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Famoid Overview

Address 126 Carlotta Dr, Bear Delaware 1970 map_location
Contact Email: [email protected]
Working hours: 24 Hours
Country us_flag United States

Social media platforms are currently the hotspots of the online world. Every day people spend most of their online time on any of the top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc. They spend their time chatting with each other interacting with posts from various users or publishing something of their own. The flexibility and entertaining features of these platforms are the reason for their huge popularity and a huge success.

Since this is where you will find people hanging out spending their time it is a great potential customer pool for companies and brands who want to market their products. This has made the social media platforms very competitive. Look, at YouTube for instance. It started as just some platform where people uploaded videos and then it turned into a means of livelihood for some people due to digital marketing. Every day thousands of people are trying to make their mark on any platform so that they can also earn some money via brand deals, sponsors or maybe promote their own brands. This is where social media management service providers like Famous come into play. They provide their services which enable companies and individuals to improve their social media cred.


Famoid is a popular social media management service provider which helps companies and individuals to have an edge over their competitors by boasting their online social media growth. Famoid has been doing business for around three years and has helped a lots of customers during this time and has fulfilled a lot of order.

They claim to have satisfied more than 200,000 customers which if true is truly impressive. The company is based in Delaware and provides social media services for multiple platforms. Thus, you don’t have to find a new provider every time you need to boost your social profile on different platforms.

They have a simple and secure payment option and affordable pricing. The name of the company basically means- “An object that makes you famous”. So, let’s take a look at the features and services provided by famoid and see whether they are going to make their customer famous or in the very least satisfied.

Features of Famoid

The better feature a company has that is geared towards efficiency and customer satisfaction the better is the chance for that company to create a loyal customer base. Famoid has many features which aim to help solve customer’s problems and provide service efficiently. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Privacy and Security

This is an important feature for any company to have especially those which deal with customer data and payment. Famoid knows how important user data is and how things can escalate once something is leaked.

So, they have made sure that the payment channel is secure so that there is no chance of interference. Also, during the transaction or rather while ordering you just have to provide your username and email id. In no case do they ask for the password of your social profile. Even the username and email you provide is protected from any third party. If you wan to know more about their privacy and security rules check out their terms and conditions.

  1. Experience

While judging Famoid don’t go by the years of existence rather go by the number of customers satisfied. Also, the team that works at Famoid has around 5 years of experience in this field and are motivated with the thought of customer satisfaction.

So, when choosing their services you can be sure that you are going to be taken care of and your queries will be answered. This is a sort of guarantee that they promise.

  1. Instant delivery

Instant Delivery is an important feature for a company to have in this competitive market. A customer might want to get quick boosts on his or her social profile. So, if the deliver takes time he or she might be frustrated and will choose not to do business with the company again. So, Famoid uses special software tools to ensure fast delivery.

Your order will start to be delivered within 10 minutes of purchase which is great. Also, if for some reason your order gets stuck you can easily contact them

  1. High Quality

Good quality service matters a lot when it comes to providing social media managing services especially when dealing with selling of followers, likes etc. This is mainly because social media platforms are evolving and upgrading faster than ever and have been trying their very best to remove bots and fake accounts from their platforms.

So, if you get delivered likes or views from bots then chances are the numbers will quickly drop as the social media company deletes these accounts and in extreme cases you might find your account banned. But Famoid claims to provide good quality followers who are real unlike other companies.

  1. Customer Support

Even though it is probably one of the most important requirements of a good business customer support is something that most companies don’t get right. A good customer makes your customer feel relaxed while doing business with you.

They shouldn’t be think about what if things go wrong and they don’t get their order, will they loose their money? But they shouldn’t be wondering about that rather they should always feel safe that they can contact you any time. Famoid claims to provide 24/7 customer support and will help you even during holidays. This can be a good things for customers as trouble generally arrived unannounced.

