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Visual Watermark Review: A Watermark Tool for PC, Mac & Android

Visual Watermark Review

Photography has become a top tool in telling stories through pictures. With smartphones and cameras so readily available, everyone has become a photographer. Images are abundant on the internet these days. So, for all the pictures that you click, it is essential to protect the photograph from stealing. Thus, to safeguard one’s intellectual property rights, the watermark is used.

Watermark is the copyright added to the picture to prevent it from getting stolen. Visual Watermark is one of the best watermarking application to protect your rights on your digital images. A watermark is an image to safeguard any intellectual property from counterfeiting.

What is Visual Watermark?  visual watermark

Visual Watermark is a software to watermark the digital images. The software is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Windows Vista even supports visible Watermark. It has a batch processing functionality.

It can add watermark to 100 images in under one minute. The batch processing of watermarking the pictures is a striking feature of Visual Watermark in comparison to its competitors such as Adobe Photoshop. Visual Watermark can easily watermark both images and videos.

How to use Visual Watermark?

Visual Watermark software can be used for watermarking both the images and videos. By following the instructions below, you can easily watermark all your pictures and videos on Mac, Windows, and Android.

  1. Install the app for the preferred device- Mac OSWindows, or Android.
  2. The application works offline. There is no active internet connection required for the app to watermark the images. Add the photos or videos to be watermarked by clicking on the “Add images” option.
  3. Select the watermark from the list. You also have the option to design a custom watermark. Click on “Add Logo” option to add the watermark.
  4. Choose the position for placing the watermark. You also have the option to place watermark automatically.
  5. You can also modify the font style and size of the watermark.
  6. The software makes sure the image is protected from Automated Watermark removal.
  7. Resize the image after adding the watermark.
  8. Select the output folder to save the watermark images.
  9. The saved images are then displayed.

Features of Visual Watermark

The Visual Watermark software has both the app version and an online web version. The web version of this watermark tool is Watermarkly. The software has amazing features which help protect the intellectual property rights of the individual and at the same time assures the smooth functioning of the tool.

  • Batch Watermarking:  Batch Watermarking

Software is capable of adding watermark to 100 images in less than a minute. This feature sets the software apart from its contemporaries. You require dragging and dropping the photos or videos to be watermarked. The speed is so incredible that even with substantial 1GB files, the watermark addition is completed on time.

  • Custom Watermarks: custom watermarks

Can adjust the watermark in your desired manner. The modification includes font size and style, color, transparency, etc. The software also allows for saving the templates for future use. To keep the template, click on the “export template” button. Double click on the file to use it in the future.

  • An extensive library of the watermarks: An extensive library of the watermarks

Watermark comes with its vast library of the watermarks. There are over 260 pre-loaded font styles and formats. It makes for the wide variety of existing watermarks.

  • Impressive watermark format support:  Impressive watermark format support

Watermark supports an impressive range of watermark formats, such as PEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP formats. It doesn’t mess up with the quality of the image and preserves the EXIF data on JPG.

  • Nobody can access the original files:

The app can work efficiently both online, and offline the images are never kept on the servers or shared over the internet. Thus, making sure the pictures or videos are the solemn property of yours.

  • Adding copyright details to watermark: Adding copyright details to watermark

Watermark adds the contact details of the owner in the watermarked images. These details are accessible by anyone accessing the details of the picture file.


The software comes with a one-time price and can be used for as long as required. The selected plan can be upgraded. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it. You have to mail the support team with a problem description, and the money is returned in the next business days. There are three- major subscription categories:


  1. Basic: This subscription costs $19.95. It is just for personal use. It can be used on one computer and works well on both Windows and Mac. This version, however, comes with its limitations in terms of the number of font style and templates availability.
  2. Plus: This subscription costs $29.95. It can be used for both personal and commercial use on two computers. It comes with 170 font styles and ten watermark templates. The speed is fast and has a crucial recovery time of 2 years.
  3. Premium: This plan costs $39.95. It can be used on ten computers both personally and commercially. There are 256 font styles and 12 watermark templates. It has the fastest watermarking speed.

Apart from this, in case there is an organization that cannot afford to pay for Visual Watermark, they also offer to upgrade for free. The organization in regard has to write an article and publish about Visual Watermark on their website. For this, you can get in touch with the team by dropping an email.


Visual Watermark is a natural, convenient, and fast way to watermark the images and videos. The batch processing feature of the software is a great timesaver. The simplicity and the usefulness of the software are on par with many of its expensive contemporaries. The application allows for uploading a previously created watermark and allows for extensive customizations. However, there are scaling issues sometimes, and it isn’t available for iOS. Nonetheless, the app is fantastic and convenient software.

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