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Popular as an executive mover, the Toyota Innova was first launched in India in May 2015.  This was the first luxury MPV in India. It was loved by the Indian customers because of its luxurious interiors and was the only MPV back then which could challenge the sales of trend setting car’s like the sumo. The Innova proved that MPVs can be stylish and luxurious. The car received timely updates and facelifts however, it was the introduction of the Innova Crysta that took this MPV to a whole next level. The company has sold almost 3 lakh units since its launch. This MPV enjoys a very high 40% market share. Toyota sells almost 70,000 units of this legendary MPV every year.

This car is very famous amongst the travel companies because it offers supreme levels of comfort to their users. Moreover, its used as a cab to and from airports because it can fit in all the luggage and accommodate a family in a good comfort.  The prices of the Crysta petrol start at 15.67 lakhs and go up to 21.71 lakhs for the top model while the diesel version is priced in between 15.67 to 23.47 lakhs. This legendary vehicle is available in 20 variants and 6 colors.

The crysta is 4735mm in length, 1830 mm wide and 1795mm in height. 2750mm is the wheelbase of this MPV which is almost the same as of the previous car. Ground clearance is 176mm. The fuel tank capacity of the Innova is very large which is 65 liters. All these dimensions mean that the new Innova is huge and there is no dearth of space inside the cabin. The ground clearance is sufficient enough for almost all the Indian roads. The 1805-kilogram car sits on 17-inch alloy wheels. Crysta has maintained its original “Innova” design in this one. You can identify an Innova right in the first look. And this Innova just looks more charming than its predecessor. The Innova looks attractive because of the bold frameless grille and aggressive looking LED DRL’s. The large and clear tail lamps look beautiful. The car has a wonderful innova crysta badging at the rear. The side profile reminds you of the typical van like Innova look.

You feel awesome right when you step inside the cabin of the new Innova. Everything inside the cabin looks premium. The third row of the seats is easily accessible with just one touch flip of the second-row captain seat. Adults would have to sit in a knees-up position in the third row. However, this is by far the best third row of seats available. Also, there is a chilled bottle holder available for the third row. Its best suited for kids though.  The dashboard looks excellent. There is a swooping line which extends from the instrument cluster to the right-side A/C vent.

The dials are bold, clear and the background lights make them even more visually attractive. An additional display in between the dials offers a host of functions. There are cup-holders and storage bins almost everywhere. The cabin can hold almost 20 bottles. It has a dual glove box and one of them is a cooled one. The 2nd row of seats are also supremely comfortable, and one can shift them forward to open up more knee room. They are ergonomically designed and offer adequate back support and under-thigh support. Because of this, long journeys would not at all be tiresome. The middle row of seats also gets an airline like tray to hold some snacks along with a pocket to hold a cup.

This row also gets their own A/C vent. There is a small pocket to house your phone and cupholders to house a cup or a small bottle. U-shaped ambient lighting on the top gives it a premium touch. The A/C operation on the second row is electronically operated. The seats can be reclined to add more comfort. The doors open wide enough so tThe boot space has been increased in comparison to the previous model.  The touch of wood on the dashboard gives it a premium feel. The faux aluminum inserts look good. The seats are considerably larger and more supportive. The side A/C vents have bottle holders in the front. The top model gets keyless entry, smart key, electrically retracting mirrors, half wooden steering, Push-button start, touch screen infotainment along with navigation, ambient lighting, traction control, cruise control, 7 airbags, and a 3-dimensional instrument cluster. The space below the front arm rest can hold up a lot of things. Innova is also available in an 8-seater version. The touch-screen angle and the font inside this new Innova make it easy to access while driving. The A/C controls are placed on a slightly angled surface which makes it very easy to access. You also get a luggage net.

The Innova Crysta is available in 2.6-liter petrol engine, 2.4-liter diesel engine and a 2.7-liter diesel engine option. The petrol engine is available in both, manual as well as automatic. However, the smaller 2.4-liter diesel is available only in manual and the larger 2.7-liter diesel would be available in only automatic version. The 2.6-liter petrol engine makes 164 bhp at 5200 RPM and a maximum torque of 245 Nm at 4000 RPM. This one delivers an average fuel efficiency of 11.25 kmpl. The 2.4-liter diesel engine makes 148 bhp of power at 3400 RPM and 343 Nm of torque at 1400 RPM. The ARAI claimed fuel efficiency of this model is 15 kmpl. The 2.7-liter diesel engine makes 172 bhp of power at 3400 RPM and 360 Nm of torque at 1200 RPM. The ARAI claimed fuel efficiency of this one is 14.29 kmpl.

