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10 Best Stores Like Reformation – Reformation Alternatives


Reformation; the brand that led the way in ethically sourced fashion has long since become a favorite for many. And with that catchy, appealing tagline, they really stay true to the fact that they are leading in the environmental field.

With a ‘great’ in the environmental rating, they employ the use of eco-friendly materials and other recycled materials in the production of their clothes, with some of their products being Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

They also reuse offcuts created during the manufacturing process, and have successfully reduced their carbon footprint by manufacturing much of its range close to where it is sold! With the situation we face in the world today, every little bit counts to increase the lifespan of our planet by a little more, and we love companies like Reformation for doing what they do.

While their clothes are a teensy bit pricier than what we usually go for, they are definitely 100% worth it, and if you’re looking for more stores with similar agenda’s and styles, we bring to you these great alternatives!

Here are the best Alternatives to Reformation:



Shein is a very popular fashion store when it comes to trendy and stylish clothing for women. The store has been in business for over 12 years and has amassed hundreds of thousands of customers.

What Shein does best, is sell clothing and accessories which look similar to the products by some high-end designer brand but at a much lower price point. Of course, you will not get the top-tier quality either but the product quality is good enough to last you some time. It has various replacement and refund policies as well for many countries.

Chic Me

Chic Me

Chic Me considers itself to be unique when it comes to this business and is focused on providing the best products for women’s fashion. It sells the latest trends and styles when it comes to clothing and accessories.

Chic Me claims to have more than 100,000 different styles in the store with more than 590 styles being updated every day. Chic Me also promises that whatever you decide to buy from the store will be priced 50-70% lower than the local. So, why not check it out?



Romwe is a lot similar to Shein. The main reason behind this is that both companies have the same parent company. The designs and styles that you will find on Romwe are very similar to that on Shein.

One benefit of Romwe is that the items are priced lower than those at Shein. It also has free shipping for orders above $15. Any delivery from Romwe takes on average two weeks to be delivered. Romwe also provides various discounts and holds regular sales.


zaful: fashion store

Zaful is another alternative to go for if you are looking for stores similar to Reformation. They have quite fashionable products and have a wide selection of clothing items as well as various accessories.

The pricing of the products are quite affordable and you can buy a bunch of apparel and accessories for quite cheap. It will take around 2 weeks for the items to be delivered to your doorstep. The design and style of clothing are quite attractive and you can often save more using sales and discounts.



Dresslily is kind of different than many of the online fashion stores that we saw on this list. It does not go directly for the trendiest or the edgiest fashion but rather finds its place in providing a bit of vintage fashion.

If you are looking to mix up your wardrobe with something old school then you can check out Dresslily. We did like the quality of the products which though not high-end was kind of comfortable and lasting. The prices are quite affordable as well.


Rosegal - website like mellville

Rosegal can become one of your alternatives for Reformation. It has got all the latest and trendy fashion products when it comes to clothing and accessories.

The founders of this store were quite passionate about fashion and decided to turn it into a business. One thing that Rosegal does differently than other stores on the list is that it has a separate section for plus size clothing which is great. Plus size women can find products that are geared towards them with ease. So, check it out.

Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s Child

First on our list is possibly what we think is the best alternative to Reformation. With the floral, feminine, empowering aesthetic that shrouds Nobody’s Child, it is extremely similar to the style that we so love over at Reformation. The more affordable prices of the latter also make them that much more appealing to us, since we can all partake in the more ethical practices in the fashion industry without taking a big blow to our wallets.

Nobody’s Child is super big on sustainable and ethically made clothing, and just for a little extra cost, you’re getting items that are just as gorgeous as we see in fast fashion stores, but those that last much longer, and leave you without the burden of having taken a step further from the bettering of the environment! The need of the hour definitely calls for certain changes, and fashion is a great place to start!


Next up we have a brand that definitely deserves more recognition and customers. Sisterhood is a pretty small brand, and its aim is to create pieces by the very notion of femininity, creating clothes for every woman and every occasion. With sustainability on the mind, their clothes are pieces that will last really long and remain staples in your wardrobe for an equally long duration.

With their dedication to the environment, like Reformation, everything from the paper to the packaging they use is recycled and can further be recycled once used! They’re completely cruelty-free, and with just one factory, they ensure that their relationship is built on loyalty and honesty, and all their production is minimal and ethical. We definitely need more stores like Sisterhood, and if you like Reformation, be sure to give this little company a visit!

