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Caratlane.com Reviews, Complaints & Customer Ratings


Chennai  based CaratLane is India´s leading jewellery online marketplace that has totally transformed the jewellery buying and wearing experience in India.

There has been a unanimous agreement regarding the designs of Carat Lane products. Customers have found their designs much better than other companies. There are also good options of products to choose from and great exchange deals offered to customers. While the quality of the products has also been satisfactory, there have been few cases of questionable quality especially in the certification of diamonds and their purity. Most of their products are quality checked and certified by companies like BIS, GIA, SGL, etc that certify jewellery.

Customers also have a free of cost ´try at home´ service facility that allows customers to try out products in the comfort of their home and buy accordingly. Alternatively, customers can also virtually try and select jewellery via their mobile app available of Android and iOS platforms.

The feedback on the customer service has been mixed ranging from excellent and highly attentive to rude and inefficient. They have a better return and exchange policy than other retails stores. One let-down is the fact that there is no money back guarantee for any of their products. Customers also want more store outlets in major cities and 100% assurance for all the products.

Overall, customers trust CaratLane and are satisfied with their products and service.

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