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15 Best Yacht Rentals in Singapore (2023)

Yacht Rentals in Singapore

Singapore is surrounded by water and has advanced water transportation facilities. The people living here prefer renting out private boats or yachts for sailing in the sea. Yacht rental in Singapore is on the boost and is receiving a great response. These boats have advanced facilities and have minimal yacht rental prices in Singapore.

You can rent a private yacht for hosting small events or functions. Many people prefer celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries on the overnight yacht rental options in Singapore. These yachts are available in different sizes and have different specifications.

If you are planning to rent a yacht then you will find some of the cheapest yacht rentals in Singapore. The availability of so many companies in the private yacht rental industry in Singapore can make the selection process hard for you. Different agencies offer different packages. You need not worry as we will help you find the perfect yacht at the best price.

Here is the list of 15 Best Yacht Rentals in Singapore:

Infinity Sails

Infinity Sails

Infinity Sails will give you the perfect yacht holiday. They arrange holiday experiences and yacht parties. They are the best when it comes to arranging events on the boat. Be it your birthday, anniversary, or any other event, they are the best at organizing it. They provide a luxurious experience to their customers.

If you rent their 40 ft catamaran charter you will forget all your worries for sure. They operate on the southern coast of Singapore and arrange trips to the nearby islands as well. They are one of the top yacht rental Singapore. Their yacht is very huge and can accommodate up to eighteen guests.

They have two air-conditioned cabins, bathroom facilities, a shower, and an additional private big room for couples. Their staff is extremely professional and well-experienced. They also have water toys, cooking facilities, a refrigerator, music players, tableware, and other safety equipment.

Their yacht rental is pretty cheap and includes all the amenities. They also serve drinks and barbeque on the boat. They have received a five-star rating and will make your trip memorable. If you are planning on spending a weekend on a yacht with your family, then Infinity Sails yacht is the best option for you.

Address: 11 Cove Drive #01-01 One° 15 Marina Sentosa Cove Berth P-21, Singapore 098497

Phone: +65 9699 3782

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SG Yachts

SG Yachts

Next on our list, we have SG Yachts. They will provide you with a huge size 60 ft party yacht. They are known for arranging some of the best yacht parties in Singapore. Their yacht has a lot of open spaces that will help you enjoy the beautiful views. They have top-quality LED light lighting on their boat.

The best part about them is that their boat is equipped with the latest fusion marine audio system. They have cooking aids, bar counter, music, karaoke, water toys, showers, and good size bedrooms. They have a variety of packages to choose from and will offer you the best rates. Many youngsters use SG Yachts for their weekend parties.

They have been providing this service for quite some time now and have gained expertise in this field. Their customers are happy, which makes them reliable service. If you want to host a yacht party and cannot find the perfect overnight yacht rental in Singapore, then SG Yacht should be your go-to place.

Address: 17 Leng Kee Rd, Singapore 159092

Phone: +65 6890 6330

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Yachtly is another great rental boat service in Singapore. They call themselves the most affordable yacht charters and that is for a reason. It has super cheap rental rates starting just from $500. They will provide you with the best yachts and that too well within your budget. Here you will get to choose your yacht from a wide variety. They have all types of yachts that will suit your occasion.

They host both private parties as well as business meets. It also serves food onboard. Yachtly has been providing service for many years now and is one of the top yacht rental Singapore. They have received great reviews. They have kitchen equipment like ovens and microwaves. Also, they provide you with snorkeling masks, water mats, and a kayak. Unlike any other service, they have extra facilities for uplifting your experience.

These include fishing rods, music speakers, TV, stand-up paddle, and karaoke. The only part where they lack is that they arrange short distance journeys near Singapore. So, if you have a budget constraint and want do not wish to compromise on quality, then Yachtly is the right place to find your affordable yacht.

Address: 1 Cove Dr, Singapore 098497

Phone: +65 8299 2678

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Valencia Yachts

Valencia Yachts

Valencia Yachts is a company that will provide you with a luxurious experience. Their yachts are available in 43 ft and 51 ft sizes. They are known for their customer service and will provide you with an experience like no other. If you have booked a yacht through Valencia Yachts then you are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They host birthdays, family events, anniversaries, corporate meetings, dinner cruises, and also international tours. Their tours go to nearby islands as well as countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Their crew is very professional and will cater to every need of their customer.