Services Provided By Famoid

Following are the services provided by Famoid:

  1. Instagram Services

We all know how important Instagram has become in the world of social media marketing and in terms of social media cred. Here are the services provided by Famoid for Instagram:

  • Buying Followers
  • With just a few clicks you can buy followers for your Instagram account using the various packages provided by Famoid. This will boost your followers count and help you further your Instagram growth.
  • Buying Likes
  • To make sure people know that your profile is very active and people interact with your posts you need to have good amount of likes o ln your posts. Famoid’s various packages will help you get likes for your posts.
  • Buying Views
  • Video posts are very attractive nowadays in Instagram. To make sure you get good number of views and people notice your posts you can buy views from the various packages provided by Famoid.
  • Buying Automatic Likes
  • Buying Automatic Likes allows you to get likes organically whenever you upload a post. So, people will trust you rather than thinking you bought a bunch of likes from somewhere. This service will get you likes for 30 days. You can choose from the four different packages provided by Famoid.
  1. Facebook Services

We all know how big of a deal is Facebook. It is slowly buying big social media platforms like Instagram. If you want to get some attention on Facebook then you can use the services provided by Famoid.

  • Fan Page Likes
  • Maybe you want to promote your fan page to Facebook users. You can use packages provided by Famoid to boost your page likes and ced. This wjll attract more people to like your page.
  • Post Likes
  • If you want your posts to be popular then you can buy posts likes from the various packages provided by Famoid.
  1. YouTube services

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms right now and has become a means of livelihood for many. You can use the services provided by Famoid to improve your YouTube growth.

  • Buying Subscribers
  • A good number of subscribers gives a good outlook to your channel. So, you can use the packages by Famoid to boost subscriber count of your account.
  • Buying Views
  • To make a video popular you need lots of views. Using the packages provided by Famoid you can buy views to attract more people.


We saw what packages and services are provided by Famoid. Now, let’s brake a look at their pricing. Here we look at the price of few of the packages.

  1. Instagram Services

Buying Followers

  • 250 followers for a price of $5.95.
  • 1000 followers for a price of $15.95.
  • 5000 followers for a price of $69.95.
  • 25000 followers for a price of$299.95.

Buy Likes

  • 100 likes for a price of $2.95.
  • 500 likes for $7.95.
  • 1000 likes for a price of $13.95.
  • 5000 likes for a price of $44.95.
  • 25,000 likes for a price of $168.95.

Buy Views

  • 100 views for $2.95
  • 1000 views for $8.95.
  • 5000 views for a price of $34.95.
  • 25000 views for a price of $99.95.

Buying Automatic Likes

  • 50 Automatic Likes for $79.95.
  • 100 Automatic Likes for $129.95
  • 500 Automatic Likes for $399.95.
  1. Facebook Services

Buying Fan Page Likes

  • $28.95 will get you 250 likes.
  • $74.95 will get you 1000 likes.
  • $169.95 will get you 2500 likes.

Buying Post Likes

  • For 100 likes you have to pay $12.95.
  • For 500 likes the price is $32.95.
  • The price of 1000 likes is $58.95.
  1. YouTube Services

Buying Subscribers

  • You can get 100 subscribers for $34.95.
  • For 500 subscribers the price is $99.95.
  • For 1000 subscribers the price is $149.95.

Buying Views

  • 1000 views will cost you $12.95.
  • 15000 views will cost you $129.95.
  • For 50000 views the price is $749.95.
  • And if you want to make your video viral you can buy 0.5M views for $1899.95.

Famoid Review

Famoid is one of the most popular sites for social media management services. One of the best things about this company is that you can easily buy packages for three of the top social media platforms in one place. So, you don’t have to switch service providers if you like Famoid. Their website has some good FAQs to help you out and also their packages have good variety.

They could have bundled up and created an extra package for each service which had all the features of that service. Like for Instagram there could have been a package which had followers, likes, views all in one. The refund policy of Famoid isn’t solid. If you have low retention you won’t get a refund. Also, after you get your order delivered if something goes wrong there is no refund.

But the site has garnered mostly positive reviews but you should still check out other reviews on our page or directly contact them if you have any queries before making the decision.

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Famoid Reviews


  • 2019-07-23 13:17:14
  • RATED 4
I was skeptical at first. However, after I bought the 1,000 follower package, followers started coming in instantly! That's why I felt the need to review. Hopefully, they are real followers.

All Quality Likes!

  • 2018-08-04 09:55:45
  • RATED 5
I've ordered 1000 likes from Famoid today, they came out instantly and most of them are very quality and real people. Mostly USA based and really active people. Also, asked some questions to the Support Team, they get back to me within 15-20min which is great, thanks Famoid!..

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