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Stores like Lulus: 10 Alternative Fashion Stores Like ‘Lulus’

Stores Like Lulus

Online fashion retail and boutique stores are the new trend of modern times. Since youngsters want to flaunt off styles that are equivalent to those of the runway and those, which do not break the pocket as well, they have shifted focus from designer labels and instead, have opted for shopping from e-boutique stores, for they cut the costs to a great extent.

Lulus is one such online forward fashion online store dealing majorly in women’s fashion apparel and accessories, that is headquartered in California and serves customers globally.

Initially, this store specialised in vintage apparel, but has now expanded to include almost everything that you need to look good and strike a statement-making appearance.

They have also revoked the long lost tradition of the craft of tie and dye and has combined it with modern, contemporary designs and styles. So, you can find cropped t-shirts and off-shoulder dresses, made using this technique on their online store.

One must not definitely not forget to explore their handbags collection, for it is highly tasteful and at the same time, affordable. The following are some of the other women’s fast fashion online shopping stores like Lulus, to give you an ocean full of outfits to choose from, without breaking your wallet.

Here are the 10 Best Stores Like Lulus:


ROMWE: Fashion store

This is a complete online shopping multiplex for college going youngsters that is hands-on trendy and affordable. They design, source, market and sell men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and home and lifestyle products, by ensuring quality standards. Here you can find almost everything you need for an attractive outfit. Dresses, tops, pajama sets, swimwear, accessories, shoes and bags, you name it and they have it. Besides, you can also shop for cute stationery items, home décor basics and essentials, jewelry, basic electronics, cosmetics and beauty, skin and personal care products.

They have a fluid and hassle free shipping and returns process. However, your order may take up to 16 to 25 days to process completely. Free deliveries are also available for orders above $35. Their sale prices start from as low as under $5 and if you are a student, they have some dirt-cheap prices and bulky discounts for you!


zaful: fashion store

If you are looking for trendy and fast fashionable clothing, look no further than this amazing web store, which is one of the best online stores like Lulus, operating globally. Zaful is your one stop shop for today’s most daring and edge giving fashion apparel. Their women’s clothing collections are all about redefining trends, design intelligence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista, and all of it at prices that are affordable for all.

Their unbeatable variety of prints and patterns, styles, materials and techniques is something to mull over. They have everything from florals to animal prints, from formal wear to stay at home pajamas, from athleisure to lingerie, from holiday wear to party outfits – there is hardly anything that you would not get at this online clothing store. Besides, do not forget to check out their immense collection of accessories which includes sunglasses, hats, jewelry, scarves, bags and footwear among others. While on their website, you can also browse products on the basis of latest trends.


ASOS: Store like Lulus

It is indeed, one of the largest online fast fashion boutique stores like Lulus, that stocks up on designer wear and fashion apparel from a vast catalogue of brands.

A lot of its styles are similar to those featured on Lulus. As a brand, they believe in diversity and fashion for all. So, their products are available in over 30 sizes and they have additionally partnered with an LGBTQ organization to launch a gender neutral fashion wear collection as a step towards accelerating acceptance. They also actively promote body positivity.  

Here, customers can select from a wide range of products including clothing, beauty and personal care, accessories, footwear, active wear etc.. ASOS ships products worldwide and you can avail free shipping on orders above $40.

They have a hassle free 28 days return policy. Pro Tip: Check out their website regularly as they keep on adding some huge and attractive discount coupons for students (and otherwise as well) worldwide! 


OREVER 21: fashion store

This is a well known online store like Lulus that has gained immense acknowledgement from fashion connoisseurs worldwide.

As a result of their success, they have inaugurated several physical Forever 21 stores that can be found in a number of countries all over the world. Started in 1984, today it sells top quality fashion merchandise including dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, athleisure, sleepwear etc.. along with quality accessories for women and men.

They also have outfits on the basis of occasion, so you can choose from the categories of formal, casual, party or holiday wear. Forever 21 is especially renowned for its trendy couture and low prices 

Apart from this, they have recently launched their own beauty and makeup products chain by the name of Riley Rose. And while you are on their web store, you may also get some assistance in choosing an outfit or look from their fashion and beauty blog, that goes by the name Forever Yours.

On this blog, you will also find beauty hacks, recipes, wellness tips and much more. They host frequent sales with heavy discounts, so do not forget to regularly check this online clothing store.  



When you shop at GoJane, there is nothing to hold you back, because from thigh-high boots to bodysuits to cute dresses, they have something for everyone and to suit every occasion.

Their merchandise is ideally suitable for teenagers and young women, with styles that are directly inspired by runway looks and celebrity wear. Their clothing is meant to define the confident, unique and trend-setting women who stay ahead of the fashion game with their unique sense of style.  

At their web store, you will find a diverse range of clothing – top wear, bottom wear, dresses, accessories, denims and lingerie. They have plenty of categories and menus, so you can select the exact style type that you have been looking for, such as, you can select footwear on the basis of your shoe size, preferred colour or style type.