The thing that makes them better is that their rates are very affordable. So, if you want to enjoy your yacht experience to the fullest, then Valencia Yachts is the perfect place for you.

Phone: +65 9383 0098

Atlantis Yachts

Atlantis Yachts

This is another great option if you are thinking of organizing a private event on a yacht. Atlantis Yachts have been providing their yacht rental service for the past 18 years and have a loyal and experienced staff. They will make the booking process simple and will provide you with some of the best yachts in Singapore. They have small as well as big yachts sizes.

Atlantis Yachts can accommodate a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 55 guests. One of their huge size cruises can hold almost 133 guests at a single time. So, if you wish to throw a mega-party or event, then you should definitely get in touch with them. They take journeys only to three nearby locations in Singapore.

So, if you wish to dive deep into a remote location in the sea then Atlantis yachts will help you do that. They have contacts with nearby snorkeling and scuba diving agencies. Besides that, their rates are very affordable. The premium segment yachts are a little costly but will deliver you an amazing experience.

Address: 621 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #09-1476, Singapore 470621

Phone: +65 9007 7843

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The Boat Shop Asia

The Boat Shop Asia

The Boat Shop Asia is a very active yacht rental company. They not only practice daily rentals but also organize boating events. The part that makes them unique is that they teach their customers how to drive a boat. They have a variety of boat options available. It organizes small as well as big events according to the customer requirements.

They can accommodate up to a hundred people on their biggest boat. They also have smaller machine boats for quick one-day trips. The best part about them is that you can take these yachts wherever you want near Singapore. They have made their yachts fully equipped with all advanced facilities. Their prime focus is to provide their customer with a top-quality experience and they are very much committed to doing that.

Also, people love attending boating events and competitions. Their rates are very affordable. If you want to rent the boat for one day or just a few hours, then this is the right place for you. They will provide you with the right size as well as price.

Address: 52 W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126887

Phone: +65 9661 8345

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Singapore Yacht Charters

Singapore Yacht Charters - yacht rental singapore

Singapore Yacht Charters is one of the leading yacht rental companies. They are the industry experts and definitely have what you are looking for. Name any yacht and they have it ready for you. They offer one of the widest range of yachts as well as small boats. If you make last-minute plans and are not sure whether you will get a rental boat, just call Singapore Yacht Charters.

They will arrange the best yacht for you and that too at a cheap price. Company arranges weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, business meetings, as well as corporate events. They have been providing quality and continue doing that even today.

Their boats have all kitchen, enjoyment, and water toys facilities. Unlike any other service, they give you amazing discounts on rentals. This makes Singapore Yacht Charters one of the top private yacht rentals in Singapore.

Address: ONE•15 Marina Club, 11 Cove Drive, Sentosa Cove, Singapore, 098497

Phone: +65 9176 9151

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Sierra Charters

Sierra Charters

As the name suggests Sierra Charter is one of the best charters in the market today. They mostly deal in the premium luxury segment of yachts. They organize fishing trips, sunset trips, one-day trips to the islands, and customized private tours. Their yachts can accommodate plenty of people and are well-equipped with the necessary facilities.

If you are planning a holiday then Sierra Charters is the perfect relaxing idea. They have additional facilities on the boat and serve the best dishes onboard. Their barbeque dinner is one of the best. The Sierra yacht has two decks, two bedrooms, and two heads. The boat is air-conditioned and has wi-fi facilities.

Compared to the other recommendations on this list, Sierra Charters is a little expensive. The only part where they lack is that the maximum number of guests is twenty. So, if you are ready to spend a little extra and are organizing a small party, then Sierra Charters is the right option for you.

Address: 52 W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126887

Phone: +65 9743 5433

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Ximula Sail

Ximula Sail - yacht rental singapore

Ximula Sail will help you arrange the perfect holiday to your dream destination. Their yachts are available in all sizes. Their staff is professional and will help you find the perfect yacht as per your requirements. They also host private as well as corporate events. Their yachts are very clean and spacious.

