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Ducati Motor Holding is the motorcycle manufacture division of Italian company Ducati. The company was founded by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati in 1926. The company is owned by German automotive manufacturer Audi through its Italian subsidiary Lamborghini, which is in turn owned by the Volkswagen Group. The current headquarters of the company is in Bologna, Italy.

The current chairman of the company is Rupert Stadler. Being a motorcycle company that produces high performance, highly successful racing motorcycles, as well as motorcycles for the commercial market, has proven to be a winning strategy for Ducati. Ducati's success was a combination of Ducati engineers' passion for their work, their detailed attention to the design process, and a well-defined, developed method called the “Ducati Method.” The “Ducati Method” helped lead to modular design via extensive use of CAD and simulation technology to optimize the design before physically developing the components followed by intense testing to validate the design. 

Ducati also started racing in the new MotoGP Circuit during the 2003 race season. With unexpected positive racing results, Ducati became one of the biggest companies in the motorcycle company. The bikes of the company are supremely and efficiently design to provide comfort as well as thrill to the driver. With that, the makers also keep in check the safety of the customers.

Various additions with the passing time has helped the company to maintain a good grip over a particular consumer market. In racing bikes, they utilized rider feedback from the races, videos of each race, track tests, data on race performance, and functional data acquired by on-bike sensors.

Ducati used the data from the track to identify problems that could not be detected in simulation. This type of data is excellent for measuring relative performance, evaluating structural stress loads, drivetrain torque, and system temperatures. The company has a current revenue of more than $700 million and a capacity of producing 55,000 vehicles annually. Other than motorcycle, Ducati also deals in clothing and other vehicle accessories.

Technologies and Innovations

Ducati has been a part of some groundbreaking innovations. Since its inception, the company has consistently performed in the innovation race. This has led to overcoming the battle with the competitors. The company is currently testing its brand new vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications system, which will allow a Ducati motorcycle to communicate with other cars and bikes on the road as per its strategy of ''Safety Road Map 2025".

The first step will be to introduce cornering ABS on all Ducati models and then, Ducati will look to introduce a model with front and rear radar, for sale, by 2020. Along with this, Ducati is also experimenting with new technology in conjunction with various industry leaders and will hope to equip its bikes with latest safety systems in the near future. The new jet technology introduced by the company can be a future revolution for the numerous bike companies. It empowers and strengthens the bike. The motive of this technology is to give a boost to the already existing power of the Ducati bikes. That’s what the Italian company appears to have planned, according to a patent filing uncovered by Bennett’s insurance.

It’s not switching to a turbine engine, but has designed an adjustable nozzle that’s fitted at the end of the exhaust pipe to turn the escaping gases into thrust, similar to the ones used by supersonic jets. In this case, the idea doesn’t seem to be to push the bike faster, but to use the angle of the exhaust to rotate it forward to help keep the front wheel on the ground during acceleration. Anti-wheelie technology currently in use modulates the power going to the rear wheel, reducing output to achieve the same end. With the nozzle, the motorcycle theoretically could constantly adjust the pressure of the exhaust, while continuing to send as much power to the rear wheel as the tire can handle.

The technology hasn’t yet been spotted being tested on one of Ducati’s race or street bikes, but with news that it’s planning to introduce a street legal model powered by a version of its V4 racing engine, it’s going to need all the help keeping those front wheels on the ground it can get. Ducati has currently multiple safety innovations and developments running parallel with the concept of ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems) on its motorcycles. This system in the future will incorporate assistance or feedback from a number of sensors, including radars to gauge the surroundings for potential threats on the fly. These systems will interact with the rider and send alerts to prevent possible collisions with obstacles or other vehicles.

Top Selling Models

Ducati bikes have sleek and splendid design. The powerful engines used in the bikes are low sounding and very strong. This helps the bikes to gain high speed on the road. These attributes create perfect bikes which are a little costly, but worth every penny spent. Some of the most amazing bikes produced by the company are mentioned below:

Build Quality 

The built quality of Ducati bikes is supremely efficient. The new V-4 engine introduced by the company has added to the existing dominance of the bikes. It produces a sound of bats leaving a cave which attracts attention of the entire crowd. The powerful persistence of the engine and combination of safety airbags makes the bike safe and speedy.

The ABS system is designed perfectly and has improved with time. Ducati bikes along with the powerful engine and innovations such as jet technology have increasingly built a huge market base. Ducati bikes are reliable and durable. They are favorable to the customers. With this constant improvement, Ducati continues to grow as a brand in the motorcycle market.


Ducati has been a great influence in the commercial as well as the racing world. The good thing about the company is the versatility in producing both luxurious and mediocre bikes. This strategy has helped Ducati gaining advantage in the customer market. The company which was once established from the scraps in Italy has now conquered the entire European market. Ducati faces tough competition from other competitors in terms of technology and innovations. Also, the prices of the bikes produced by the company needs to lower down a bit.

In this way, sales will increase which will further result in growth of revenue. Ducati is a great sports bike brand. It has gained attention in MotoGP which is one of the most watched sports in the world. The racing bikes have given the company the boost that it requires. With good future planning and proper advertisement and promotional strategies, Ducati will inevitably capture more attention and will cause more thrill with its terrific speed and power.


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