Electric Bikes List with Price in India

With increase in the quest for electrification, even the two-wheeler market has experienced some philanthropic entrants.  Its expected that this technology will get cheaper day by day once it gets the required popularity. Range Anxiety has been very thoughtfully tackled by these manufacturers. Now electric bikes can be charged anywhere with a three-pin charger. Moreover, the batteries are detachable. Earlier, E-bikes were restricted within the city and speed limits.

Now the electric bikes can do speeds up to 80 kmph with absolute ease and run for more than 100 kilometers, after which they can be charged anywhere with a three-pin charger. It’s as easy as charging your cell phone. The riding cost of the electric bikes is almost 10-20 percent of the conventional two-wheelers. Moreover, there are no issues of maintenance because of the absence of an IC engine. Only issue is of the initial product cost. Tork T6X is the first Made in India and the first electric motorbike which is expected to be launched this year.

Best Electric Bikes in India with Prices & Reviews

Top Products From The Category

Ather 450

Ather is an Indian startup established in 2014. They aim to developing fun to ride and easy to maintain electric vehicles. The Ather 450 is available at a price of 1.25 lakhs INR on road. Its powered by a 2.4kWh Lithium-ion battery. It can go up to 75 kilometers in one full charge. It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to get fully charged up. The top speed of this bike is 89 kmph. 0-40 kmph acceleration time is 3.9 seconds. It gets disc brakes at the front and at the rear. It produces 7.24 bhp of power and 20.50 Nm of torque. The kerb weight of this bike is only 118 kilograms and the ground clearance is 160mm. The bike gets telescopic front suspension.

The acceleration of this little monster would impress you. Absence of sound and vibration even above the speed of 80 kmph on a scooter is really a cherry on the cake. This electric scooter just makes the commute stress-free quick and cheap (saving of petrol cost). It gets to the top speed in no time, and the performance is extremely smooth and linear. The performance is punchier than any of those 125-cc scooters out there. The braking performance is also superb.

Even after being an electric bike, this one has a decent road presence because of its bright color scheme, long wheels and large wheel base. Moreover, the overall design looks futuristic. All-LED head-lamps and tail-lamps look beautiful. The company has used a full aluminum chassis for this vehicle. This has decreased the weight and increased the stability. The seats can accommodate 2 large sized individuals with ease.  The boot space inside is more than the traditional scooters. It can fit in a full-sized helmet. This bike has recently received a lot of updates.

One of the major updates is of the 7-inch instrument cluster. This is a very good addition. It is feature packed and consists of some smart touches like the engine kill switch, sound on engine start. This one though not as interactive as the smartphone display, is very well useful. Some cool features like the pinch zoom function have been added to make it more user friendly. There is a Ride mode and a sports mode on this bike. The backlit turns red if you throttle more often, this shows you that you are not driving in an economical way. The maps work well and they have the “work”, “home” and “favorite” option.

The touchscreen works only when the bike is at rest position. The Ather App would guide you to the location of the nearest charging station (if any). It uses the Google maps as its base, the navigation system is designed in house and is functional. There is a charging socket, however there is no pocket to house our phone which you intend to charge through this socket. You do have a place to store your phone inside the under-seat storage. There is no pillion footrest, however the front panel extents backwards providing the proper space to rest pillions feet.

The coolest thing about this bike is the park assist. It can be accelerated in a reverse direction as well up to 2 kmph. There is a switch that you can use to toggle through various modes. The side stand is made up of aluminum. 

Okinawa Praise

Okinawa is also an Indian Tech company which has electric scooters on offer. The Okinawa Praise is available at a premium of 66,273. Its powered by a 72V/45Ah VRLA battery pack. It goes up to 170 kilometers in a full-charge.  The usual time required to charge the bike is 6-8 hours. Maximum speed of the bike is 75 kmph. On the fast charger, it can also be charged with 1-2 hours. The kerb weight of the bike is just 96 kilograms. It gets three driving modes, which are eco, sport and turbo. There is a USB charging point to charge your phones and a pocket to keep them.

The brakes are re-generative, and they offer a really good braking effect. Speedometer, odometer, run-time and charging levels are showcased on the single-color digital instrument cluster. The Praise can climb hills up to 22 degrees. “Sleep” mode is a new addition on this vehicle. If the engine detects no activity in throttle inputs for 15 minutes, the batteries go on sleep-mode. “I-Praise” mobile app allows you to track the vehicle location, vehicle status. You can also immobilize the scooter through your mobile phone. The i-praise uses the light weight Lithium-Ion battery. The biggest advantage of these batteries is that you can remove them and take them home to charge. There are a lot of storage spaces on this scooter.

The air vents, LED DRL, head lamps, the indicator position all of them make this one a very sporty looking bike. The bike looks big and has a good road presence. It gets disc brakes on both the wheels and has a very long feature list. The boot space though huge enough, cannot fit in a full-size helmet. Being an electric vehicle, it has no noise and vibrations. This is a very pleasant change from the conventional bikes. The seats are also two-tone.

