never lost even a single like across any of the 3 available platforms. All of my orders have been with me consistently. The speed at which I received them all is just out of this world

Great website and prices

  • 2020-10-25 16:10:12
  • RATED 5
The website itself is pretty neat. There is no clunk and junk. Everything you need is present on the main page and in a menu as well. The site also has a live feed that shows the overall statistics of services provided by Famoid. Aside from that, there are pop-up notifications that display every newly bought plan along with its location. Secondly, I feel all of the plans are priced just perfectly.

Free trial helped me buy a plan

  • 2020-10-25 16:09:06
  • RATED 5
I haven't seen many such services offer a free trial. I was going to straight up buy a plan before i found out i could try it out for free first. Even better, i could do it mlre than once and actually i could do it daily. Famoid provides free 25 insta likes every that can be issued by anyone every 24 hours. I have bought a full plan and sometimes cash in on the free likes as well.

Exceeds all expectations

  • 2020-10-25 16:07:41
  • RATED 4
I didnt have many expectations going in at first. I just wanted to buy subs and likes for my YouTube channel so that it could at least look a bit legitimate before i got some of my own. I bought 5k subs and 500 likes. They arrived very quick but the real deal was that slowly my views started increasing and so did the likes and then subs. Guess thise bought likes and subs increased my relevancy that brought the ne organic crowd to me


Took just 25 minutes to arrive

  • 2020-10-25 16:06:16
  • RATED 4
It is like a personal record for me. I am indulged in social media marketing for a long time. I have been trying to promote my own content through my own pages. So i have tried many such services and famoid has the fastest delivery without a doubt. I have bought plans for all three youtube, fb and insta. None of them have taken even a full day to arrive. The best one was my recent order that arrived within 25 minutes

Great for Instagram boost

  • 2020-10-25 16:04:38
  • RATED 4
This is probably the best tool on can use for improving their instagram account. Thats what happened with me. Not taking away from other platforms it supports but it works best for insta for me. One of the reasons is the autoliker that likes every post during a specific time period. The number of likes depend on package. I bought the 100 likes package twice for two months in a row and it has certainly shown results

Excellent after sales service

  • 2020-10-24 18:06:45
  • RATED 5
Famoid has the best after sales service i ever had to experience. I was sure at first that once ive bought stuff from here i wouldnt get any response or helps after. Even big brands behave like this so i couldn't believe in an internet website. My second delivery of YouTube views got late and that's when i first contacted them. I got a real fast response and i thought it was some bot but it was real person. They listened to me and reassured me. The order arrived around an hour later. Haven't had the need to contact them again but im impressed

It might actually get me insta famous

  • 2020-10-24 18:04:16
  • RATED 5
Call me immature but i really want to get insta famous. Idk if i can handle it but i really wanna experience that once. Sadly its not that easy or eveyrone would've been a celeb by now. I struggled a lot before i found famoid. While they have many great plans i have been constantly buying their 250 autolike package once in three months for the past year. My account has way more followers now and i hope i can get at least a hint of popularity.

Fastest deliveries ever

  • 2020-10-24 18:02:07
  • RATED 5
Im not even exaggerating this is THE fastest service of its kind. Im saying it because my last order took only 25 minutes to deliver. Lot of these sites talk about instant deliveries and then deliver it in 3 days. This is what you call instant delivery. Amazed and happy. Kudos the guys behind all of this. I just hope my insta too starts getting famous this fast.

Made one of my videos go a little viral

  • 2020-10-24 17:59:14
  • RATED 5
Im a little budding youtuber and started my channel last year. All i got were like 500 views at maximum. Don't even ask about the subs. But one of my videos got a bit popular cause of famoid. I bought 5k views first but suddenly it started getting more views a few days later. It was one of those tiktok parody vids and it got around 107k views by the end.

