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10 Best Stores Like Everlane Which are Worthy For You (2022)


If you’re anything like us, you simply cannot get enough of Everlane and find yourself scrolling their website whenever you want to add something new to your wardrobe or not, really, anytime is a good time to be on Everlane.

But there are numerous clothing brands out there, how has Everlane managed to rake up such a cult following, you ask? That’s mostly because nobody does basics like Everlane. We all like dressing up extravagantly but let’s face it, most us don’t have proms or masked ball parties to attend to every day.

We do however have school, university, office, and leisure outings and that means basics and loads of them. But basics have never been any fun, have they? Wrong. Everlane redefines the concept of apparel wear by offering you a wide range of basics that are not-so-basic.

And they are affordable too! From comfy bottoms, statement blouses, chic shoes to elegant accessories, everything Everlane launches in the market is an instant hit, which would explain the waiting list that always seems to be stuck in thousands.

So, whether you’re tired of perpetually finding yourself in the waitlist or you’re looking to hit up a few new brands to diversify your wardrobe, the below-mentioned stores will be in perfect compatibility with all Everlane lovers.

Here are the Best Stores Like Everlane:


Chic Me

Chic Me

Chic Me is another cheap online store that sells fashionable clothing for women. It is a good choice for women who are looking for a cheap source where they can haul a bunch of products at once and then use those for a long time.

The store offers a wide variety of styles and categories. It has regular wear, tops, jeans, swimwear, lingerie, sleepwear, etc. You can opt for clothes below $20 as well. Like other such websites, you have to be picky about what you are buying to ensure you do not get short-changed. The delivery time for Chic can be a couple of weeks which might turn some people off.


zaful: fashion store

If you are looking for a place to buy edgy, trendy, and stylish fashion clothing for both men and women at a lower price then Zaful can become your go-to shopping place. This store understands fashion and knows what today’s generation needs. The store keeps on providing discounts on products allowing you to buy a bunch of products for cheap.

Trends and styles are researched and the concepts are then implemented into edgy and trendy designs. If you pick well you will get to wear some good-looking clothes which feel nice and comfortable. You can find regular sales on eh website during which you can get clothes for as low as half the price.


Rosegal - website like mellville

Fashion does not just embody style and clothing. It is an attitude, a lifestyle that many people follow. Rosegal is an online fashion store for women who understand what fashion is supposed to be.

Their range of collections drives home this point. Many people have had a positive experience with Rosegal. Like other websites on the list, you have to be picky when it comes to choosing the clothes. The colors are good and even though the clothes are not a perfect fit they will still look good on you. The store was formed by a group of fashion enthusiasts who wanted to make fashion accessible to all. The store has a special section for plus size clothing as well.



Dresslily understands that fashion is not just about looking trendy or stylish but also about feeling good in your skin. Here at Roselily, you will find clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. We liked the wide range of selections that they had. The store has more than 7 years of experience in the industry and claims to have over 14.7 million registered users.

But we would like to highlight that many people have a problem with customer service and delivery. It takes time to get your products delivered. But yes, you can get something decent for cheap if you choose well. Also, the size will not be a perfect fit because the size translation is not the same. Research beforehand about what your size should be in their terms before ordering.



Much like Everlane, Aritzia too focuses on the basics and yet each of their clothing pieces has an aura of luxury. They love solids, stripes, bold colors, and are obsessed with quality.

This Canada-based retailer houses an impressive number of products that all have the same air of simplicity and sophistication while keeping in fine tune with the trends of the fashion industry. The store also boasts of an impressive list of in-house brands that ensures each design and style you come across in the store is uniquely fresh and original.

And unlike most other brands on the market, they do in fact sweat the small stuff. Buttons, pleats, color, fit; Aritizia’s dedicated team looks after every tiny detail. This is precisely we every item you see is bound to look and feel good on you. Their deep love and enthusiasm for art are evident from a quick visit to their boutiques as well.

