Bojack Horseman is one of the shows we loved to watch when we were kids. However, as we grew up, we left them behind. But, given a chance now, I’m sure most of us will binge Bojack Horseman than any other show in the world. So, if you are looking for shows like Bojack Horseman, for you to binge on, or maybe even make your kids watch, then you’re at the perfect place.

Today we are going to talk about the 10 best shows like Bojack Horseman, that will intrigue you and most of all will teach you something. These show that we are about to mention, are great for children to watch and learn from, and just enjoy in general. However, before we delve into the realm of all the shows we are going to talk about today, let’s catch you up on the plot of Bojack Horseman itself.

Bojack Horseman is a once-popular actor to star in the Comedy horsing around, who has been facing deteriorating popularity, fame and is generally sad and depressed. However, he lives in this fun city, where there are very interesting characters and a whole lot of entertainment. The story takes you through how Bojack deals with everything and tries to teach you something. With that being said, let’s jump straight into the first show:-

Here is the list of the 10 best shows Like Bojack Horseman in 2022.


Bigmouth - Shows Like Bojack Horseman

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One of the most popular comings of age TV shows for a reason, the big mouth is first on the list. With a fine line of characters and an ulterior motive of normalizing puberty, the big mouth is the show we recommend you to watch, or make your kids watch if they’re going through puberty. Speaking of which, puberty is the time of our lives, we massively refrain from talking about and hence is a subject stigmatized for so long.

Bigmouth brings about every topic in the dictionary related to puberty, even remotely for that matter, and tackles them as larger-than-life gigantic monsters. The show revolves around a group of middle schoolers who are learning about their bodies and are curious to know what has changed and how.

These things are nearly never addressed in sex education and in a way that big mouth has brought it out is phenomenal. If you listen closely you will hear a lot of recognizable characters in the forefront. If you had a good time watching Bojack Horseman, then we highly recommend giving the big mouth a try as well. 

Tuca and Bertie

Tuca and Bertie

Available at Netflix

One of the highest-rated shows on rotten tomatoes, Tuca and Bertie is the perfect show to add to this list if you have watched Bojack Horseman. The animation is great and is different from the conventional American animation you’re used to seeing.

However, what’s better is the way they tell stories. Tuca and Bertie are two birds who are friends and are trying to navigate through life. This show revolves around their struggles, their good moments and makes you feel good all around.

If you’re interested in animals as lead roles, as in Bojack Horseman, or if you like shows that are centered subtly around adult themes and if you’re interested in comedians voicing these characters, so you get the best improv possible, then you should watch Tuca and Bertie. Voiced by tiffany hadith and all wong, Tuca and Bertie are some of the best shows we have ever come across. Also, they have a season three coming up, which makes it even more exciting to watch. 

South park

South park

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

There is no list in the world talking about adult animation without mentioning south park in it. South Park is one of the most successful and one of the most popular shows in the entire world. Its creators matt stone and trey parker have tried to explain their worldview through the eyes of four elementary kids in colorado. With over 23 seasons under their belt, it’s also one of the longest-running shows as well.

With multiple awards under their name, such park has unmatched storytelling, great construction of scenes, and the best way to put adult problems into perspective. We’re sure you will enjoy these kids’ life more than your own, once you get engrosses in the show.

South Park is a must-watch if you have watched Bojack Horseman, and if you haven’t yet then we highly recommend you to get out of the well you’re living inside and start watching it. With 5 Emmys to their name, south park is one of the most critically successful adult animations in history. 

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

We can’t believe that anyone who hasn’t watched Rick and Morty has ever been through childhood. For whatever reason, if you missed this, then there is no turning back. Rick and Morty are also one of the most globally acclaimed adult animations that are perfect for young adults to watch. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty is a must-watch if you haven’t already. This show is much more than just an adult animation.

It is an emotion. Rick and Morty revolve around a scientist named Rick and his anxious nephew Morty. They go on various space adventures together, usually to other planets and dimensions, where they have to fight to survive.

As weird as it sounds, Rick and Morty are one of the most hilarious adult animations we have watched, that touches on the topic of space exploration. The amount of vague things these two do when they’re in outer space is really fun to watch and hence is perfect for growing kids to look at. If you’re looking for funny and relatable adult animation, then we’d highly recommend watching Rick and Morty. 



Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you’re interested in watching a spy-sitcom-animation, then archer is the way we’d recommend. Archer is a show based on a covert spy organization and their best spy, sterling archer. This show revolves around the cases archer takes up and his amazingly smooth way of getting by them. Archer is the type of person that you’d fall for, because of his heroics and humor. Also, his co-workers add a great touch to the show, which even the critiques liked.

No kidding, they let this show win 4 Emmys in just 11 seasons. However, one of the best things about this show is that it is still running. The 12th season came out last month and has witnessed great numbers already. If you’re looking for a spy cum detective yet funny adult animation, then archer is the show we’d recommend you to watch. If you haven’t already, then you’re missing out on a lot. 



Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

For the older people reading this article, worry not, we are also including one of the most popular TV shows of the late 90’s Daria in it. Daria is a show that stopped airing 20 years ago, but you can still relate to it if you watch it. The story revolves around a cynical teenager that is supposedly living the American dream. However, the show is meant to be a satire on all the things we just said and Daria is their way through it.

Daria is a girl that tolerates everything and is excited about nothing. Her monotonous delivery and action are what make you come back for more. Thi show was a great hit in the late ’90s because of the relatability fans had with this show and the number of people it lured in to watch. Daria is a great show to have on your list, once you have gone through Bojack Horseman. 

Adventure time

Adventure time - Shows Like Bojack Horseman

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Adventure time is also one of the highest-rated animated TV shows of all time. With multiple awards under their belt, they have made watching animated shows “cool” in the US and share the same impact globally as well. Adventure Time, as the name suggests revolves around an adventure, that two best friends go on. These adventures are on the post-apocalyptic world of ooo that is wasted as a result of the mushroom wars.

The two main characters are Finn and jake the dog, that is a magical dog who can shapeshift and hence helps Finn get out of a lot of troubles. The show addresses many adult problems, that might not be as apparent as you expect, but they subtly leave an impression that is enough for a message.

Adventure time is one of the greatest animated series in our opinion and hence is the one we recommend you watch. If you liked Bojack Horseman then you’re also going to love adventure time. Also, you dont have to worry as they have ten seasons worth of content available.


Fleabag - Shows Like Bojack Horseman

Available at Amazon Prime

Next on the list is a rather recent addition to the adult animation TV show, fleabag. Fleabag brings about a very fresh and new way of dealing with grief, that is the angry way that has made it popular around the world. With just 12 episodes, we’re sure you will never be bored and would want to finish it in one seating.

If you like self-destructive characters exploring their different feelings, then this show might be your cup of tea. Speaking of the plot fleabag revolves around a young woman who is trying to cope with life in London while dealing with a recent tragedy.

With a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes and a bunch of awards in the bag, fleabag is the perfect show to watch if you liked Bojack Horseman. Or even regardless of if you liked Bojack Horseman, we highly recommend you try this amazing series out. 

30 rock

30 Rock - Shows Like Bojack Horseman

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

30 rock is a show about the head writer of a sketch variety show, who’s trying to manage the sketches and the actors all while dealing with upper management and co-workers. The show is as chaotic as it gets but is fun nonetheless. Based on the entertainment industry, 30 rock is the perfect reflection of what happens in the entertainment world and how tough life can get.

However, this show brings it out in the best possible way by making everyone laugh and hence is the perfect show to watch after Bojack Horseman. 30 rock is recorded to have the highest jokes per minute ratio and hence is a show full f laughter. If you’re looking to have a fun time, but dont want to watch an animated series, then 30 rock is the show we’d recommend. 

Bob’s burgers

Bob’s burgers - Shows Like Bojack Horseman

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Closing this list off with yet another live-action sitcom, bob’s burgers. Bob’s Burgers is a show that revolves around bob, who owns a burger shop and is trying to make his business run. However, that seems to be a problem because there is a fine-dining Italian restaurant just across the road, which he finds difficult competing with.

On top of that, he has three very eccentric children and a wife as well. However, the health inspector used to date his wife and has a vendetta against bob himself. Amongst all these problems bob is just trying to make sure his business runs and he can give his family the best. However, the show does that through laughter and is a roller coaster of emotions. If you haven’t watched, bob’s burgers yet, then we highly recommend you do so. 


The ten shows mentioned above are some of the most grossing shows of all time and hence are the perfect ones to watch after Bojack Horseman. If you dont like to watch animated shows, there is also a selection of live-action shows in the end that we’re sure you’d like. Till then, keep scrolling!

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