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SkySilk Review: Cloud Services at Affordable Pricing (2020)

Skysilk Review

Skysilk is a cloud service provider that allows you to use virtual computer resources. Haven’t heard of them before? SkySilk is new in this field. However, they have gained popularity with their affordable rates, great support and reward system.

SkySilk offers several resources as a VPS provider. It is inexpensive and user-friendly offering cloud hosting with 1-click app deployments. SkySilk uses open-source technologies and hardware systems to supply cloud hosting at minimum prices.

Features of SkySilk

Features of SkySilk Features of SkySilk

Features are everything for an online VPS provider. SkySilk is famous for its striking features and support. Below are some of the features that the SkySilk community enjoys, making it one of the top choices for a cloud service provider.

  • SSD storage space

SkySilk Cloud Services will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary next month. Despite how young they are in the industry, they have proven worthy of the competition.

One of the features to note is the SSD storage. SSD storage gives a platform through which you can transfer data to cloud storage quickly. Additionally, it delivers larger storage even with a minimum price, where other hosts may not.

  • Major discounts

SkySilk offers major discounts on their website. Some of their perks include: cloud credit matching and SkyPoints. Skypoints is a reward system, allowing you to redeem SkySilk credits or a gift card of your choice. They currently have Amazon, Starbucks, and Best Buy and will soon be adding more!

A few ways you can earn Skypoints are by liking them on facebook and twitter, giving you 100 Skypoints each. To top it off, you can earn free cloud hosting credits with credit match when you sign up. Refill your cloud hosting credits using Paypal and SkySilk will match the amount you select, dollar for dollar, up to $200.

  • Affordable

SkySilk is highly affordable. It is the cheapest and equally genuine cloud service platform on the Internet. They have 3 plans available, all competitive pricing

  • Root access

If you have a web development background, you know how difficult it can get when hosting with other servers.

Not all hosting companies allow you to have root access, which can create some difficulties in the long run. With SkySilk, you have the opportunity to access your server data, individually.

  • Customer service

SkySilk Cloud Services has a top-notch support system. You can be in any corner of the world, and still receive a reply as soon as possible. If you suffer any machine-related issues, solely go to their online community forum where you can create a ticket and receive assistance for your problem within 24 hours.

  • Discord Community

SkySilk understands how important community is, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Community can help encourage you in your endeavors and bring back the fun even as you’re learning on the platform.

They have a highly engaged Discord community with over 861 users and counting. On discord, you can join the Skylounge and chat about development, your current and upcoming projects, server support and more. This is also a great place to meet like-minded people who can provide feedback or support with non-machine related questions.

How to Use SkySilk?  How to Use SkySilk? 

Using Skysilk is extremely easy as it has a friendly user interface. You can follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to use the SkySilk website.

1. Click on SkySilk and open it on your web browser.

2. On the top right corner of the website, you will notice the login and sign in button. Click on it and fill in with the appropriate information

3. After creating an account on SkySilk, create a server by clicking on the “Create VPS” button.

4. You will see three subscription plans. Select one that best fits your needs.

5. After you choose your subscription plan you will have to select the cloud server. There are various cloud servers from 1 vCPU to 24vCPUs.

6. Choose the server location.

7. Design your own template. They have several options but broadly similar. You can go with a simple template or one with pre-installed applications in it.

8. Check the server functioning details such as speed, the SSH keys, passwords, etc.

9. Once you are done, all the information on your website can be seen on the dashboard. They have separate dashboards for users that display all the information about the servers including the speed, IP address, RAM and much more.

Operating Systems Supported Operating Systems Supported

SkySilk offers multiple Linux Distros, including CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and more.

They currently don’t support any Windows template, however, they are busy at work on the Windows operating system, as well as KVM and docker. This upgrade should be available soon!

Pricing Information of SkySilk

There are currently 3 different plans available on the website. Pricing Information of SkySilk

  • Basic plan

The basic plan on SkySilk costs $1 a month. With only $1, you can enjoy up to 100Mbps of bandwidth, erasure-coded SSD storage type, standard intel system hardware and much more

  • Standard plan

The standard plan on SkySilk starts at $2 a month. With the Standard plan, you receive free manual backups, 500 Mbps bandwidth speed, triple applied SSD storage type and Skypoints!

  • Premium plan

The premium plan of SkySilk comes with critical benefits. It allows you to be fit in every category of virtual computing. It merely costs you $5 a month. They offer free unlimited scheduled snapshots, bandwidth up to 800 Mbps, triple replicated NVMe storage, 2x 100 Mbps of network support by Ethernet and 10x the amount of Skypoints!


SkySilk is a comprehensive package of cloud storage. Root access gives you the flexibility to customize as needed, giving you more control. It boasts many features as mentioned above. Though other companies may copy their content, SkySilk is surely dissimilar from them. From root server accessibility, hardware, and a highly engaged Discord community, SkySilk has found a way to stand out from its competitors.

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