Located in the most aspirational parts of the town, Aritzia’s boutiques are peppered with original paintings, photographs and prints while displaying their eclectic taste in music. The store also lets you book appointments with their personal shopping assistants. So, visit your nearest Aritzia boutique and lose yourself in the delicious fashion of the store and come home with shopping bags full of clothes for the office and weekend.

Modern Citizen

This San Francisco based fashion retailer makes the perfect destination for women who have made best friends with basics and for professional women who like to keep it classy and sophisticated while making sure they stand out rather than fit in.

Everyone is great no doubt but Modern Citizen is less casual and more polished, which is the perfect look you should be striving to reach at least in the professional sphere. Keeping in line with their name, Modern Citizen is indeed about keeping it modern and yet managing to add an essence of an evergreen classic twist to it.

The store derives inspiration from all the strong and powerful women across the world and believes in creating materials that would suit women of such caliber. When enough people trust and purchase from a brand, it’s normal for positive reviews to come pouring in.

But Modern Citizen has some of the biggest fashion magazines and brands going gaga over them. Vogue, Fashionista, Glamour, Goop all share the opinion that it’s about to be the next big direct-to-consumer fashion brand.

Lou & Grey

Have you had one of those moments when you are shopping away in one of your many favorite fashion stores and your hands touch something so incredibly soft that you cannot quite believe it, so you spend the next 10 mins squishing it in your hands trying to memorize the feel of it? Because that’s the best you can do considering the price tag.

Yep, that’s the life of a self-proclaimed shopaholic. If you are still moping about all those garments you could not purchase – move on – to Lou & Grey. Everything item here is literally “crazy soft” and that’s what they have on their tagline too. Honestly, you have got to touch it to believe it.

If comfort is what you are after then there’s no alternative to Lou & Grey. And who wouldn’t want to be draped in the comfiest pantsuits, cardigans, and blouses when at work? We all know how busy, hectic, and stressful work life can be, but no one needs to be going through all of that in uncomfortable clothing. But just because they have comfy clothing that doesn’t mean they compromise on style? If anything, you will be turning heads in dressed in Lou & Grey.



AYR, short for All Year Round, focuses on manufacturing clothes that are in fashion round the year and in essence seasonless. Their specialty is their denim collection and does it like none other. From high-rise skinny fits to cropped hems and boyfriend jeans, they have got it all. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is tougher than it should be especially since we spend the majority of our lives in them.

But AYR makes it almost too easy. Their style may very well be minimal but one cannot help but be their most confident and powerful self in their clothing. It’s little surprise why AYR is a fashion favorite and finds wardrobe space in every fashionista’s closet. Oh and they are very eco-conscious, that’s gotta be a plus.

Oak + Fort

For anyone who loves and has met its true fashion companion in Everlane, Oak + Fort is bound to a great find. No one could possibly pull off minimal aesthetic as does Oak + Fort. What’s best is that no design made by them will ever find themselves affected by the raptures by time; they are essentially timeless and somehow still very relevant.

The store keeps it unfussy by housing garments that are colored in hues of tan, navy blue or green, and neutral white, black or gray. But despite being extremely simple their clothes have the telltale hint of luxury attached to them.

Anyone who finds joy in wearing basics will never turn back from Oak + Fort. Their uncomplicated designs, classic touch, and versatile and individualistic pieces make Oak + Fort a brand to be revered.


Mango is a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry and its popularity is ever rising. The store only stocks up on bare essentials and always keeps it casually chic. You will never find something over the top at Mango. Even their most gorgeous ensemble will be the most simple and basic thing you ever come across and yet you won’t be able to rest until you’ve purchased it for yourself.

Even after 30 years of business in the fashion industry, Mango hasn’t been swayed by the constant change of trends of the industry. Of course, it keeps up with the trends but the fashion retailer stays true to its roots even today. Their signature fashion move is the essence of the Mediterranean style with a contemporary twist.