Brought life to my dead page

  • 2020-10-24 17:51:51
  • RATED 5
I run a meme page on fb which might make me sound like a stupid teen or something but it is just something that i like. Anyway it was basically dead which i hated. That was before i came across Famoid. I checked out their plans and bought myself 1k page likes. It wasnt too expensive and the speed of delivery was great. Very good experience.

Helping me get me recipes out to more

  • 2020-10-24 11:31:17
  • RATED 5
I am an aspiring cook and want to be a professional when i grow up. So i started a YouTube channel in hopes of getting some recognition first. But it's not that simple and i just never got views. So i heard of these services that sell likes views and subs to boost channels and other sccounts. I heard some names but decided to try famoid first and since then ive beem a regular here. Ive managed to build 7k organic subs and get around 5k organic views.

It might actually get me insta famous

  • 2020-10-24 11:28:27
  • RATED 5
Call me immature but i really want to get insta famous. Idk if i can handle it but i really wanna experience that once. Sadly its not that easy or eveyrone would've been a celeb by now. I struggled a lot before i found famoid. While they have many great plans i have been constantly buying their 250 autolike package once in three months for the past year. My account has way more followers now and i hope i can get at least a hint of popularity

Fastest deliveries ever

  • 2020-10-24 11:21:06
  • RATED 5
Im not even exaggerating this is THE fastest service of its kind. Im saying it because my last order took only 25 minutes to deliver. Lot of these sites talk about instant deliveries and then deliver it in 3 days. This is what you call instant delivery. Amazed and happy. Kudos the guys behind all of this. I just hope my insta too starts getting famous this fast.

Made one of my videos go a little viral

  • 2020-10-24 11:19:17
  • RATED 5
Im a little budding youtuber and started my channel last year. All i got were like 500 views at maximum. Don't even ask about the subs. But one of my videos got a bit popular cause of famoid. I bought 5k views first but suddenly it started getting more views a few days later. It was one of those tiktok parody vids and it got around 107k views by the end

My account is safe and growing

  • 2020-10-24 11:03:25
  • RATED 5
Famoid cleared all the safety concerns i had with such services. I thought it was something that could get me account deleted or banned. But after months of use and over 10 orders im relived of those worries. Instead of getting my account suspended famoid has helped it grow and i can finally see good things for my YouTube channel

Affordable Services

  • 2020-09-10 06:21:56
  • RATED 5
They offer affordable, easy-to - understand and accessible plans. One can create for a few hundred dollars a vibrant social media presence for oneself which promises improvement in sales and marketing. This software is built on a large consumer base, ensuring one would be in good company if one gets involved.

Outstanding Results

  • 2020-09-10 06:18:24
  • RATED 5
Famoid as a forum has been largely dedicated to developing business owners' online presence. They provide their clients with adequate care, by using secure tactics and thereby maintaining a stable business partnership. Outstanding about their website among other items is that you don't have to give your passcode to join.

Quality Followers

  • 2020-09-10 06:17:23
  • RATED 5
Famoid has followers of quality, and this is absolutely safe. Since all of these followers are made up of real accounts, and that means purchasing followers from them ensures unique accounts. This is no matter what social network. The acquired followers do not interfere with one's own account. Their only business is to guide the account to which they had been purchased.


  • 2020-09-10 06:16:28
  • RATED 5
The strategies of Famoid can be merged to attain one desired success on one's Instagram site. The likes, opinions, and supporters are made in such a way as not to arouse people's suspicions. The method is tidy and thorough to the point of ensuring the integrity of consumers is preserved intact. My personal experience with the platform was excellent and there were no concerns about the followers I received.

Excellent Prices

  • 2020-09-10 06:15:37
  • RATED 5
One can be assured of its reliability with its low volume plans at very low prices. The general trend in service pricing shows that there are big discounts on high volume services , providing a reliable package for virtually any consumer request. As for me, I was able to pay the tiny sum they had demanded for the huge number of followers I could receive.

