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What Is NEO Crypto? History and Future of an Altcoin

How crypto will transform the Future of Business

Among the variety of digital assets in the crypto market, we would like to highlight one not very popular project compared with the industry giants; however, this asset definitely worth your attention – cryptocurrency NEO. It was released back in 2014. Initially, the project developers aimed to create a platform where users could digitize real-life assets and make tokenized versions of them. This idea was cheerfully accepted by crypto enthusiasts in China, who even gave the NEO coin the name “Chinese Ethereum”.

Over time, the project founders decided to carry out ICO and raise investment for the project’s development.

As of mid-November 2022, the price of the cryptocurrency NEO is $6.57. Let’s see other features of the project and the price forecast for this coin.

NEO Crypto Features

We collected the pros and cons of the NEO project:

  • speedy transactions;
  • work with real-sector assets;
  • smart contracts;
  • support for widespread programming languages;
  • centralisation and lack of privacy;
  • not so popular in Europe yet.

What is the future of NEO crypto? If the project keeps on developing, it has all the chances to grow up to the $32 price for one coin by 2025. That sounds attractive. However, you should learn about the project and evaluate its prospects on your own to make sure you understand the risks.

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