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What are the Pros and Cons of a Gas Stove?

Whether you are a chef cooking for pleasure or someone who is cooking for pure necessity, either way, you will have to develop good relations with a stove so that you can get the job done. Well, for that, you will have to understand the ins and outs of your cooktop, and one such cooktop that is kind of in the vogue these days and we are going to talk about is — Gas stove. Gas stoves are pretty much in every Indian household, and we cannot imagine a day without them. However, with constant change in gas stoves and different features being added daily, choosing the right one according to your needs is no longer a simple task.

So you will need to get acquainted with everything a gas stove has to offer and then make a decision based on a logical and reliable approach. Here we have broken down precisely the merits and demerits of using a gas stove so that you will be less oblivious, especially when it comes to gas stoves.

All About Gas Stoves

Gas stoves or cooktops are the most common types of stoves or hobs that you will get to see in most Indian kitchens. These cooktops are the most traditional way of cooking, and many houses use different flammable gases such as butane, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, or natural gas. Overall they are a suitable type of stoves that you can find out there in the market, so make sure you give it a try after reading our full review. Ensure selecting the top and best quality; for more information on the list of top gas stoves in India, visit makeachoice.in.

Most modern gas stoves have a built-in extractor hood that helps extract specific types of gases and fumes. Gas stoves were first manufactured in the 1820s, however they were detached investigations. However, in the early 20th-century, gas stoves started to resurge in popularity and spread worldwide. And today, they are available in most of the market and are traditionally used in most households. Therefore, it is really imperative to understand the merits and demerits of a gas stove.


There are many benefits of using a gas stove, and the most obvious one being, it heats instantly than most of the other types of cooktops out there.

There is No Power Loss

One of the significant benefits of utilizing a gas stove is there is no power loss. Since they don’t run on electricity, you can easily cook your scrumptious dishes without power.

Heat Emission is Less

Generally, gas stoves remain cooler in the kitchens and immediately disperses the heat once you turn the stove off, not like induction stoves where the heat is distributed around the appliance. They don’t waste the heat around the top of the stove that enters through the air.

More Control Over the Flame

A good chef can easily control the temperature of the cooking by just looking directly at the flame. With gas stoves, you can easily control the temperature accurately. You can quickly and change the flame lower or higher.

More Durable

Gas stoves are kind of more durable than other types of cooktops, especially glass top induction ones. The metal used in gas stoves is more robust and durable; thus, it increases the lifespan while not letting any scratch or marks get in the way.

They are More Cost-Effective

As we all know, overall, gas is more affordable and cheaper than electricity. In addition to this, if you cook a lot, then a gas stove can prove to be an excellent option. Not just that, you will be saving on your cookware as you can use any type of cookware when working with gas stoves instead of purchasing a new pan just to run on the electric one.

Easier to Clean

Most of the surface of gas stoves is easily cleanable with warm water and soap. Plus, there will be no hassle of cleaning a cooktop specifically. Additionally, gas stoves are easier to maintain and will demand less hard work from you.


Enough of accentuating the positives, unfortunately, gas stoves also accompany a few demerits, and they are mentioned as follows.

Messy Cooking

First and foremost, cooking on a gas stove can get messier if you forgot to turn off the gas while the milk was boiling (we all know what happens next!). Since they have metal grates around the burner, and food generally spills around this area, so it becomes one hell of a job to clean them.

Need to Be Install Every Time You Order Gas

So if you are out of gas, you will need to reorder it, which means removing the existing one and carrying it outside, installing the new one, and fitting the connections. Something tells us this gets a bit mundane and daunting, isn’t that right?

Kind of Dangerous

If you are using gas stoves, you will need to be more prudent around them cause they can easily lead to disasters. Turning the gas on and forgetting to light it up can cause the gas to build up in the kitchen. It can cause breathing problems and maybe a fire.


Clearly, it is evident how a gas stove can be a much better choice if you deal with some of the demerits; hey, you cannot get anything perfect. So now that you are fully acquainted with the ins and outs of a gas stove make sure that you are investing in the top quality gas stove rather than cheaply made ones. However, it is always crucial to look for safety, so ensure that you are cautious when cooking on a gas stove. Rest assured, the advantages of a gas cooktop far outweigh the disadvantages. With that said, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment box down below. We would love to hear from you and possibly help you out with your query.

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