High Rated Viewers

  • 2020-09-10 06:14:16
  • RATED 5
After buying likes or views they guarantee a high viewers score. Instagram support is an outstanding investment for a company owner at a fair level, which will help them achieve an incredible amount of fans. Instagram's graphic influence can be used to easily create an image. Plans on Instagram make it really simple to use Famoid.

Happy Consumer

  • 2020-09-10 06:13:02
  • RATED 5
Many of the platform's users are company owners looking to be successful on social media and to boost their revenue. With the Famoid business a large amount of pleased consumers can be established easily. Beacuse Famoid connects with a range of channels and I have already been able to get users from multiple media.

Supportive Service after Sales

  • 2020-09-10 06:11:22
  • RATED 5
Another confidence that Famoid was able to create is the Feedback service that was made available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Help includes arbitration of conflicts and public investigation. The return policy is a nice benefit of the business. In cases of outstanding problems or interruption of service of some sort, a portal to refund has also been created.

Not a Spam!

  • 2020-09-10 06:09:55
  • RATED 5
When it comes to their Instagram subscribers, Famoid sets a limit on first-time purchases and advises that first-time users first buy no more than 5,000 subscribers. They think this is more than enough to get you moving without being too spammy. Because of this site policy, I was able to get followers who looked normal without being wary of my behavior.

Safe Transaction

  • 2020-09-10 06:09:03
  • RATED 5
They said they offered their social media services in a secure manner, and they wanted me to pay via PayPal. They then developed 'advert' to help me have more feedback and emotions. Famoid is the ultimate middle man for you and the media networks. I couldn't be more excited with the facilities.

24/7 support team

  • 2020-09-10 06:07:35
  • RATED 5
They have their services delivered immediately, and even a 24/7 support team that you can reach out to if you have any complaints or run into technical difficulties. They seem to emphasise the protection of the consumer which we help and promote, of course. They have Famoid coupons which you can use as well.

Provide Quality Service

  • 2020-09-10 06:03:43
  • RATED 5
Famoid is the sort of Instagram company that will only provide high quality online social media content for all of your multiple profiles. Say the site will significantly help you expand both your Facebook, Twitter , and YouTube, and your Instagram. I've had the most amazing website users witness. The multiple services that Famoid offers for different social platforms have fulfilled all my needs

True Followers

  • 2020-09-10 06:02:21
  • RATED 5
I have got what I was told after waiting for 7 minutes. In reality, Famoid eventually gave me more than 100 followers. To be more exact, I got 121 followers for $2.95 at a cheap price. For some reason though, in the next half hour, I lost 2 of those fans. However, the ones that remained behind only offered true engagement and I can bet that they had real people behind them.

Timely Delivery!

  • 2020-09-10 06:00:40
  • RATED 5
The platform reports getting the number of followers you purchased takes up to 5 minutes. Results will of course differ from time to time, which is precisely what happened in my situation. I had to wait exactly seven minutes to get the 100 followers I ordered. One point to remember, lastly, is that you don't have all the supporters at once. Rather, they start appearing little by little as the minutes pass by.

Real Accounts!

  • 2020-09-10 05:59:25
  • RATED 5
Famoid is a website that helps you to buy followers and/or loves. You should be pretty confident you can get legitimate accounts, so it will be almost difficult for them to monitor fake users' accounts. I have been recommending the site since it was founded in 2017. Their goal is to create the best social media strategies, and much more.


  • 2019-07-23 13:17:14
  • RATED 4
I was skeptical at first. However, after I bought the 1,000 follower package, followers started coming in instantly! That's why I felt the need to review. Hopefully, they are real followers.

All Quality Likes!

  • 2018-08-04 09:55:45
  • RATED 5
I've ordered 1000 likes from Famoid today, they came out instantly and most of them are very quality and real people. Mostly USA based and really active people. Also, asked some questions to the Support Team, they get back to me within 15-20min which is great, thanks Famoid!..

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