The acceleration is quick linear and responsive. On the left handle bar, there is a button which when pressed activates the sport mode and can be taken up to 75 kilometer per hour. The pickup of the bike is lower than the expectation and it goes to higher speeds in a little uncomfortable way. The ride quality of the praise is not really the best. In fact, it gets jerky on some minor undulations. Even in comparison to its conventional siblings, this scooter offers a very average ride quality. Foot board positioning is slightly high.

The handling of the bike is also not bad. It just feels adequate round the corners. The tires offer a very good grip to the scooter. Hard braking causes the rear to lock up which results in a skid. It is costlier than any of the IC Engine scooters, however this one has a very low riding and maintenance cost.  If you are a bit tight on the budget and if you wish to bring home an electric bike, then this is the ultimate option to go for.

Avan Motors Xero plus

Avan Motors Xero plus is available at a premium of 50,729. Its available in 3colors. Its powered by a Lithium Battery which makes 800 bhp of power. It runs 70 km in one full charge. The highest speed that this bike can achieve is 25 kmph. It can carry a maximum load of 150 kilograms. The battery can be charged using a AC 220V 50 Hz charger. 4 to 6 hours of time is required to charge this e-bike completely. This one does not come with a fast charger. The kerb weight of the xero plus is 62 kilograms. The length is 1800mm, width is 680mm and the height is 1080mm.

Ground clearance is of 160mm and seat height is 774mm. This bike comes with telescopic suspensions at front and coil springs at the rear. This offer a decent level of comfort. At a price premium of 20,000 INR, you can opt for the dual battery which gives a range of 110 kilometers in one charge. Both the battery options are detachable and can be charged from home. The bike can comfortably go up to 40 kmph with 150 kilograms of payload on a flat road.

This bike gets a digital instrument cluster which shows speed, gear, battery level, and the running. Front tubeless tires are equipped with disc brakes which are safer than the standard drum brakes. There is a cool sensor assembled which does not allow the engine to start if the stand is not released. There is a USB mobile charging port and a small storage compartment below the handle bars. Keys get remote locking and un-locking feature. There is a very good anti-theft feature on this bike. If you have locked the bike through your remote, and if someone tries to drag the bike, the tires get locked and the bike is immobilized. The detachable battery packs are located below the foot-board.

Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon is available at a price tag of 94,713. It is powered by VRLA 72V / 24 AH battery. The power output is of total 2.0 bhp and kerb weight is 111 kilograms. Ground clearance is of 140mm. The bike is built on a reinforced steel chassis. The bike has got telescopic front and rear suspensions which gives it a superior ride quality. The dashboard is very standard and looks a bit dated. It gives the information about the speed, battery level, indicators and headlights and the vehicle running.

There is a speed selector which has two options, low speed and high speed. The highest achievable speed is 45 kmph. The drivability of this vehicle is extremely good. It reaches its top speed very easily. The performance is linear. The under-seat storage can fit in a full-size helmet. The bike has a burglar alarm. Overall, the bike is light in weight, accelerates well up-to its limit, practical, and maintenance free which makes it a good city drive. The down sides of this bike are the low speed limit, high cost, lack of charging infrastructure.

Okinawa Ridge:

The Okinawa ridge costs 48,514 on road. Its powered by a 60 V/ 24 Ah VRLA battery. It can go upto 80 kilometers in a full charge. The charging time required is pf 4-6 hours. A fast-charger can be opted which do this job in one or two hours. It gets drum brakes both at the front and at the rear. Kerb weight of the bike is 96 kilograms. The length is 1725mm, width is 695mm, and the height is 1080mm. It gets telescopic front suspensions at the front and double shocker at the rear. It sits on 10-inch alloy wheels. 52 kmph is the maximum achievable speed.

It gets a digital display which has an odometer, speedometer, battery charge. Ergonomically its very similar to any other scooter. The foot board has adequate knee room for an average sized individual. The battery packs are positioned below the under-seat storage compartment. This concentrates the center of gravity to the center of the bike which improves the handling. Brakes of this Okinawa are not really great. There is no option of combined braking system like the activa.

Avan Motors Trend E

Trend E looks sporty. The front panels side panels, dual tone color scheme, add up to the premium appeal. The seats offer a decent level of comfort to the rider and the pillion. The back rest for the pillion is a good addition.  This is the third electric bike from the manufacturer. Its priced aggressively at Rs 56,900. Its available in dual tone paint scheme. The bike is equipped with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The trend E sits on 16-inch tires.

It also hosts telescopic suspensions at the front and coil spring at the rear. The bike is powered by a litium ion battery and its top speed is 45 kmph. The bike can cover 60 km with one battery and 110 kilometers with two batteries. Just like other electric vehicles, this one also can manage a load of 150 kilograms.

Some of the other electric bikes are Hero Electric Optima plus, Yo Electron ER, Yo Explor


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