Their passion for art and culture is evident from their sensational fashion stores as well. Whether it is for a super important meeting you have with your bosses or that fun dinner date you have planned with your beloved, Mango will always have just the dress, jeans, suit, or accessory for you.



This store is slightly different from the ones aforementioned in the sense that it does not exactly always dwell on the basics. But hey, it’s okay to add a little bit of color to your closet, isn’t it? True to their name, Reformation is revolutionizing the fashion industry and not just because they have all the Instagram models wearing their outfits, or because their designs are impeccable and fresh in nature.

There are very few brands out there who put so much thought into sustainable manufacturing. Did you know that fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world? Knowing that it cannot be easy to shop from brands that do not promote ethical fashion. But Reformation is all about sustainability.

They make sure the fiber used on their clothing is natural, renewable, and plant-based. Shopping at Reformation not only helps you look drop-dead gorgeous and celebrate fashion but nurture the environment. It doesn’t get better than that.


 The brand is a firm believer in the philosophy that fewer is better. Their elegant garment pieces are carefully created for the modern woman. At Cuyana each piece is made with only select few natural fabric and by the most skilled craftsmen of the US, South America, Europe, and China.

Cuyana knows that fittings are what make any garment look good, so they pour their heart and soul in making perfect fits for every silhouette out there. Cuyana also has a lovely little program called the Lean Closet which lets you earn credit score provided you donate your older clothes to the store.

You may exchange or redeem the score on your next purchase from Cuyana and the clothes you donate goes to women in need. It’s a win-win situation.

Genuine People

If you want to add splashes of color and a little diversity to your closet, Genuine People is your best bet. The brand has a lot of bold, trendy, and statement pieces but it stocks up on some must-have essentials too which is sure to strike a chord with minimal aesthetic lovers.

At Genuine People, you will find an amalgamation of East Asia and West styles and designs and the end product is something very unique and never seen before.

You might be looking for some simple pieces while you are scrolling your way through the website but be well-prepared to find something so eye-catching and versatile, that you will just have to end up purchasing it.



When it comes to cheap, trendy, and fashionable clothing, Shein is one of the most popular choices among many. It is an online store that has been in this market for some time and provides a plethora of categories to choose from.

The price is very low and the quality varies from average to decent. The design and colors are quite catchy. We found regular tops and tees that can entire your everyday clothing paraphernalia. If you live in the US you can opt for a refund if the product is not as you expected.



Romwe is an online fashion store that sells good-looking female apparel and accessories for cheap. It has been over 10 years since the company first started its business. It is a Chinese store which is the reason for the cheap pricing of clothes. If you know what to look for then this site can be a good source for your clothing needs.

Some of the items look decent and can be a good fit for your wardrobe. What we did find though that the sizing is not up to mark and the quality is not too good. But again you are looking for cheap fashionable clothing and if you choose right it can serve you well. Romwe offers 10% off on first order and regularly holds 50% off sales.

Amour Vert

The French clothing brand Amour Vert literally translates to “green love” and they do their share to keep up with the name. For each clothing item you buy from their store, they plant to the tree. If a brand advertises its sustainable garment production more than their clothing items, you know they have their heart in the right place.

But to be fair, they don’t be extravagant about their apparels, they speak for themselves. Their pieces, as you would expect from a French brand is classic romantic and scene-stealers.

Walk into your workplace in your Amour Vert garments and find people gravitated to your strong and confident aura, wear it to a casual brunch and let your elegance become the next hot topic of conversation and wear Amour Vert to date and find yourself swimming in compliments. Why stop at clothes and accessories? Adorn your home with their sustainable home décor as well.

For those of you who have to believe fashion is best enjoyed when it is in its most simplistic and sophisticated form, these stores are right up your alley and will have swooning over them in no time. Sustainable, ethical, creative, and forever chic, these brands will light up your wardrobe.

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