They have all the water activities and kitchen facilities. Besides that, they have some of the cheapest rates on boat rentals. This is a great option to consider if you want to save money.

Address: ONE°15 MARINA CLUB, 11 Cove Dr, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497

Phone: +65 8716 1519

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Lloyd Marine

Lloyd Marine - yacht rental singapore

Lloyd Marine is a company that deals in the sales, purchases, and rentals of a yacht. They have a wide range of boat varieties. All of these boats can be hired for several days at a stretch. They are good at organizing small as well as mega-events. Their staff is known to be polite and friendly. They carry out tours near the southern coast of Singapore and arrange island trips.

People like using this service for its cheap price range. Also, they give couple discounts on bookings for anniversary parties. They have received great reviews which makes them one of the best yacht rental Singapore.

Address: 46A Tras St, Singapore 078985

Phone: +65 6438 7889

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Yacht Rentals

Yacht Rentals - yacht rental singapore

This is a great yacht rental option. For the people who love to go fishing, Yacht Rentals arranges tours at cheap prices. It does not matter whether you want the yacht for luxury or for basic use. They have it for all. They are experts at organizing onboard parties. It can accommodate ten guests on its small charter.

Their biggest cruise can hold up to 130 guests. Their yachts are designed in a way to maximize space usage. They have two bedrooms and kitchen equipment on their yachts. Company experience heavy bookings, hence checking the boat availability is recommended. They have received great reviews from their satisfied customers and are a five-star rated service.

Address: 4 Greenmead Ave, Singapore 289397

Phone: +65 9178 1234

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Eagle Wings Yacht Charters

Eagle Wings Yacht Charters - yacht rental singapore

Eagle Wings Yacht Charters can accommodate up to fifty people. Their yachts are luxurious and clean. Their yachts are perfect for a weekend getaway with your family and relatives. They organize birthday parties, family functions, as well as other corporate events. Unlike other services, they have a ten-seater dining table on their charter that makes it more luxurious.

They carry out four-hour trips to the southern islands. If you want a customized trip, they will arrange that as well. Their rates are affordable and will offer you top quality. So, if you are looking out for a service that will offer you value for money, then Eagle Wings Yacht Charters will be the right choice.

Address: #02-13, Sentosa Cove Village Arrival Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 098537

Phone: +65 9228 2222

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Marine Bookings

Marine Bookings

Marine Bookings have 36 yacht varieties available for you. They have served thousands of clients and have a tremendous amount of experience in private yacht rental Singapore. They have been providing this service since 2010 and are the industry leaders today.

Their customers are very happy with their service and rates. They arrange all types of parties, yacht weddings, and corporate meetings. So, if you want your rental agency to be experienced and the best at what they do, then you are at the right place.

Address: 70 Shenton Way, #07-10, Singapore 079118

Phone: +65 6932 9932

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The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club - yacht rental singapore

Last on our list we have The Yacht Club. They have all types of yachts and will search for them according to your travel requirements. It arranges small as well as long trips. They specialize in arranging marriage proposals and wedding anniversaries.

They also conduct international tours to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Great customer service is their top priority. Their rental rates are affordable. Despite being last on our list they have received great reviews. You can rely on them for boat rentals.

Address: 138 Robinson Rd, #03-42 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906

Phone: +65 8123 0546

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Yacht Charters Singapore

Yacht Charters Singapore is owned by Epicurean State company. They take boat tours to some of the most exotic locations near Singapore. People prefer using their yacht rentals for a vacation trips. They provide yachts starting from one day to several days. It specializes in corporate retreats and birthday parties.

They also conduct diving trips for the people who enjoy adventure sports. Their seafood specialty is worth giving a try. They are known for their affordable rates and great quality. They have received some of the best reviews on Google and are a highly recommended yacht rental service.


This was the list of 15 Best Yacht Rentals in Singapore. These are the best private yacht rentals in Singapore. They have extra facilities to offer and will deliver the best customer service. We hope this list was helpful for you. If we have missed any good recommendations, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar recommendation lists.

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