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Ways and Solutions to Improve the Level of Play in World of Warcraft


If we consider World of Warcraft as an MMO RPG for beginners, then the project has many complex mechanics that are poorly explained to beginners by the internal training system.

You will be taught to beat monsters, take quests, give you initial equipment, but that’s all and this is the main reason many players leave the project at level 40-50. Mechanics become complex, there is little damage and equipment, there is practically no experience.

To prevent this, it is important to read manuals and watch guides, study forums.

The first step should be to stop playing blindly and by chance. Many players have already gone through the path of playing on your character in order to ignore their experience and repeat the mistakes of others.

What Can Help You Better Deal with the World of Warcraft Project



The mission of the Skycoach service is to teach many players how to play games correctly and get more pleasure from the process, achieve victories and understand the reason for their achievements.

Gold supplies

Everything about gold is the basis of the economy of any game, and World of Warcraft is no exception. Gold can be used to purchase most types of equipment and weapons, including legendary and hard-to-obtain in the most difficult raids.

When leaving a request for gold, you indicate the required amount and wait for the transfer process. An exchange will be initiated, which is no different from the standard interaction of players – this is necessary so that nothing is suspicious in the eyes of the game administration, and they do not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.

Providing a level

The general lvl is access to a full-fledged game in WoW updates, the revealed potential of the character and developed skills, the ability to engage in PVP and PVE for which maximum gold is mined, special raids and advancement of the game plot.

To provide services from a professional Skycoach player, you transfer your account under the guarantee of the service about the safety of personal data and the absence of sanctions from the gaming administration. The status of the order is tracked on the site and upon completion of the service it is recommended to change the password.

Learning the Basics of Playing a Character

If you want to learn how to play a character well and with high quality, you have several ways.

  • The first is to play a lot and read various manuals, gradually building up understanding of the game in the classroom through trial and error.
  • The second is to order a service of assistance in learning to play in the selected class.
  • A professional coach from Skycoach is an experienced player who specializes in your playing class – for an attacking class, tank, or healer, a different and most suitable coach will be selected.
  • The main task of the trainer is to teach you how to feel the character. Know when to engage in combat and what skills to use. Where to farm and how to earn gold in your class. How to behave in a raid and what role to play.



This site acts as a large repository of guides and guides to many areas of the World of Warcraft.

Here you can find complete guides for your character with a step-by-step explanation of each choice and the reason for the decision.

For example, you can find a detailed description of the rogue class, which is a character with the main attribute of dexterity, fast and deadly, which is invested in the power of a critical hit and the accumulation of energy for combo attacks. Strong against mages, weak against heavily armored targets.

In terms of armor and weapon selection – you will need light equipment and daggers and you can get them by completing quests and farming raids, or craft them by developing leatherworking and blacksmithing.

On Wowhead you will find full descriptions of skills and recommendations on the correct order of application.

For example, you need to build energy with simple attacks to start landing empowered and critical attacks with stuns and bleeds that will knock out most opponents with a series of hits.

But, an important point for a dagger is jewelry. If you don’t invest in magical defense, then most mages will kill you faster than you can use a jump behind your back.

Jewelry can be ordered for production from jewelers in order not to develop such a complex and expensive profession that does not bring strong benefits and does not fit well with the robber class.

WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom

Fandom should be considered as a full-fledged source of information in the form of articles, where important data on NPCs, quests, items and materials will be written.

The site is useful for artisans who want to develop their profession in the direction of improving the quality of products.

The more high quality materials you can get, the faster your profession will develop and the better items you can make.

You can track the quality and usefulness of any item you plan to produce.

To increase the chance to create a masterpiece, you need special items that increase performance when doing professions. You can craft them yourself and order everything missing from other players. Blizzard made it so that any artisan is forced to order the production of resources from other craftsmen and cannot produce everything on his own.

Do not forget about the gradation of quality – green items can be bought on the marketplace, blue and above can only be ordered for production from others, or created independently. This is all due to the item being given master status when used, and only regular quality items are unbound.

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