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10 Best Sexologist Doctors in Delhi NCR India (2024)

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Who is a Sexologist?

Sexologists are human sexuality experts with specialised understanding and expertise. They research people’s sexual behaviours, emotions, and conversations and help them resolve any problems they have about their own sexual experiences to improve their lives.

What problems does a sexologist treat?

Low testosterone, sexual dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count, loss of libido, and vaginal dryness can cause disappointment, anxiousness, and discouragement. These can be treated if you go to see a sexual doctor.

Getting help with your sexual health, like in most circumstances, is not something to be embarrassed by. You’d be amazed at how widely your doubts are shared by those around you. When you need to realise the details behind sexual health issues or are experiencing trouble under the sheets, you should see a neurologist.

Here are top sexologists in Delhi

Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd- Delhi, India (Recommend)

Gautam Clinic

Everyone desires to remain fit and active. Many people seem to miss or avoid discussing sexual health for a range of factors. Changes are the times when trying to discuss sexuality was frowned upon. People freely share sexual issues, freeing them from the constraints of embarrassment and social awkwardness.

The Gautam Clinic strives to provide a cutting-edge remedy that can help you regain control of your sex life. They make sure that every patient receives the best treatment possible for their sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation, and Low sperm count. That is why they are a community of the best sexologist in Delhi where people are coming to get cured.

Patients suffering from sexual health problems have low emotional and self-belief. When you have an issue like this, it is normal to seek out a sexual problems treatment doctor who can help you get your sex life on track. So you can visit the best sexologist in India.

Phone: 098992 98991

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Dr. Chirag Bhandari-Sexologist Delhi

Dr. Chirag Bhandari-Sexologist Delhi

Sexologist Chirag Bhandari, the founding member of IASH India, facilitates his hospital in offering modern-day technology male sexual organ relevant therapies such as Genitalia Enlargements, Uncomfortable Ejaculation, Penis Foreskin Issues, and different factors that cause sexual dysfunction under one roof.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari’s experienced team is well-versed in the most recent international therapeutic approaches. The hospital has technologically advanced labs to treat a variety of male sex issues.

And besides, his mind-blowing consulting abilities set him apart from the others of Delhi’s sexologists.

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Dr. Vinod Raina – Sexologist Delhi

Dr. Vinod Raina - Sexologist Delhi

Dr. Vinod Raina is a well-known Sexologist in Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave. For the past 19 years, he has worked as a Sex therapist. He is a General Medicine MD. Dr. Vinod Raina can be reached at Dr. Raina’s Safe Hands And Polyclinic in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi. He has earned 16 positive feedbacks from pleased patients.

Phone: 07687878787

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Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana

Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana

Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Shafakhana is India’s most prestigious Sexologist Clinic, providing specialised treat a range of sexual diseases.

Ayurvedic and herbal products are commonly used in treatment regimens. As a result, they are extremely safe, and these medicines have helped millions of patients with illnesses and other sex-related issues.

Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Shafakhana is a term associated with sexual treatment, and they have a client list from all over the world.

The clinic’s doctors have over 40 years of experience treating sexually related problems and are continuously focused on providing the best therapeutic interventions to their patients.

Phone: 08826690447

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Dr. S.K.Jain’S Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. S.K.Jain’S Burlington Clinic

Dr. Shriyans Jain, a well-known sexologist in Delhi, has received numerous awards, including the Swasth Bharat Ratna Award, the International Gold Star Award, the International Sexologist Award, and many others, making him the best sexologist in Delhi.

He has resolved numerous sex-related problems in the couple, varying from the most basic to the most complex. Dr. Shriyans is among the most well-known sexologists in Delhi.

He can ease the tension of a couple experiencing one or more sexual difficulties by interacting in a friendly conversation, trying to explain the root cause of the issue, and offering a permanent solution.

Phone: 096950 14444

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Jiva Ayurveda Clinic – Delhi

Jiva Ayurveda Clinic

Jiva Ayurveda was established with the goal of “bringing Ayurveda into every home.” Their goal of making people pleased and content by providing authentic natural treatments at their doorstep.

A straightforward response to an increased variety of illnesses and dysfunction such as kidney disease, joint problems, breathing problems, overweight, high blood pressure, spondylitis, piles, skin conditions, sexual disorders, and so on.

The majority of the diseases afflicting the world today lack a successful therapy in modern medicine.

Phone: 098108 58083

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Nirogstreet Delhi

Nirogstreet Delhi

NirogStreet is a novel concept in the Ayurvedic healthcare landscape. It was established in June of 2016. They are an enormous effect organisation working to make Ayurvedic medicine people’s first line of treatment. Their innovation platform provides worldwide access to authentic Ayurvedic doctors.

The popularity of holistic therapeutic approaches such as Ayurvedic medicine is at an all-time peak as the world shifts from reactionary to proactive healthcare. Their society approach leverages a large network of professionals and patients to promote societal well-being.

Phone: 093193 61976

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Dr. Sudhir Bhola – Delhi

Dr. Sudhir Bhola

Dr. Sudhir Bhola is a Delhi-based Ayurvedic Practitioner and Sexologist. Dr. Bhola is a fat Curewell Therapies Clinics practitioner with clinics in Sultanpur, Rajouri Garden, and Gurgaon, India. He has also worked as an Assistant Doctor at Dr. Lals Poly Clinic and as a Doctor at Lall Hospital. He is the founding member and senior consultant of Curewell Therapies, as well as a senior consultant.

Dr. Sudhir Bhola has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Rashtriya Swasthya Rakshak Gaurav Samman in 2014, the Dhanvantary Award in 2015, and the Charak Award in 2016. In 2018 and 2019, he has named the best sexologist in Delhi and India.

Loss of desire to have sex, worries, or shyness as a result of a violent and aggressive experience can all be hurdles to marital bliss. A sexologist deals with relationship and affection issues and offers directed self-personal assistance to help you get the most out of your relationship.

Phone: 098991 18111

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Dr. Rajiv Arora – Sexologist Delhi

Dr. Rajiv Arora is the founder of Perfect Clinic in Pitampura, New Delhi (India). He has a medicine credential of M.B.B.S., MCSEPI (India), and a P.G.C in psychosexual medicine and the management of AIDS/HIV/STDs.

He is also a sexologist and a counsellor. He is a part of the World Council on Sex Education and Parenthood, as well as the Association of Sex Education Counselors, Therapists, and Medicine Sex Science (Mumbai)

Throughout his career in medicine, Dr. Rajiv Arora, a super expert in the field of sexology and sexual health, has been very focused on raising sexual knowledge in the Indian societal structures.

Dr Monga Clinic – Sexologist Delhi

They practise integrated medicine, which combines Allopathic and Ayurvedic drugs to treat popular and severe diseases such as diabetes, piles, acid reflux, bowel problems, food intolerances, and sexual dysfunction.

Daily, patients are counselled and numerous workout to assist their treatment are taught to them. With more than 20 lakh patients in touch and over 6 lakh patients completely cured to date.

Dr. Monga’s clinic is now associated with Ayurveda and Herbal remedies treatments in this region of the country.

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