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10 Best Shows Like Longmire to Watch in 2021

Best shows like longmire

With their first episode airing in 2012, Longmire followed the story of a dedicated sheriff by the name Walt Longmire, in a small county in rural Wyoming.

He’s known to patrol the streets with a steady mind and humour on his tongue, but deep inside he hides the pain of his wife’s recent death. Urged by his daughter and his deputy, Longmire bit by bit begins to get his life back together, starting with re-election.

The show ended in 2017, and was hugely popular, receiving a number of positive reviews and ratings. Coming under the western genre, we see a lot of the images associated with the idea of the “wild, wild west” which makes the

Here is the List of Best Shows Like longmire :

Hell On Wheels


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With the first show on our list, we brig to you Hell on Wheels, another series under the Western genre, but one that takes you way, way back in time, as compared to Longmire. Hell on Wheels is set in the time just after the civil war in America and tells the story of a former Confederate soldier named Cullen Bohannon who can’t put the memories

of the war and the destruction it brought, behind him. The fresh memories of the death of his wife, killed at the hands of the Union soldiers, set Bohannon on a course desiring revenge.

Hell on Wheels can be considered a contemporary Western that tells the story of his journey, which takes him to a lawless town called `Hell on Wheels’, which moves forward, only with the construction of the railroad.

With five seasons in tow, this will make a great next watch after Longmire if you’re someone who appreciates a more historical context!



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If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy stories set many years in the past, but still want something like Longmire, Bloodline is the perfect show for you. Like Walt Longmire’s past that comes to haunt him, Bloodline introduces us to the Rayburn’s, a hardworking family with plenty of secrets that they hope will remain

buried as they carry on with life. But the paranoia and mistrust that shrouds them and the people around them begin bringing the secrets to light, throwing their life out of balance, forcing people who used to be good at their very core to do dangerous things just to maintain some sort of safety.

An extremely engaging show, Bloodline will keep you at the edge of your seat. The show only put across 3 seasons after which it was unfortunately cancelled, but hey, at least you’ve got those 3 seasons to watch!



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Next on our list we have Godless, a one-season mini-series that aired in 2017 on Netflix and was acclaimed by many for the outstanding acting, and thoughtful story-telling, along with the perfect landscape for a Western.

With just 7 episodes, Godless makes for a quick, fulfilling watch, and follows the story of an infamous criminal, Frank Griffin, and his band of outlaws who set out on a mission to get revenge on a certain Roy Goode; a former protege who betrayed their gang. On the run from the criminals,

Roy seeks refuge in isolated mining town La Belle, New Mexico, where he ends up living with a strong, outcast widow, Alice Fletcher.

When the people of La Belle (which is also mostly run by women, amazing to see in a show like this) find out that Griffin and his band are on the way to their town, they group together to fight them off.

This show is super interesting, and set in 1884, it really gives us that classic Western vibe that is so captivating to watch! 10/10 recommend!



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This next show is similar to Longmire on many, many fronts. Justified, released first in 2010 with 5 seasons running up until 2015 follows the story of a US Marshal; a quiet yet strong-willed man, who returns to his hometown to see that justice is served to those in need of it.

His story unfolds and we see, just like Walt Longmire, his own dark past which continues to haunt him as he goes about his native town, trying to do the best he can.

A similar theme in this show brings out just how often Hollywood romanticises the idea of a traumatised man who still has hope in him to do good, and this “good” almost always involves violence in some way or the other.

While it makes for interesting television, it really gives you something to ponder on now, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, we definitely recommend this show if you are looking for something similar to Longmire!



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This Canada based show follows a storyline very similar to that of Longmire, right down to the relatable character we find in the other show. Heartland features the story of a family as they struggle to save their ranch through testing times. But, that’s not all.

The story is built up when young Amy realises that she has inherited her dead mother’s gift of helping injured horses, as well as maintaining steady and supportive relationships with the members of her family. This is a heart-warming story of a family coming together amidst their tragedy-stricken past to save what actually matters to all of them.

Airing first in 2007, the show is still ongoing and you can be sure to find a lot of episodes to binge on. We think you’re definitely going to love this show, especially if you’re someone who enjoyed Longmire!

Sons Of Anarchy


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Taking you on a little bit of a different tangent, we bring to you Sons of Anarchy, a show that on first glance looks supremely different from Longmire, but once you start watching it, we’re sure you’ll be able to see the key differences that made us put it here on this list. Sons of Anarchy,

like Longmire focuses of family drama and a troubled past, along with the idea of balancing two lives, one that is professional, and one that is more family-oriented.

Sons of Anarchy follows the story of a man in his early-30s who struggles to find that exact balance between being a father and being a part of a motorcycle gang.

The difference is actually a refreshing break from a more western genre, and the similarities keep you grounded to what you actually liked in Longmire, and the show is definitely worth a watch!



With this next show we’re going to take you way back not only in when the show is set, but also when it was even filmed! Lancer is a show that ran from 1968 to 1970, and just with that timeframe,

the show gives you something that feels extremely authentic, especially when it comes to the Western genre. If you’re new to the 70s aesthetic, think of Quentin Tarantino’s popular film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ which is based in the same era, and then think old TV.

The show follows the story of Murdoch Lancer and his sons as they struggle to save their ranch. You’ve got the horses, the cowboys, the pistols, and the landscape in this show, and even apart from that,

each character is given the appropriate amount of attention and backstory to really get you sympathising with them! A truly interesting show if you’re willing to try some old shows!



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Next up we have another show that takes you back, and since we used Lancer to soften the journey leading up this next show, you can be sure to be taken even further in time with Laramie.

Laramie is a black-and-white show that aired in 1959, and produced 4 seasons with the last episode ending in 1963. Like Longmire, Laramie too is based in rural Wyoming, so you’ll get to see a similar area, only set many, many years in the past.

Laramie, set in the 1870s tells the story of two brothers, Andy and Slim Sherman who inherit a ranch after their father’s murder.

But the opening up of some secrets reveals that the man was not a confederate sympathiser as he was believed to be, and a man named Jess Harper sets out to clear their father’s name. The show really brings out the hatred that shrouded the time after the civil war and makes for an interesting watch!



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Ending our list with a series that brings you back to more recent times-at least when we think of when it was filmed-we have Vegas, a show set in the 1960s but released fairly recently in 2012 (recent when compared to the two previous shows on this list, that is).

The 1960s setting targets the time when Vegas was becoming the hub for all gambling and entertainment, as well as a lot of criminals looking to add to their monetary empires.

The show follows the story of a rancher-turned-police officer, Lamb, who, accompanied by his brother and son as deputies attempts to solve the case of the murdered casino worker.

Their work brings them head to head with a criminal from Chicago, Savino, who comes to Vegas and becomes the head of the famous Savoy Hotel. This is another engaging show, and backed by the Vegas landscape, makes for a great watch after Longmire!


With that, we come to the end of our list! Tell us what you thought of these shows, and if you feel like we missed out on any good ones, feel free to let us know because we’d love to hear from you!

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