& Other Stories

& Other Stories

Next on our list is & Other Stories; a brand that is definitely not as well-known as it should be. Providing clothing for women, & Other Stories is a charmingly aesthetic, elegant brand, housing collections from three design ateliers based in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

If you’re wondering about their aesthetic, think of a sunny, yet breezy day in the summer; somewhere in the French countryside, or an Italian vineyard. With unique silhouettes, & Other Stories combines new cuts with classic pastels and monochromes, creating something that is both muted and eye-catching at the same time.

They provide clothing for a number of occasions, and while they’re not the most vibrant, their fairy-tale-like outfits make for great conversation pieces in subtle ways. But subtle definitely does not mean boring because their clothing is far from that! Check them out, and find out for yourself!

Urban Outfitter’s

Urban Outfitters

A big name in the fast fashion industry, every second person finds something they love in Urban Outfitters; its popularity, as well as its commitment to providing clothing that goes well with the times, is what has made people love them so much!

They pride themselves on staying on top of trends, and going to their categories you’ll find one specifically tailored to the trends of the time. Be it tie-dye, the season’s specials, necessary basics, and more! But we’re not here to focus on Urban Outfitters. Rather, we draw your attention to an initiative taken by them, known as Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal is Urban Outfitters’ curated collection of vintage pieces, as well as vintage-inspired, pieced made using reused and recycled deadstock (the leftover clothing that typically ends up filling landfills). We already did love Urban Outfitters, and with this new idea they’ve executed to be a little more sustainable, we love them even more!



Up next we’re bringing to you a very special brand; ABLE. And before we move on to say anything about their clothing, let’s just take a moment to explain why they’re so special. One of the main reasons why we thought ABLE would be a good alternative to Reformation is that both of them are in some way concerned with the ethical production of clothes.

And a lot of times in the fast fashion industry, we don’t know how the money works behind the companies. Oftentimes, while claiming to be ethical, a number of brands still partake in the hazardous sweatshop-culture, where workers toil endlessly and don’t get adequate wages. ABLE, on the other hand, is extremely transparent in how the wages work.

One of the first categories on their website leads directly to a detailed account of their working system, and we can’t help but appreciate the transparency.

Coming to their clothes, ABLE has a collection of clothes that work as closet essentials, and are also super cute and trendy. From their cropped denim jackets to their comfy sneakers, to the stylish, timeless totes, ABLE has everything you need for a functional wardrobe, and that’s why they’d made a great alternative to Reformation! Both ethical and essential!


A label that is probably a little bit more expensive than Reformation, LPA is the next brand on our list. The reason why LPA has a place on this list is that the founder, Pia Arrobio was originally a designer at Reformation, and after leaving the brand, she partnered with Revolve, birthing LPA!

Finally taking the risk to launch her own label has proven quite successful since the ethical and sustainable clothing of the brand has become quite popular, even among celebrities!

Faux fur jackets, silky dresses, chunky sweaters, and vintage-inspired pieces are a specialty at LPA, and they really bring alive the eternally gorgeous idea of a romance that found its spark in the European countryside. If you’re trying to imagine the aesthetic, imagine the famous movie, ‘Call Me by Your Name’, and turn it into fashion! We’re determined that if you like Reformation, you’re going to love LPA!



Next on our list is Everlane, one of the more affordable retailers on this list! While Everlane isn’t as known for its sustainability as much as Reformation is, they do have certain categories that cater to more ethical, organic clothing. They have a big collection of clothing that is simple, and at the same time unique.

A tad bit more sophisticated, and simpler than the trendier, more charming options we find at Reformation, Everlane gives a little twist to the aesthetic we’ve come to love so much, and if you want to expand your fashion horizons, it’s a great place to try out! Everlane also has a variety of clothes, ranging from loungewear to formal dresses that follow a pattern similar to & Other Stories’; of being muted, yet standing out.

If you love Reformation, chances are you’re definitely going to love Everlane, and it’ll make a great addition to your wardrobe, so don’t forget to pay them a visit!

And that brings us to the end of our list! Tell us what you think of these brands, or if you feel like we missed out on any good ones, feel free to contact us and let us know! Until next time!

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