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10 Best Alternatives & Stores Like Madewell You Should Try (2021)


A clothing company under the very popular J. Crew, Madewell was started in 2006 as a brand that would be focused on providing people with clothes that were sustainable and ethically made.

It gained popularity mainly due to the fact that it did not jump onto the bandwagon of trends like the typical fast-fashion brands, but rather stayed steadfast in its aim of creating quality clothes would last long.

Apart from that, Madewell also became increasingly popular for their jeans, which became known for how perfectly fitted and true-to-size they were!

If you’re someone who has trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans, Madewell will definitely be a good place to look. While they are a bit more expensive, with each pair around $100, they’re extremely durable and will last much longer than the average pair of jeans!

So, in case you were looking for a good alternative for Madewell, we’ve come up with a list of stores that you can visit!

Here are the Best Alternatives of Stores Like Madewell:



Whenever the topic of trendy, stylish, and fashionable clothing and accessories at very affordable rates comes up Shein is one of the online stores that need to be referenced.

This company has been around for more than a decade and has become popular. Every month it pulls in hundreds of thousands of customers, if not more, from all over the world. It has got a huge collection of clothing with a variety of styles, trends, categories, etc. The rates are very affordable and regular discounts and sales help save more bucks. It has a refund policy for the US and a few other countries.

Chic Me

Chic Me

You should visit Chic Me if you are looking for an online shopping destination that sells fashionable women’s clothing at reasonable rates. The founders of the store had a knack for passion and good experience in the market. We found a wide variety of selections when it comes to apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, purses, shoes, and many other items.

The prices are quite low allowing you to buy a bunch of items for cheap. The quality of the product ta are mostly decent and the site generally gets good reviews.



The next company also has over a decade of experience in the market having been established in 2010. Romwe is proud of its collection of trendy and fashionable products along with good quality services for customers. It can become your one-stop-shop for your various fashion needs as it has become for many.

Spend some time while shopping here and choose the best stuff for you. It has products for both men and women spanning multiple categories and styles. The prices are quite low so you can buy quite a few items at once.


zaful: fashion store

Zaful is a brand that claims to sell some of the trendiest and edgiest fashionable clothing. Even this store has stuff for both men and women. This is a Chinese brand but doesn’t worry most of what you will find here is of decent quality.

You don’t survive in this market for long if all your products are crappy and your customers are unsatisfied. Its delivery services are available for multiple countries. This brand regularly collaborates with popular influencers to come up with new stuff and promote themselves. The rates are quite affordable and hence you should check this website out.


Rosegal - website like mellville

Rosegal is a store that has good stuff for ranging from cheap to expensive rates. They have good curation when it comes to men and women’s apparel and accessories. They have a special section for plus size clothing which is quite a nice thing to do as many puls size women find it a bit difficult to find the right size.

Most women’s clothing ranges between $10 to $50 with the most expensive dresses being close to $80. Similar rates can also be found for menswear. Give this site a visit and see if it is the right fit for you.



Dresslily offers a reasonable price range for the products that it sells. The quality is mostly good enough to last you your money’s worth. We did like the categories and selections that they have.

You can look for casual tops, swimwear, lingerie, sleepwear, jeans, and much more. Dresslily has a connection with a lot of different manufacturers and resells their products by pricing the products competitively. You can often get a good deal out of it by savings a few bucks with every purchase.

Levi’s Waterless

A lot of us don’t know how much water is used to make a pair of jeans. Hint: a lot of water. And with the growing concern of water scarcity, Levi’s, the literal master of all denim-focused brands took it upon themselves to take a step towards saving water. They introduced Levi’s Waterless, which reuses the water that goes into making these jeans, thereby saving so much water from going to waste.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option to buy jeans that fit you as well as your favorite Madewell pair, we suggest you try Levi’s Waterless. We all know how great Levi’s jeans are, and when you throw sustainability into the mix, how can you even refuse? What are you waiting for? Go check them out!



Next on our list is Everlane, one of the more affordable retailers on this list! While Everlane isn’t as known for its emphasis on sustainability, it do have certain categories that cater to more ethical, organic clothing, and they definitely are more ethical than the usual fast-fashion brands that are so popular.

They have a big collection of clothing that is simple, and at the same time unique. Everyone has a variety of clothes, ranging from loungewear to formal dresses that follow the same pattern of being muted, yet standing out.

