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10 Best Alternatives & Stores Like Currys Pc World (2021)

Currys Pc World

Having been around since 1884, Currys PC World, started by Henry Curry has definitely become one of the most popular, well-known and trusted electronics retailers in Britain. Specializing in selling home electronics and appliances, what sets Currys apart from other stores and retailers that do the same is their amazing team of experienced, knowledgeable individuals that are able to tell you pretty much anything you need to know about what you’re buying. With these people situated across the country, they ensure that you get the responses to your questions as quickly as possible, and with a relatable touch of home!

If you’ve been looking for some good alternatives to Currys PC World, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve put together a list of similar stores that you can visit in case you need a little more variety!

Here are the Best Stores Like Currys Pc World:

  1. Amazon


First on our list is the mother of all online retailers. Ever since its founding in Seattle in the year 1996, Amazon has grown to be everyone’s go-to site when they need to buy pretty much anything! From clothes to shoes to books to accessories to electronics and appliances, Amazon has it all! Like the logo with the arrow pointing from a to z, Amazon truly has everything you might possibly need.

With a huge collection of appliances and electronics and an equally wide range of mostly affordable prices, Amazon easily makes it to the top of our list as a retailer you can visit which is a good alternative to Currys. Whether you want a new phone or a washing machine to replace the old one, you can find it on Amazon!

  1. John Lewis and Partners

Next on our list is John Lewis and Partners, a high-end departmental store that originated in Britain. While its stores can be found mostly in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, they do ship to the US as well, do you don’t need to worry. John Lewis has a huge, and I repeat, huge collection of items. Home décor, home appliances, electronics, textiles, clothes; you name it and you’ll find it on the John Lewis and Partners Website.

Apart from their own brand, John Lewis also curates a collection of items from over 1000 brands, so in case their style isn’t what you’re going for, you have a multitude of amazing options to choose from!

  1. LittleWoods


What started as simple retail and, believe it or not, football betting company in the early 1920s in Liverpool has now become a huge retailer for electronics, home appliances, décor, clothing, and more! The football betting part of Littlewood became defunct in 2004, making it just the online retailer we know it to be now!

With a massive collection of items spanning a multitude of brands, Littlewoods is pretty similar to Amazon in its concept, although perhaps we should say amazon is similar to Littlewoods, considering the latter came earlier! This huge range of items ensures that you’ll find whatever you might be looking for, and that’s why it is a worthy alternative to Currys PC World!

  1. Walmart


Next on our list is a super popular retailer that has a number of stores and warehouses across the US, and you’ve probably come across this name a million times! Walmart is one of the most frequented, trusted, and popular retailers in the US. From toiletries to food, to vacuum cleaners, Walmart has everything! You could go into a Walmart with one thing on your list, and come out with 501 things you didn’t even know you needed!

So, in case you’ve moved house and need to find some trustworthy new appliances to fit in there; a fridge, a cleaner, a washing machine, and whatnot, just pop on over to your local Walmart, or pay a quick visit to their website to find anything you need!

  1. Sears


Next on our list is yet another big, trusted household name that started as a mere chain of department stores in 1893. Reincorporated by Richard Sears in 1906, over time Sears became a massive retailer, very similar to Amazon in its concept, but with much less of a hit-or-miss factor! With a huge number of trusted brands, Sears truly provided you with the best quality products to ensure that you’re left feeling satisfied and pleased with your purchase.

From mattresses to electricals, appliances to fake plants, Sears too, has everything. What’s more, Sears even has individual auto parts, selling tires, batteries, accessories, and more, right beside baby clothes and toys!

  1. Kohl’s

Next up we have Kohl’s. What started as a little corner shop opened by a Polish immigrant in the 1920s turned into what became known as the largest departmental chain in the US in 2013! And for good reason, because Kohl is the one-stop destination for all your needs! A great alternative to Currys, its likely that you’ve already shopped here at least once in your life, if not many more times.

With an appealing website, Kohl’s seems to have built a community among its customers, selling a huge number of items that make up your every-day, as well as hosting live concerts on their social media!

Along with the appliances and electronics that make Kohl’s a worthy alternative to Currys, it also has skincare, cosmetics, bedding, casual wear, and sportswear from a number of big brands!

  1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Nearing the end of our list, we have yet another classic! Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As the name suggests, this retailer certainly has a lot more décor, bedding, bathroom accessories, and toiletries than the other stores on this list, but fret not, because the ‘beyond’ has more than we can even comprehend! Founded in 1971, it now has stores spanning the maps of USA, Canada, and Mexico, and is one of the most popular stores when one needs to look for home appliances.

Widely trusted, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is known to provide its customers with super great quality products. While it may seem that the products are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, the multitude of coupons the store gives out is just enough to make it all worth it. They’re especially good with moving supplies, mattresses and heating pads, pet supplies, and aesthetic little knick-knacks so be sure to pay them a little visit!

And that concludes our list! Think we missed out on any great alternatives? Contact us and let us know, or just tell us about your experiences and thoughts on the stores on this list! We’d absolutely love to hear from you!

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