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SocialMailer Review: Send Mass Mails from Your Gmail

SocialMailer Review

Email advertising is the way toward sending business data to a gathering of individuals by means of email. Comprehensively, any email shipped off current, or potential clients can be viewed as email promoting. Work together and draw in deals or gifts. Email advertising systems ordinarily expect to accomplish at least three fundamental objectives: expanding unwaveringly, trust, or brand mindfulness.

The term ordinarily alludes to the reason for sending messages to improve the connection among dealers and existing clients, increment client dependability and rehash clients, draw in new clients, or urge existing clients to purchase quickly and advance correspondence with outside suppliers.

SocialMailer helps you with email advertising, and it is a stage for creating leads from your primary inbox. The product gives pre-made email layouts for modifying programmed email follow-up to expand your business channel needs. Measure measurements from email opening to skip rate to deal with your promoting exercises. Flawlessly convey your mail with your own Gmail/Outlook email.

Programming intended to send your email to the perfect individual at the ideal time. It focuses on your clients dependent on conduct, inclinations, past buys and sends a progression of messages through a solitary API demand. Substantially it is a bulk email sender that lets you captivate a vast crowd for publicizing efforts on Instagram, Google, and Facebook. It likewise furnishes you with cutting-edge detailing highlights, permitting you to get to your business, income, or different reports on the go.

Features of SocialMailer

  • It integrates with Gmail and Outlook and allows its users to send mass emails directly through your Gmail or Outlook emails.
  • It can organize emails into groups and send targeted emails through different campaigns with a tracking dashboard.
  • It has powerful dripping features allowing its users to send follow-up emails based on recipients’ behavior.
  • It allows you to reply to individual emails directly, cc teammates, include attachments.
  • It has the feature of editing and reviewing the email simultaneously.
  • It allows its users to create templates with the modifying and customizing feature.
  • SocialMailer provides a template library for composing emails.
  • It comes with a SocialChecker plugin allowing its users to contact YouTube creators in bulk.

SocialMailer: Review; What do its users have to say about it?

In the past four years, the SocialBook team has been using SocialMailer internally to connect with thousands of influencers. This saves them a lot of time. In addition, SocialMailer has the best social media automation and customer service features, a valuable tool for people working in social media marketing.

It has been advantageous to its users with various templates modifying and customizing features and template library for composing your emails, making SocialMailer one of the best options in the market for social mailing. Moreover, it tends to be flawlessly incorporated into GSuite/Gmail and Outlook, with a clear call inbox. You can even sort out your event bulletin and view all measurements progressively.

SocialMailer Pricing


Standard- $29/Month & $264/Year ($22/Month)


  • Number of sub-accounts: 1
  • Bulk email/Bulk IG DM (monthly): 2000
  • Number of IG messages/month: 75
  • SocialBook Checker for Chrome Plugin (Install)
  • Gmail/Outlook Support
  • Export to CSV or Excel
  • Number of influencer list: 20
  • Number of influencers per list: 100
  • Email Personalization
  • Unlimited email tracking, email scheduling, and auto email cleaning.

Enterprise- Pricing is according to the customizations.


  • Number of sub-accounts: On-Demand
  • Bulk email/Bulk IG DM (monthly): Custom number of bulk emails with dripping feature
  • Number of IG messages/month: Custom number of bulk IG messages
  • Gmail/Outlook Support
  • Email Personalization
  • Unlimited email tracking, email scheduling, and auto email cleaning, and many more amazing features.

Pros & Cons of SocialMailer


  • The expense of email marketing in SocialMailer is a lot lower than numerous types of tools. There are no publicizing, printing, or media facilitating charges making it cost-effective.
  • With SocialMailer, the list of marketing will be composed of individuals who have effectively decided to get email interchanges from you. Clients who are truly keen on your items or potential benefits are bound to draw in with your business.
  • You have the option to attach plain content, illustrations, or records that best suit your data. The decision to plan alternatives offers you the chance to impart your organization’s image.
  • Through viral advertising in SocialMailer, you can forward and share your email substance and assemble your standing without much of a stretch. This can help new clients become your brand supporters.
  • Using the network analysis software of SocialMailer, you can measure the success of the campaign. You can quickly test different texts, themes, and layouts to see which works best. This makes it helpful for your future campaign optimization.


  • Business email or “spam” can disturb customers. In the event that your email isn’t shipped off to the right individual, the beneficiary can erase their email or withdraw their subscribers. With SocialMailer’s feature, you need to guarantee that your email promoting conforms to protection rules and is effectively designated to individuals who are supposed to get it.
  • Your email ought to be organized for a show on different email administrations and gadgets. You can discover a trade-off between plans and usefulness. A few groups like to get just content messages. For this situation, if it’s not too much trouble, consider what your message will resemble.

SocialMailer doesn’t have many disadvantages as it has a variety of unique features that will help your email reach the vast but targeted majority.

Other Terms in Email Marketing

Drip Campaign

A progression of automated emails shipped off the individual playing out a particular activity. You can pick the number of messages to be sent for every individual action and the sending speed. These messages can be customized with data.

For instance, you can send a water drop advertising effort to all individuals who have enlisted for your online course, or you can send a water drop promoting action to individuals who have added a thing to their internet shopping basket yet didn’t buy it, likewise called an abandonment cart email.

Email Deliverability

The email deliverability rate is the capacity to send messages to the mailbox of the subscriber. In light of this, a few advertisers will assess the chance of their email crusades arriving at the subscriber’s mailbox dependent on genuine conveyance.

Elements that lessen deliverability incorporate sending without custom verification, utilizing one-time sending, sending from a free area email address, utilizing URL shortening, logout issues, and non-support as indicated by the data sent back by the worker in the error message.

Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce

Hard Bounce alludes to messages or emails that have not been sent because of continuous reasons, like the beneficiary’s invalid location, possibly on the grounds that the area name is bogus, or the beneficiary is unknown.

Soft Bounces in email marketing allude to messages that arrive at the beneficiary’s mail worker yet are recovered before they come to the inbox. These contacts ought to be taken out from your list right away.

All things considered, SocialMailer is a great website to send outreach emails to the influencer on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. It tends to be consistently incorporated into GSuite/Gmail and Outlook and has an unmistakable call inbox. You can arrange your mission bulletin and view all critical information progressively and it saves a lot of time.

SocialMailer is a spectacular tool for those working in social media marketing, this tool will help you reach a vast audience swiftly.

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