If you love Madewell, you should definitely pay a visit to Everlane’s website, because we’re sure you’re going to love it! And it’ll make a great addition to your wardrobe!



With their catchy tagline “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2”, we have yet another big name in the sustainable fashion world: Reformation. They are perhaps the brand that led the way in ethically sourced fashion and has long since become a favorite for many. And with that funny, yet appealing tagline, they really stay true to the fact that they are leading in the environmental field.

With a ‘great’ in the environmental rating, they employ the use of eco-friendly materials, like Tencel and other recycled materials, with some of their products being Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

They also reuse offcuts created during the manufacturing process and have successfully reduced their carbon footprint by manufacturing much of its range close to where it is sold. While their clothes are a teensy bit pricier than Madewell, they are definitely 100% worth it!

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak 

First on our list is another Canada-based brand called Frank and Oak. Frank and Oak is a perfect alternative to Aritzia, from the types of clothes they sell to the very aesthetic they employ! While a little bit more expensive than Aritzia, Frank and Oak is wholeheartedly dedicated to producing their clothing in ethical, sustainable ways.

All their clothes are made using eco-conscious material, and their entire chain of production is ethical, ensuring that the clothes they provide are of the best quality, durable, and free from the sweatshop-culture that other fast fashion brands lean on.

This ethical chain is what makes the prices of their clothing understandable and so much more worth it, and if you have that extra money, this is a great alternative to try out and buy from!


Next on our list is a company that is aimed at creating long-lasting, sustainable, ethically-made clothing essentials that can fit into anyone’s wardrobe easily. Started by a woman who understood the lack of comfort that came with popular fashion brands, and like us, sighed over clothes that fell apart after a few washes, Tradlands creates simple clothing that lasts for ages.

Button-ups, shirts, pants, jackets; Tradlands takes clothing that is timeless due to how essential it is, and makes it available for all of us, looking for that beacon of hope among a world that relies on fast-fashion.

Their pieces are simple, versatile, and yet have that charm that comes with something that is classic, and always appreciated and enjoyed. If you like Madewell, we definitely think Tradlands is a good alternative for you.


Next on our list is a very special brand; ABLE. And before we say anything about their lovely clothing, let’s just take a moment to explain why they’re so special. One of the main reasons why fast-fashion is as despicable as it is is because we don’t know how the money works behind the companies.

Oftentimes, while claiming to be ethical, a number of brands still partake in sweatshop-culture, where workers toil in hazardous conditions and hardly get adequate wages. ABLE, on the other hand, is a brand that is extremely transparent in their wages. One of the first categories on their website leads directly to a detailed account of their working system, and we have so much love for them for it!

Coming to their clothes, ABLE has a collection of clothes that work as closet essentials, and are also super cute and trendy. From their cropped denim jackets to their comfy sneakers, to the stylish, timeless totes, ABLE has everything you need for a functional wardrobe, and that’s why they’d made a great alternative to Madewell!

Universal Standard

Universal Standard

Next on our list is a brand that was founded quite recently; in 2015, and has over the course of fewer than 5 years become extremely popular because of the body positive image they share and cultivate. As the name suggests, they cater to all body types and sizes, and whether you’re a size 0 or a size 40, you’re going to find something that fits you perfectly, and makes you look great!

The huge collection they feature has a variety of styles, and so do the women that model for them. From every color, size, and shape, there’s a woman that can make you feel like you too are absolutely beautiful just the way you are.

And in an industry that thrives on body-shaming women, Universal Standard is exactly what we need more of! So, drop all your inhibitions and pay a visit to the Universal Standard for some gorgeous clothes that your wardrobe will love.



Another sustainable, ethical clothing brand like Madewell, PACT is the last one on our list. While the aesthetic of the brands is super similar, the one line of difference is in the materials they use.

While Madewell features clothes made from a variety of materials, PACT goes all-in with having all their items made of 100% cotton. So, if you’re someone with sensitive skin that flares up in the synthetic material so often found in clothing, PACT is definitely the place for you!

And the great part is, they aren’t just limited to clothing either! Selling towels, bedsheets, duvets, and even baby items, PACT is the one stop destination you need to visit to say goodbye to all materials that irritate your skin!

And with that, we come to the end of our list! Tell us what you think of these, or if you feel like we missed out on any great brands, don’t forget to contact us because we’d absolutely love to hear from you!

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