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SubPals Review- All You Need to Know Before Using it

SubPals Review

SubPals is a platform with multiple social media channels offering promotional services. These channels include Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Their promotional services involve the provision of likes, followers, subscribers, opinions, and comments. They are sent through social network accounts of people or companies. The next day a package is ordered, these deliveries begin.

The company features a really easy-to-use website. The product policies are set out well. The packages are comprehensive and sizable. They offer free subscribers and views on the YouTube platform.

One can use it to check service delivery efficiency. Older client reports say one’s being conservative. Yet, evidently the site has grown to be trustworthy.

Networks and Services

They have updates on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, and Spotify. These are some of the most important channels for social media. Spotify Projects and Soundcloud protect the recording creators’ needs.

Instagram does not have any plans yet. The proposals for YouTube include user likes, downloads, and shares. Can be bought as separate units or in sets. Any famous YouTubers will profit from this, however.

There are three services on Facebook’s media network. The accessible options are video shares, reviews, and article likes. They are only accessible as single pieces.

The plans available for Spotify are music, playlist followers, and followers. One can buy Plays, Downloads, Followers, Likes, and Reposts from SoundCloud. The business gives Pinterest fans and wants to.

SubPals Plans and Prices

SubPals: Plans and Prices

There is a portion well set out, describing their pricing points and facilities. For the desired result one may merge several distinct plans. The common theme of their planning is spending money on bigger amounts.

Nevertheless, to check the quality of their offerings, one can purchase smaller packages. The table below shows the contracts and the pricing points for the main networks.

Services and Networking

All the premium plans every SubPals provides pledge assured delivery. We also vow the best price, replacement assurance, protection, and privacy in the industry. They claim that it makes sense to buy their plans, and give the following:

  • Helps The Profile build an immediate reputation.
  • Encourages other users to access and enjoy your photos/videos.
  • You don’t have a backdrop like most photos/videos.
  • Results begin in 24–72 hours.
  • Results will start every day before completion of the order.

Hosted on a secure encrypted SSL server, their website is. When on their platform this protects your privacy.

Mainly Followings are the Services Provided by SubPals:

  • YouTube Services

SubPals: YouTube Services

YouTube is the place where SubPals activities reign. Anyone that has a YouTube channel can order this kit online. I offer videos, comments, subscriptions, and shares on YouTube.

A special and greatest benefit is offering views of the USA. The tables below display the price level for each YouTube channel program (thus the YouTubers would still be excited).

  • Spotify

Spotify is the habitat for artists and music fans. With packages provided here, one may promote his music. One can take it a bit higher and use the package to playlist. That provides you with the same followers on a playlist with all the tracks.

  • Soundcloud

Subpals - Buy Soundcloud Plays

SoundCloud has developed into a haven for new, popular artists. Upcoming musicians may achieve attention by purchasing a new track with likes. This platform provides several choices. Which requires a number of opportunities to blend them. This also ensures you will, with no effort, get others to recognize your abilities.

  • Pinterest

Graphics and images make up the vast majority of Internet-wide web pages. The platform targets outstanding photographers and graphic designers. Such bundles will quickly draw interest from emerging photographers to their job. By doing so, they can also attract potential subscribers.

  • Other Services

SubPals has ambitions for other sites including Twitter, Pinterest, and Soundcloud. Someone who is trying to sell their songs or videos will benefit from this.

On Soundcloud the most complex is. They provide play, download, follow, likes, and reposts. If one wants to grab a pattern, exposure is important. This should be extremely valuable for musicians.

They sell plays on Twitch, player fans, and friends. There are deals for fans and favorites on Pinterest. This is evident from the price table below that one seems to be spending money by purchasing bulk contracts.

Guarantees and Terms

Their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be included in this website. When a refund or a issue with fallen numbers is needed, details on refills can be found there as well.


You commit to their Online Terms of Service when accessing this page. This position on on the electronic terms of service relates to details gathered on the platform. This does not apply to the offline collection of knowledge.

One could purchase a subscription to Enterprise or Celebrity. Every month it will be paid on the same day. You will terminate the service by calling Customer Service. The users are entitled to cancel at any moment. One is not expected to remain subscribed for any time span.

Privacy Policy:

Customers get notifications as they apply to their email. Additionally, data is gathered while you log on their website. This information includes details about e-mails and/or credit cards.

Details Collected was used in two ways:

  1. To Transact Payments:
    Your identity is not to be rented, shared, or transmitted, whether public or private. Without your permission, it would not be granted to any other organization for any purpose. This can only be able to provide the item these orders.
  2. To send regular emails:
    You may use the email address you provide to send information. It may be used to address queries, among certain queries or concerns. They put a number of protective initiatives in order.That’s to keep sensitive details secure. They provide a stable cloud utilization. All sensitive / credit information received shall be transmitted through Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) technology. It is then authenticated into their directory with Transaction gateway providers. Only those approved with sole rights to these systems may access it.To maintain the details secret certain entities are needed. Personal information isn’t kept on their computers during a sale. Pay cards, social security numbers, and financials can be used. They are not selling, swapping, or even carrying on your personal details. This does not include trusted third parties that help with the organization of their services.Visitor knowledge which is not individually identified can be given to certain parties. This may be seen in promotions, advertisements, or other uses.

Refund Policy

The strategy determines what to do when consumers are not happy. When you are dissatisfied with their operation you should call their customer support. This will be achieved within seven days of the service being bought.

They would absolutely repay the fee, then terminate it. When it extends past seven days, you are not liable for a refund. The team will, therefore, evaluate your request and function on the basis of their discretion.

Sub Pals Quality of Subscribers

Performance is calculated by longevity and loyalty in the line of operation. When they stay on the page the followers are deemed healthy. And their interest is also dependent on the kind of articles they put up, and their statement.

The emphasis on the platform is that it will produce strong followers. In other terms, they pledge keeping actual accounts open to real users.

With their free program, the argument can be checked. Sometimes real people are unpredictable. This may account for follower dropouts. Reports show that usually the drop is less than 10 per cent. In fact, once approached, the organization agrees to remove these.

Retention Rate

This is no secret in the business that false accounts come with legitimate ones. Too many companies offer more real accounts than bogus ones. After the distribution of these fans, there is the problem whether they should stay on one’s list.

Thus far, sources suggest they’ve reached around 90%. The lack of users may be ascribed to social network administrators’ behavior. They cover up for this by substituting for absent followers and subscribers. However, in case of this, they very clearly urge you to email them.

Pros and Cons

In short, Subpals is a business with a range of expertise. Its attention is on clients, and the organization takes care of any aspect. Many of the advantages involve billing, design, and a profit. However, there are certain things that may not be too perfect for potential consumers.

  • Wide Range of Pricing Plans
  • 24/7 Support
  • Organic Growth
  • Real Subscribers and Likes
  • Free Plan
  • Excellent 5-Star Trustpilot Rating
  • 100% Safety and Security
  • 7-Day Refund Policy
  • There is no feature for weekly payment


In today’s nation, social networking networks are a major force to be dealt with. Essentially, digital marketing thrives on the advent of social media.

Therefore exposure to social networking networks is vital to any business’s progress. Such sites are often perceived by individuals seeking to boost their personal image.

SubPals has been running for quite some time. Depending on that, they’ve acquired ample field knowledge. We may count on them to put this consistency to bear.

They have shown they can offer successful ads on social networking through various networks. Among others the organization ranks very high in this market.

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