Similarly, you can choose the clothing on the basis of silhouette, occasion, material etc.. They have also stocked up on some basic accessories, cosmetics, makeup, beauty and personal care products. Pro Tip: You ought to check out their clearance rack for some astounding discounts.  

Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon

One of the most sophisticated, classic and quality online clothing stores like Lulus, Goodnight Macaroon has on trend, cutesy and casual clothing for women. From boots to bikinis to party dresses, they have everything that you need to look good.

Their collection of turtleneck sweaters is worth a purchase. And you get all of it at minimal prices. New products are added on a daily basis on their e-store and over 100 items are added weekly. You can also choose this e-store as a gifting destination to send presents to friends or family members. 

One of the unique features of Goodnight Macaroon is that they have already curated looks in the Instashop category. So, you can purchase an entire outfit, starting from accessories and clothes to footwear, all in one go saving you the hassle to mix and match tops and trousers.

At their website, you can browse products on the basis of best sellers and popular products. You can also find styling tips and weekend outfit inspirations on their fashion and beauty blog. 

Pixie Market

Pixie Market: Stores like lulus

This online women’s clothing store is known for its eco-friendly products and sustainability. They use natural materials like Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, Linen and organic cotton. Pixie Market features the latest and fashionable clothing for women and quality accessories, inspired by the best trends of each season.

You may explore their evolving collection of cutesy tops, trendy dresses, fashionable bags, jewelry etc… They curate their looks from the fashion industry’s runways along with the latest trends from independent style influencers across the world. Plus, they are always upgrading their collections, so you will always find something new to suit your style.

From jumpsuits, playsuits, tops, dresses, outerwear, skirts and much more, you can flaunt your individual style without having to spend a fortune. This makes it one among the best fast fashion e-stores like Lulus. Currently, their Spring Sale is live with a flat 20% discount on all products. So, hurry and grab some of the best styles to last you all year long.


Shein: Fashion stores like lulus

Shein is one among the online fashion stores like Lulus operating in more than two hundred countries currently. Like other fast fashion e-boutiques, Shein, which is a Chinese based web store, it offers a range of fashion apparel for women including crop tops, t-shirts, dresses, trousers and so on. Besides, they also have some cutesy accessories, creative stationery items and beauty and personal care products and home essentials. All of it is available at attractive prices that you would not want to miss out. They upgrade their collections by adding more than 500 new styles every day.

Their philosophy revolves around making fashion affordable and accessible to all. Therefore, they give out free coupons and discount promo codes quite often; so, you will have to be on the lookout. They have a simple and fluid shipping and return process, with the option of free returns within 40 days from the date of delivery. Their shipping time is usually between 6 to 10 working days.


SABO SKIRT: fashion store

One of the most sought after stores like Lulus, Sabo Skirt has been featured in the top fashion magazines including Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Vogue, Elle and many others. This certainly reveals the product quality and designs that it has to offer. They have off-shoulder tops, formal trousers, eyelet dresses, bodysuits and much more in florals, denim, tammy, neutrals, race day and party trends. Their merchandise also consists of artsy jewelry and accessories, apart from which they also have fashionable footwear.

Their sale prices go as low as $20, which means that you can buy your perfect outfit, without exceeding your budget. (And this does not include the discounts!) With their exclusive collections named as Sabo Sleep (sleepwear and lingerie), Sabo Luxe (holiday wear), the Bridesmaid Edition, Sabo Formal (professional outfits), Sabo Luxe X Matilda (pastel shades holiday dresses and tops), Wanted Shoes X Sabo Skirt and Sabo Paws, they have a unique range of products to make you look good.


STORETS : fashion store

Look no further than this online fast fashion store for all your apparel and accessories requirements. From dresses to co-ords and sets, from jumpsuits and rompers to swimwear, from trendy tops to fine denims, Storets has all possible high quality fashion and designer styles that would not break your wallet. Their philosophy lies in the belief that an empowered woman can be all the things she wants – strong and fierce, soft and feminine, and is one, who embraces her inner beauty. All of their designs are curated inhouse or carefully selected from cutting edge labels that are sophisticated and elegant while at the same time vibrant and playful. Therefore, they call their selections ‘sophisticated fun’.

Some of the featured fashion clothing brands on their web store include Double Icon, Rocket X Lunch, An Edit, Let Q Studio and Anothera among others. They regularly renew their collection, offer grand discounts including sign up discounts, and make fashion affordable for all. You can check out their fashion, beauty and wellness blog for some interesting features for outfit ideas and fashion hacks.


So, wait no more and give your wardrobe an exclusive designer upgrade with these affordable online fashion boutique stores like Lulus. Get all the designer and trendy clothing that you need right in your wardrobe, at the click of a snap and flaunt it among friends each day that you step out.

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