The 2.7-liter diesel engine makes the car feel extremely light. It gets to the triple digit speeds very easily. The Automatic gear-box responds very well to the throttle inputs. This gearbox not only makes the car easy to drive but it also makes driving a pleasure. Overtakes are easy and power is available in plenty of amount whenever you need it. However, this Auto-box tends to down even with a slight tap on the throttle. But this problem can be solved if you put the gearbox in manual mode. The cabin feels perfectly insulated. It shuts down all the sounds much better than before. The steering feels very light and doesn’t inspire much confidence out on the highway.  

The diesel engine is smooth and refined. The clutch feels slight and the shifts are good. Its only when you push it to the red-line, that it becomes audible. There are three driving modes on offer, eeco mode is to make the best fuel efficiency, normal mode for the regular driving and power mode for the enthusiasts. In the eco mode, revs don’t rise quickly, while in the power mode, the car makes a good progress quickly. However, it’s the normal where you get the best of both the world’s. The power built-up in the new innova is very linear and the red-line comes at 4500 RPM. Cruising along the highway is absolutely effortless, unlike the older car. The gear lever tends to vibrate when you start the car. Other than that, the NVH levels inside the Crysta are absolutely fantastic. 

Ride quality of the Innova always felt perfect and this one is an improvement over that. Cruising along the highway and going long distances would always feel comfortable in this one. The car feels refined and silent at any given speeds and any given tarmac.

The cabin of the Hexa feels more premium because of the quality of materials used. However, there is not much storage space in the Hexa. And this could be negative factor if you are planning to use this as a cab. The touch-screen of the hexa is really small in comparison to the Innova. Also, its not responsive as the crysta. Features like LED headlamps and keyless entry are also missing on the Tata MPV.  Its second row and third row are better in terms of legroom headroom and in terms of overall width. It is easier to get inside the Innova as compared to the Hexa. Power output of the Innova is certainly better than that of the Hexa. Innova feels punchier and the performance feels a lot superior. Steering and maneuverability of the Innova has an edge over the Hexa. Overall, the ride quality of the Inova is more pliant than the hexa. Fuel efficiency of the Innova is also better than the other.

The Crysta is better in terms of boot space, comfort and ride quality. This makes the Innova a perfect cab for long journeys and airport trips. It can accommodate more people and luggage. Moreover, it would pamper the passengers, save fuel and would also ease the driver effort. It’s a perfect companion for the long highway trips. Obviously, this is not a car meant for the city commute, but it would be great companion as a long route cab.

If you are a businessman and thinking to invest in a fleet of cars, then this is the best one to go for because of the ride quality, fuel efficiency and Toyota after sales service. Toyota is a car which would offer the passengers a premium travel experience in a very low running cost to the owner. Hence, investing in the Innova is a win-win situation.

Touring sport is another version of the Innova. It’s basically an Innova meant for the performance-oriented customers. The touring sport touches the 100kmph mark in just 10.96 seconds. The touring sport is available in three engine options, 2.4 -liter diesel, 2.8-liter diesel, and 2.7-liter petrol. The 2694-cc petrol engine makes 245 Nm at 4000 RPM. 2393-cc diesel engine makes 343 Nm at 1400-2800RPM and another 2755-cc diesel engine makes 360 Nm at 1200-3400 RPM. The ride quality is very good. But the steering inspires no confidence at high speeds. It feels like you are driving a heavy car. The Auto-box also doesn’t work the best to get a very sporty performance. In sports mode the gearbox doesn’t upshift even after the red-line. There is an extra bit of red stitching everywhere in the touring sport. Remaining everything in the interior is almost the same as that of the other model.

Innova was already a very famous car. However, performance was not really interesting in the older Innova. However, in this one Toyota have upped their game in terms of performance, handling and ride quality. This car has luxurious interiors and is a very feature packed car. However, the price of this new Innova is increased considerably. If you are planning to buy this MPV for your family then it is a better option to go for the 2.7-liter petrol automatic. This would not only be convenient but would allow you to drive with complete ease within and outside the city limits. However, if you are buying the car for the Cab Usage then the diesel 2.4-liter would be a much more convenient option.

This is because it would save you a lot of money and would ultimately be the best MPV as a cab.  If you expect a bit more performance out of your MPV and if you would be behind he wheels for most part, then you shuld choose the Innova touring sport. Ultimately its an MPV and that’s the reason why its more focused towards comfort luxury rather than fun to drive element.

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